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The Haunted Made Me Do It | paroles / lyrics

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The Haunted Made Me Do It - The Haunted

album  : The Haunted Made Me Do It
groupe : The Haunted
sortie   : 2000

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Dark Intensions

[ Instrumental ]

Bury Your Dead

Can't imagine the pain inside of you.
Can't take the violence shooting through.
Unleash your rage, pounding fear into their eyes

Neuroses piercing through your head. Again and again.
Can't take the fuckin' pain.

Bury your dead

No remorse for the victims massacred.
There's no end to this twisted killing spree.
Now come to terms with the rage that blinds your eyes

Transparent, forced-on guilt.
Won't reconcile.
Their distorted values
Fucks your pride.

Appease your fevered mind
Recoil from self-possession.
Set things straight one last time:

Bury your dead


Tampering with the codes to our existense.
The blasphemy will take its toll.
With blood on their hands, they alter our perception of reality.
Morticians clad in white seek their prey.

Compassion is left behind.
In their search for a controllable mind.

Trespassing on sacred realms.
Sustaining the dying breed.

They will eradicate the features of man's weaknesses.
Delete, improve the versions of ourselves.
Try to cure us from the disease, we're dethroned and left to bleed.
Human nature's shedding skin.

We're all just shedding skin...

Creating but bitter repercussions.
We're disarmed of all control.
With blood on their hands, they alter our perception of reality.
Morticians clad in white seek their prey


My future is forged with an axe.
I set the pace for you to follow.
Trade my illusions for your rebellion.
The shit I serve you just swallow.

Honed to perfection.
Now watch me escalate your flawless life.

I am sucking you dry, just feed me.
...sucking you dry, just live for me.

There's no end to the secrets I pour into your
hate-polluted veins.
Now I'll drain the fetus that I grew in you

Bred for abuse
Now watch me dominate your pathetic life

[Rep. refrain]

Like a greedy pig I wallow
I realize all truths are lost
Easily fooled you all will follow.
Like a leech I'll drain you all.

Just feed me
You'll die for me

Hollow Ground

Once again I've lost my way.
Going nowhere fast, I dread the return.
Spend my days in this self-made cage.
Where my soul can dwell,
and my loneliness is thriven far to well.

All and none of the answers I've found.
Alone I stand on hollow ground.

Too many years have passed.
Too much blood has been spilt.
I realize it's my destiny, my will.

Things aren't always what they seem
As the scars on my skin will show
On hollow ground I stand
On hollow ground repent
The sins were mine. I'm gone, I know.

Dazed and weakened by the haze.
Went nowhere fast, I dread the return.
I've lost my ways, am I losing my mind ?
Maybe then my redemtion's there to find.


As an outlet for oppression,
and as a tool for control,
Icons of a sterile creed have come to rule man's destiny.

In the guise of self-made saviuors
They've tried to enslave us all,
But these holy chains of imprisonment will be shattered
by the death of god.

Encircled by a deceitful light,
You escape the harsh reality.
Live sheltered from the awful truths
You internalize the lies of a dead revelation.

Within the iron gates of fate,
They send their lambs to certain death.
Control, kill, justify
You've internalized their lies of a fake revelation.

You buy redemtion, they crush your pride
And feed your mind with visions spawned by fools

The World Burns

Conjuring up the demons from the fiery pits of hell.
Slithering serpents of the underworld release their
black worm seed.
Enthralled by the falling star, watch the
daylight fail.

Impelled by twisted vengeance, fortify the armies
of the dead.

Brooding Darkness spreads his wings.
The usurper of the throne.

The world burns in penal fire.
Awakening the spirits of the dead.
The world turns, forged in fire.
Rising..the souls of the damned.

Ravished by the malice, which exceeds your darkest dreams.
Embraced by a sulphur sky, take leave of your mortal flesh.

All life expired.
Our visions dead.
All hope expired.
Fortify the armies of the dead

Human Debris

Pray for me. Pray for my soul beyond redemption.
Pray for my piss-soaked heart, for the hands that
mould my life so shallow.

So shallow
Painted, smiling face
So hollow

Self inflicted pain
Noisome life come cut me and bleed me dry.

Rape me. Rape my mind. Rape what's left of me.
Repulsive abuse yet filled with such desire.

Painted, smiling face
Such desire

Now watch me fall from grace.
Gagged, violated, forgotten.
Now watch me fall from grace.
My psyche ripped and torn.

Infested - my soul burns.
Abandoned - my mind churns.
Human debris, twitching violently.
I carry hate in every vein, my psyche ripped and torn


Painful struggle: (you're) tangled in my web.
Hogtied and worn like a crown on my head.
A notion to move is a motion to burn.
Dare a spark into flames, then roasted they'll learn.

You know there's nowhere to escape
It's carved in stone I own your fate
Mute aggression, perpetuate...silencer.

A non-believer will be pistol whipped
Dropped in the hole then endlessly ripped
You better step back, you better toe the line
Don't twitch or stray, don't you fall behind.

Excessive appetite to capitalize
Another set of morals to realize
Face down, pinned to the ground
It's all justified and sound
Know your place and bow down
What's good for me is good for you
You better accept the facts as true.

Gag the suspects who speak their own mind
The truth is what I say, and not what you find
With a firing-squad's diplomacy
Show state-of-art insincerity.

You know there's nowhere to escape
It's carved in stone, I own your fate
Your dependency I advocate

Under The Surface

Desensitized. A living scar.
The Painful darkness shrouds my mind.

I´ve gazed into my deformed self:
Tormented and set ablaze.

Under the surface - there are wounds that never heal.
Under the surface - where the demons take control.

So numb and cold. A living void.
Strife, fight, regain control to end this agony.

I´ve gazed into my deformed self:
Tormented and set ablaze.
Cannot ease this pain called living.

Something inside me has died.
I succumb to the pain.
Fighting this long-lost battle.
Struggling in vain.

Something within me has died.
I succumb to the dark.
Drain the life blood from my veins,
Ease this pain called living

Victim Iced

Save me. I've served my time in hell.
Cleanse me. Release me from the pain.

Bludgeoned and battered. Tears trickle from your mind.
Gaping wounds from the razor-sharp attack.

Something is pulling me down.
A final descent.

A trail of crimson from your eyes.
Eternal scourge.
I crucify your hope.

Violated - struggling in the cold.
Aggrevated - I'm the thorn in your side.

Something is pulling me down.
Too late to repent.

A trail of crimson from your eyes.
Eternal scourge.
I crucify your hope.
Victim iced.
A trail of crimson from your eyes.
A simple murder won't satisfy my taste for death.

Surge of hatred. You drown in the darkness of my eyes.
Razor-sharp desire cutting deep.
The excitement shivers down my spine

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