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Démo CD | paroles / lyrics

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Démo CD - Trivium

album  : Démo CD
groupe : Trivium
sortie   : 2003

+ paroles Trivium

To Burn The Eye

A mind lost within its own self
Existing to feed its hunger
Your body hollowed empty shell
Awaiting feed of the ages

Darkness will cover the mind
Casting a shade on reasoning
Immolation of the human self
Conflagration of the ego

Burn in your own hell
Life grand holding cell

Two become as one
One become a slave

Burn the eye to blind
Keeping truth from mind
Breathe in the life
Breathe in the lie

No longer are you human
Just a leech of the addiction
Loathing 'till insanity
Mental deterioration

To destroy the faith
In humanity

Life shell - shocks your empty shell
Hatred for those privileged unlike you

You think you will win
But you can't face the
System of self destruction

Life skins mind bleeding dry
Hatred for the self and the life


How can you just stand there and stare
The world burns alight the air
Fire of passion ignite
Open yourselves to fight

To reinforce the will
Deafening call to kill

The structure of

To collapse all I've learned
To absorb with open eyes to see this

Revelation new serenity
Destruction disharmony

To see this
I'll wait for you
To rise from this dream
I will be waiting for you
To rise from this

Gazing at twilights end
Arms raised chant extol

If our world ended today would you suffer
Or just sit there awaiting damnation


As I stand at the edge of existence
Nameless shores of infinity
Perpetual unbirth unraveling distance
Clandestine truths unveiled

Inborn imperfections preprogrammed shells
Spawning from the maelstrom
Mechanical drones feeding from thy mother
God machine reproduce

Untruth is this my fate
Coerced my life laid to waste

Untruth is this my fate
Coerced my life laid to waste
All hail execution

As this dream comes to its grim end
Blind pray to God to make them men
As all hopes crumble truths unveiled
The world we know's an abysmal hell

Disturbed state of consciousness
Incessant black madness
Gyroscopic trance encompassing coma
End me of this nightmare

My Hatred

So you think you've won
Come take a walk inside
This enraged pissed off mind
It's calling for you

Feel Feel My Hatred
It bleeds down
On your faith

Lusted for so long
For the moment
Lying broken in a corner
Here it comes

Feel Feel your ending
It's so grim and cold here

How can this be for real ?
I thought I already killed you

Ancient and immortalized
Will be my hate forever
For your kind
Human kind

The Storm

Out from the darkness my future is here
A frigid cold grips my veins
Foretold through ages beckoning fear
My nightmares finally here

Time has now come look to the sun
A grand failure
The sky crumbles heaven follows
The end is here

Out from the endless hell frozen forest
I hear the ear piercing screams
Grey empty skies fill with black cancer
The beasts are coming for me

As I stand paralyzed consumed frozen by my fear
Sun falls reignite the end
The end

Now that it's over done with and gone
I reach cursing the sun
Blood thirsty warlords take to the sky
Icy plains graves here I die

As the pain rises up again
I question even being human
Absurd evil seared into mine eyes
Its here I forever die


Sworn to fight evils of night
Clad in black legions attack

Storming castle stealing life
Retribution fill my veins
Nothing left but fire

This is the end of life
So say your prayers
This is the end of life
So say your prayers

(Prayers) can't take the pain away
Dressed in night hope angels still prey


Pull the blood upon your face
Grip dementia
I am now enslaved through hate
Suffer my fate decide


Shot in their blackened tombs
Death burning my eyes
Invert birth great fiery womb
Time to ever die

Feeling death consuming
Deaths head all around me

Feel death round
Feel death bound

Demons scream and pull me in
Look behold the flesh
Kingdom built of rotting skin
Enter gates of hell

Feel life die
Feel you die

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