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Chimaira (démo) - Chimaira

album  : Chimaira (démo)
groupe : Chimaira
sortie   : 1999

+ paroles Chimaira

This Present Darkness (Demo)

In this present darkness I fall
Fall upon broken knees
Crawl through weight, depression
Haunted by an unborn ghost I'll never know your fears
Never see me in your eyes
Curse the one that stole your name from me
This is the monster that they created
Scratch to the underside
The underside of this darkness
From seconds of your conception
Minutes leading your death
Seconds will shackle me
And turn eyes red I will
Constantly endure the pain of it's creation
How can i lie awake
Grace How can i lie awake
My love will stay dead
In this present darkness I fall

Divination (Demo)

I've always searched for an answer for my convictions
A troubled mind at 15
Demonic visions
I saw you raped and beaten
Who the hell is this monster that surounds my brain ?
I try to make some sense of this
Try to break this mold
Divination a power I wish I did not have
Now I wake with sweat and bood
Scars of you dad
I wake from this nightmare
To find it's the truth
Tell me now father
What did we do ?
I'll never understand your actions
Never speak to you
Don't try and correct your mistakes
Never trust in you
Fake fucker
Fake father die

Refuse To See

One more time I feel my life slip through my finger tips I cry
My eyes bleed with pain...Pain!
You never understood how I felt
You always shunned my damned existing fate
You ran away from...Me
He thought he could not run away I told him pain denies soul Save your life
Refuse to see
He'll refuse to see
How my life is really going
It's time to worship but he does not care
Oh at one time he did
After 600 years it's getting old, this goddamn trial is done
You thought you could run and hide
You thought you could rise up
Motherfucker you were wrong
Refuse to see
Led to believe that I could gain your respect
You've never felt the need
Except at one time
His hands red with blood
Crucified a martyr for my sins
It didn't work...My soul will soon die like his
One more day has gone by
No one mourns his passing
The final shot went right through
His pain gone
Crucified all his ways
So many days filled with pain
Crucified all his sorrow
Refused to see!

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