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Spiritual Black Dimensions | paroles / lyrics


Glowing eyes, staring eyes
Manifest of evil presence
With entities swept in disease and decay
A fall from paradise beyond redemption

Wrathchild's afterglow

He who speaks of nightly treasures
He who wraps the serpent around my neck
He who pours poisonous wine in my chalice
He who lets me serve and slip away

...and so i will take shelter
In the absence of the light
Hiding like a masked miniature in the dark
A revenant without relief it seems
For the art of becoming a progeny
and to be raised in such curse

Is to forever creep among naive mortals
Infesting the dead in herdes

His grandeur of guidance in roundtrips obscure
He who immerse my hands in sullen thrills
His paths on wich domination linger
He who dares to prove the sanity of mine

He who speaks of nightly treasures
He who lets me serve and slip away

Black unearthly void creatures crawling
Forbidden forgotten fairly underrated
Bastards in the shape of angels holding my hands
Passing me what is left of the wine

Behind The Curtains Of Night - Phantasmagoria

A mental inner vortex
as possessions through a wolf's eye
Envisioning the eclipse
No longer to be blinded by a sunrise

In this final benediction
Confronted by mirages of imminent mortality
Time's set to end the suffering
So follow, I will cherish the secrecies of hearts

Chased by the black sheperds
Behind the curtains of night
Been found as a tool in their seduction
Fatal haze

An escape into abomination
Perished to phasma
Asindrome of another aeon
Soul-obsequial inhesion

Resurged in torrents of abyssmal thoughts
Lost in a helix, blackest might
In stealth i do seek deliverance
In phantasmagoria, vortex utopia

Dreamside Dominions

When the ghastly mourners awakens from sleep
And the volant funeral crows are watching
Like evil omens in shadowed murmur
They welcome me again

Agonized and flattered to once become
A part of this horror scenario
I descend with arms open wide

Armoured and filled with painful pleasure
Reflecting streams of monstrous mirages
I will not hide

Losing control in seductive madness
Spiritual revelations, apocalyptic hypnosis
Dead colours appear within unshallow graves
Alone in awe I face abhorrence below

Trapped inside to suffer in silence
Torn apart in mind and sense
Baptized in this nightly glamour-
Rites of splendid essence

Agonized and flattered I once became
A part of the horror scenario
Armoured and filled with painful pleasure
I did not hide

Now when the gates are no longer shut
I withdraw from the light of the sun

United In Unhallowed Grace

Unfolding her carnal desires to me
With tempting eyes she does receive
A hunter of the night devil's whore
May her cursed beauty haunt me forever

We embrace the madness gathered as one
Mourning dead passion...she comes to me
A fate awaits us in the night
In the ruins of creation we will unite

Unfolding her carnal desires to me
With tempting eyes she does receive
A hunter of the night devil's whore
May her cursed beauty haunt me forever

She comes to me - a shining beacon
Confused by the sensual innovation
Passion ... towards the image of mortal evil
Passion ... embraced by the image of united death

The enigma lies broken
Searching for those precious moments
Reaching for a higher of existence
Like a newborn migrant in the void

I am smitten by the forbidden fruit
Possessed by moments of dark splendour
To walk the nightmare terrains forever
The enigma lies broken

Possessed by moments of dark splendour
To walk the nightmare terrains forever
United with new unhallowed grace
This cursed beauty haunts me forever

The Promised Future Aeons

Erotic and dreamlike still in its mortal disguise
A passionate ritual in the ruined gardens theatre
The painted angels - Shadowed high above
Once they gathered to worship at the picture of me
Like a whisper where there are no words
Appears the perplexed - The statue of might
In the cradle of the next generation
A spiraling ruin - Lost in the gathering dust

...the faces you saw in the withering garden
I witnessed the flickering - made to look like stone
Quivering like little figures lost in broken flames
Never to forget again the names carved in horrid flesh

Those words drawn in water - Become our legacy of fantasies

Burn the pictures
So unexpected in this strange deserted place
Once opened its secrets would become the world
Its attributes would continue to unfold forever

"Through the fabric of the promised future aeons
I offer this suffering of my unwanted father..."

...and the stars did wander - Separated in the forbidden universe

The Blazing Monoliths Of Defiance

With hearts of midnight, brightened by His infernal light
We stand as a monolith of wrath, united under the goat of a thousand young
Two horns thrust upwards in defiance, three inverted as the trinity denied
A phalanx of mourners in black, falling towards nightly terror

Unleash the tempted beast, raised your horns in prideful blasphemy
I'll be your guide into the glorious darkness, and enchant you like a taste of sin
Unleash the tempted beast, chant theron in words of blazing scorn
Grant me my dark desires, strengthened through the power of Satan

Take pleasure in the torment of the wretched
and rejoice in the delight of the flesh
Behold the face of Satan
and walk the fields of erotic fire

Hunt the heavens ...

Godless temples beckon
Through gleaming scapes of horrid nightmare
Gathered between symbols and signs
A glow of new light is born out of the night

Give into your lust and carnal desires - In twisted blood-dripping ecstasy
In the name of Satan - I lead you into temptation

The Insight & The Catharsis

Passenger on confessional course
Unlock with the key you behold within
Repair the shadow of your mind
and come awake

"Oh, dreadful angel of mine
Enrich me with the vastness of being
Rigid father, teach me how to comprehend
I'll commit myself to understand
To be faithful and the instrument
So that the ones with blindfold can see what i have seen
That there is nothing inbetween
For I am the accomplice..."

Aghast and tender, indulged in sin
Embraced by loneliness, legions who grin
I blunder into the realms of slumber
I collide with the obscure
and see the last fraction of light go by

Plundering the sanity from the insane
and providing appearances in black
Carefully swept in decadent spheres
But faces in this world always remain darkened

In circles of dominance, emotional deeps unite
Fiction and transcendence woven together
In the essence of purity lies wisdom
Join the forces, the spiritual black dimensions

What more do you need of proof
Human hands conforming cloven hoofs
For I know the secrets and lies behind all truths
Knowlege is power and the power is mine
It's all mine

So let the children come to me
and share the limitless ways to infinity
Escape death and disease
And behold youth and vitality

Grotesquery Conceiled (Within Measureless Magic)

"In the shadows of my gallow
I'd rather absent the hallow..."

(For) Thy presence made pleasure of pain
(and) Thy madness turned sanity into vain
Profoundly wicked owner of souls
The mysteries of Thy creation beheld by ghouls

Diabolically disguised heavenly bodies
(and its) atrociously desired primordial elements
Plunging through the confused heart of sulphur
In all this darkness, how can man see

"Pour misguided fool ...
It is not God you are talking to
I am not impostrous, hiding behind pearly walls
However, I am still yet to be found, known
I shall guide you on your midnight-ride as the sun fades black
(and) beyond your grotesque imagination
my name will be revealed...
The blod of Christ can't heal your wounds
Give me all of yours, and I'll give you mine..."

I am the hidden fantasy
In the secret of my knowledge
There is no God but me

In this shadowy world all are nameless
Outstanding, dresssed in majestic splendour
Touched by the flames of eternal fire
How I long for your embrace, uttermost desire

Arcane Life Force Mysteria

In perplexed dementia, where sanity is my vanity
With honour bear the mark of Satan
Triumphant beast in heaven defeat
Disguised in gloom, wear the mask of Satan

Ride the beast through paradise
Still vipers these mortal burdens
We arise as the portals take form
I leave my feathers again

Infidels and scarecrows all fallen from heaven
Captured by the sin of the beast
Mesmerized in total chaos
Engulfed in an overflow of selfish might

Swept through arcane mysteries
Forlorn in a maze of torment
Raped by the sanctity of the unholy
Reveals a Hell I never dreamed of

Bewildered by the arcane lifeforce mysteria-
I shed my skin once again

Masses For The New Messiah

In massing darkness we stand united
Raging above inferior sheeps
A convoy of souls swept into the night
Hearts strengthened with black fire passion
In us is fulfilled the prophecy of satan
Evolution of the inner shrine
In us is mantained the revelation of satan
Innocence brought to an end
In honour of thy unearthly creation
We bring forth thy divine form
Vanity throughout any conceptions
Blazed and bound for the days are coming
Infernal madness,unholy ascendance
Christian death abound in mouring perversion
Cherished sacred icons torn to pieces
They'll chase the serpent in everlasting nightmare
Disharmonic illusions of strings bending loose
Wrapped,penetrating skin
Listen to the music of their agony
Eyes made of glass,mirrors within

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