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Death Cult Armageddon | paroles / lyrics


Cuddled through a cold womb he was
Pitch black and without sunshine rays
Hell patiently awaiting him on blood spilled soil
A noble grief stirred heart, always ready to die

In sinister systematisation, submission is golden
As an apprentice to violence, slaughter and bloodshed
He was like an object that is being processed
A force-fed destructor ready for abomination

The vast solitude in him witnessed it all
Those self afflicting eyes
And their fear painted faces
Made out of utter discipline, failure unacceptable
Hosts to oblivion
Exploring the darkest of places
Stench of rotten flesh breathing down his neck

Every day seemed like an endless night
When would he ever wake from this void
No other voice than his own will ever tell
What was real and where he had been
What he had done

Did you bleed for the cause
Like the rest of his men
Did you capture the euphoria
How it was like to kill
Such a necromantic force behind it all
They sure did battle till the end

But when came all the glory
And who got spared to carry his body
Just pure death and too profound to be shared
Was it all a fabricated vision in his memory
To serve the wastelands of insanity
At the front

Life forever lost its innocence
Never to see the light of day again
He pondered his last few steps
Into the realms of death
With his hands bloodstained

Courage and consistency
Bravery and valor
Honor and pride
For what was it all worth

Progenies Of The Great Apocalypse

The battle raged on and on
Fuelled by the venom of hatred for man
Consistently, without the eyes to see
By those who revel in sewer equally

We, the prosperity of the future seal
Cloaked by the thunders of the north wind
Born to capture the essence of
The trails of our kind

Zero tolerance must be issued forth
Behind the enemy's line
So it shall be written
And so it shall be done

[repeat 1st and 2nd verse]

Discover and conceive the secret wealth
And pass it unto your breed
Become your own congregation
Measure the sovereignty of it's invigoration

We, who not deny the animal of our nature
We, who yearn to preserve our liberation
We, who face darkness in our hearts with a solemn fire
We, who aspire to the truth and pursue it's strength

Are we not the undisputed prodigy of warfare
Fearing all the mediocrity that they possess
Should we not hunt the bastards down with our might
Reinforce and claim the throne that is rightfully ours

Consider the god we could be without the grace
Once and for all
Diminish the sub principle and leave it's toxic trace
Once and for all

Lepers Among Us

The commotion breeding the perverse
For bloodbath is on your doorstep
A mass impending threat
The perfection of religion
Becoming our death

Do not respond blindly
To growing gardens in decay
Stand guard when visitors fall silent
Blow the candles out, end the road here

No solace will be found
Within elements of the tribe
When covered with filth from all sides
Compassion will fail

Their promises are honored
In a mind controlled state
The absence of reality, reason and logic
Prove failure of faith

Enriched by the presence of it's clarity
Darkness descends, everyone dies

[repeat 3rd and 4th verse]

For wisdom aligns in our favor
Illuminated before our eyes

A new beginning, the inevitable dawn
Justice will be given where justice is due
And guide the righteous ones
Back to the final resting ground
To perceive the truly hellbound

Demonstrate superiority
A grand gesture of liberation need no judge or jury
Demons rate inferiority
Scatter the remains of the prey

[repeat 2nd and 7th verse]


Reis deg opp
La oss bestride
Den tanke fra vår lend

Og dyrk
På en forbannet jord
En smertens ætt

For så og tynge
De barmhjertiges skjød
Som har tiltro til
Den sjelloses brød

For den tro du besitter
Er intet annet enn avsmak og hovmod
Og din nøden etter viten
Er en overflod av hån og skjend

Smerten i mitt hjerte er ikke tørste
Etter himmelsk legeme

Ei er det sviktende søken etter englemakt
Det er ilden og den brenner
Det er bare det at du
Skjemmer for den

Ta del i skyldens skygge
Behag din sjel med syndens under
For hvor er vel du
Når lampen slukkes

Men døden kommer ei
Med vårt bud
Gjenklang fra den prektiges arv
Vil innfri det endelige forderv

[repeat 1st, 2nd and 4rd verse]

Bring dom over andre en ditt eget hode
Der du gjemmer din skam i lovsang
Så skal du få smake frukten
Av din egen bortgang

Som en flokk av helveds opphav
Og forvaltere av foraktens sønn
Parerer vi deres list med avskyens prakt
Med beviset på vår tunge byrde
Ligger deres sinn i åndenød
Skamfert tilbake uten makt

[repeat 1st, 2nd and 3rd verse]

[ Traduction anglaise ]

[Wrath Birth]

Rise it up
Let us oppose
The thought from our land

And cultivate
In a cursed ground
A sorrowful lineage

For so and weigh down
They bottom-hearted careless
Who have confidence 'til
That soul bread

For that belief you possess
Is nothing else than disgust and pride
And your need after knowledge
Is an overflood of scorn and deascration

Grief to my heart is not thirst
After heavenly body

Not is that failing search after angel might
It is fiery and that burning
It is merely that what you
Dishounor for that

Take part in the possesing shadow
Delight your soul with sinners under
From where are surely you
When lamp put out

But dead appaear not
With our bidding
Throughly sound from that splendid inheritance
Want it endly ruin

[repeat 1st, 2nd and 4rd verse]

Bring doom over others about your own head
There you conceal your shame in praise song
So shall you have tasted fruits
Of your own decease

As a flock of hellish origin
And administrator of despicable son
We match your disgusting splendour
With demonstration of our heavy birth
Lie your mind in absence of breath
Shamefare backwards without might

[repeat 1st, 2nd and 3rd verse]

For The World To Dictate Our Death

Let us sit by and watch
Death and destruction's devotees revel
Let us sit back and witness
Innocent semen being poured

Into the arms of Armageddon
Let it pour, more and more
Pure fucking Armageddon
Let it pour more and more

Reason faithfully defiles
On bloodstained hands
Where graceful motion
Are lost arts

There are only battles to be lost
In the kingdoms of the blind
For those who seek salvation
In the dust of the earth
Will only find wrath
In the sands of time

Engulfed by the desert
We taste death in the dry heat
The disciples of prophetic ablution
Had sworn to let the skeptics bleed
For great are their love for warfare
Henchmen of the disastrous creed

Watch us all celebrate in their name
The lambs of our time being slain
Awaiting the final perdition
Defeat against all and everything
For whatever adorned righteousness
Justice never wait for the guilty to speak the truth

[repeat 2nd verse]

For mankind so hated the world
That it gave all it's begotten sons and daughters
That whoever believed the lie
To perish and receive everlasting hell

Blood Hunger Doctrine

Man and his faithful ethics
Intoxicated by the fruits of the earth
Diabolical fanatikism, so cold and grim
The perfect perversion, bestiality incarnate

As instruments of torture
And leaving no room for sympathy
We bring forth the monstrous birth
To the worlds light

As all great art is made from suffering
So are we
Good in nature, but evil by our own free will
Incestuously created by the will to kill

Time is here to walk the final abyss march
Bound to the force of the last holocaust
Pour free the gifts of grace
And slaughter the entire human race

Not permitted to redemption
When pain rises high in purgatory
A reality so convincingly justified
Feeding from Death Cult's gown

We bring forth monstrous birth
To the worlds light

Allehelgens Død I Helveds Rike

Vren er aktens utfoldelse og tanke
Vten hemning i ukjent ekstase
Ei ett tilbørlig ønske om a avle avkom for Gud
Frivillig nedsmittet og gjennomsyret
I kjødelig sødme
Fengslet av logn og vlydighet

Menneskets skrøpelige atferd
Må tuktes med heder og ære blir det sagt
Men godhet fødte evig ondskap kun
Da Edens tyrann skjenket frukten

Visdom berikes fritt i Dyrets mangfold
Når himmerikets salige urett
Og svulstige barmhjertighet
Vekker forkastelse ved vårt åsyn

Gnisten har slått flamme
Og piner i pestilensens vilje
De ynkelige slaver knelende i skam
Besvangret med skyld og miskunn

Ætlinger som sverger eden
Med troskapsløfte om å vgjøre freden
A styrte himmelslavers velvære
Og triumfere i kulde til Dyrets ære

Vredens beger renner over
I forherdelse fra opprørdjevlers svovelvind
Glødende, fra regionen av Belial's barn
Avlet hinsides harmens trossende tind

De siste tegn fra Kristi tepende engler
Brenner ubønnhørlig i ravnens ild

[repeat 2nd verse]

Smertefull og blek er døden
Med blodstyrtning fra lysets gild
Dødens fremmøte sparer ingen
Det fromme liv kveles av egne tunger
Den kosteligste jord blir pyntet
Med fattigdom og hunger

Utspente vinger over Mørkets dype svelg
Satt til verden for å meske seg
Med pest og død
Fråtsende i synd og hor

Overmakten fra polens bastarder
Naren behag i syndens hierarki
Et evig liv i paradis
Er fullkommenhet i Satans dynasti

Cataclysm Children

Are you born from the abyss
And have you sought the creed
That drape the shadows
Of your own thought ?

Is your heart mesmerized
By the fire that burns forevermore
And do the secrets from the flames
Hold the mysteries over which you preside ?

Reveal the infantile wound and regain strength
Free your spirit from those who lead in praise
Recollect the anger and the hate
For not shall your morals dissolve in pity

Righteous warmth accompanied
By deceitful tongues
Stay away from processed promises
Let them fear what you know
A malicious smile on their lips
To keep us all under control
Now it's time to rise and demand our due
The whores and their illusions left us bitter and cold

Drench them in their own poison, spit back the scorn of their ways
Out win their defect morality, and the words they pray
Consolidate the troops and expose the lies in their eyes
The ones deprived from the ecstasy that binds the neglect

Better lead than being led, earn any victory
For you stand superior above the plague and it's mass
The burden of proof rests on your shoulders

Eradication Instincts Defined

As mortal manufactured waste
And part of the commonly infected
You prevent the ones worthy the gift of life
To surface on once a prosperous soil

As superficially bewildered whores
And succumbing to fictional truth
You are taught to preserve and profit
The life institutional lie

You worthless piece of shit
May we all depart from this world
And dissolve into nothingness
Compassion will not be granted
When life's value
Is point below zero

Human depravity is at our disposal
As the perfect tool to destroy mankind
The worst kind of them all
Modern times' ignorance, the world disease
Appeal to death of every man

A living hate smoldering abyss
Nurtured through centuries with quietly exercised wrath
Seeks the easiest way to the feed the engine
Praising the final bloodbath

Uncertainty and guilt
Will no longer endorse our fate
There will be no remorse, we kill to kill again
Killing all

Go ahead end it all, we deserve no better
As a forever unblessed detonation
The great plutonium chord fulminates
Blinding the eyes of creation

Cutting off all life support
Sweeping away existence instantly
Iced desolate ruins linger
Leaving traces of our lovely humanity

[repeat 1st and 6th verse]

Unorthodox Manifesto

The memories far beyond the reckoning
Have begun to lurk in the distance
Like visual objects dearly known
The grace of devils hands

As they walk with me like a medium
When I choose and require a burn-out
Resting in expanded malicious force
Drained for murderous weapons

Knowing where you stand
In the magnitude of this thought
Looking at the spirit of fire and flames
Enduring on the throne of the black heart

[repeat 1st, 2nd and 3rd verse]

A bringer of evil I am
And therefore also a carrier of light
As I use this focus through the dark
And face the sunshine in the dead end

Limitations do not exist
When you are ahead of the crowd
With the art of confidence
I reign at the throne of my soul

The value of this darkness unwinds
Travelling the other path
A hidden triumph
But obvious to the strong and wise

By understanding this reality
I remain in a twice-coloured cloud
With feet connected solid in the ground
And thus I get peace of mind

A bringer of evil I am
And also a carrier of light
As I use this focus through the dark
And face the sunshine in the dead end


Heavenly Perverse

Devoted to your own opiate
In escapades from discontentment
Are you shutting off from the outside world
To reflect on your mind shallow gutter ?

For this is your empire, this is your intrigue
Here you own them all, here you seal the deed

Contaminated from the spree of self salvation
To keep the fever flowing in the veins
Prominently manipulating heaven and hell
Does your sophistically discreet interlude
Maintain stories not to be revealed ?

In your search for redemption
Greed and lies become the savior
Through the lecherous eyes disgust withstand
For are not these the windows to your soul ?

Fatherly fornication of sweat lips in dismay
Repeatedly unlocking the vaults to the holocaust
The dormant prodigy seeks it's reason for rebirth
But it will never, never gain the strength

A surrender in superficial scorn
The rape of an ever unborn
Seeds have been planted in the name of the son
Until this day, ungodliness is yet to be gone

Sacramental suicide amidst the flow of virgin vine
The only way to comfort the defeat

[repeat 6th verse]

Regrets can no longer find it's ways
Streams of innocent bitter tears flowing down the drain
Mirrored in the haze of a partaker's eyes

Satan My Master

Satan My Master
I slit my wrists to drain me of my blood
Satan My Master
Up side down I turn the cross of God

Satan My Master
Recieve this sacrifice this blood of mine
Satan My Master
I cut into my rotten flesh your signs

Satan My Master
Remember me when judgement day is near
Satan My Master
Take my hand when Armageddon is here

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