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Self Preserved While The Bodies Float Up | paroles / lyrics

Part Cardiac

Self preserved while the bodies float up and the hard luck follows
them all down the well. So unoriginal and under the spell you can
only die. Under the sun the fragilist buckle under the prejudice. You
live for stone cold war. It's not like I just walked into the school
with a gun and said you're all under arrest. You can cut the flowers
and false pretense - recorded hours of evidence will never come to be.
Never drip from this mouth this face...

Shoot so silver

Some words of finality -
'Twas an isolated incident
A sham
A sham
Take from it all that you will...


Sink! Your depleted armies choke on fairytales. I'll pretend to
care if you pretend to suffocate. I can wait cos the circumstances
never change. I'll resuscitate what's drawn, disengage feet from
clay... Backs into the wall, administrate, forget all that the faceless
say - pictures of adoration and hate. Hey illiterate, brittle bones
always resonate. Show commendable front but little subtlety.
I'll participate, you pretend to own a brain. Up the gain as your
articulation starts to wain. Try to forget all and evacuate this
vacuous exchange of curds and whey. Hey degenerate, your kicks
don't always penetrate.

Below the sea a fabled land - maturity. Cunts with no face and
zero grace exacerbate holes as wide as me, wide as the sea, sing in
different keys. Kill the harmony, a dissonance to hang from trees.
They've no voices, just consequential immunity from reason
bullets and at birth should be isolated - protection from decency cos
this is how the wars get started.

Build Us A Rocket Then...

Spin the wheel my kiss of fortune! Your solitude's a high pitched
whine. Let go of the medicine or you'll be sucking it until you die.
I thought this could be my time 'til you pulled the rug from under me.
I've hardened in this ageless shame of swinging from your coattails.
Now I'm back to good old ball and chain... Wonderful! Let the water
pour! How right you were... with your entourage of hissing snakes, a
simple matter of give and take. Now pour your mind out of the vase,
wall to wall. Winner takes all, but I wanna see the lightning strike you.

Return with this sickness, turn the kick in his head. My word is he
woeful in his rant. I imagine you'd like to call it soulful...

Kick through the doors you can. Suck open sores. You can build us a
rocket. The least you can. The worst you can. Send us on our way...

Oscar Acceptance Speech

Thanks, symbolic vengeance that neither folds me or you into this submission.
Rows of empty houses now there's no leader or piper for anyone to follow.
Forecast sun this springtime and never undermine this - just relay the message.
Ample timing for a breakdown. While solemn we can take no real comfort or solace.
Thanks, Academy and all enemies force fervored motives. Rest on my laurels and
statues, broken virtues. I rest in little pieces. I've smashed to smithereens all hopes
and dreams nurtured in dirty playgrounds.

Last syllables never turn into words. Lost the goals of the war.
Now we've lost balance.

Now our heads hit the floor. Now we've lost the will to feel.
Now we've lost balance.


Thrown in the waste paper
Got lost in my pocket
Bought on the never-never
And sold on the tick

I would've never known
'Cos no-one would tell me
That when they found her body
that no offer or ransom
could bring her back to me
For a walk in the moonlight
I'd pay all the money
I'd pay all the money

And if we get out of this alive
we'll never stop knowing
that we had the money
we had the money...

A Penny's Weight

Try and keep it hid and safe from harm.
Contemplate all wrongs. Override the rules.
We land atop the houses suddenly without a scratch or bruise.
Put us under house arrest, neither help nor hinderance.

See-saws, swings - these wonderful things, these changes.
Can't always differentiate those days from these...

When we're all buried deep under the ice, all ended, liberated and serene.
A penny's weight cuts through the sheen.

Always rely on jeopardy to pour piss on cuts.
Devils accentuate crooked reason.

Silent / Transparent

As effortless as all you know, as inactive as a charm. This vessels
lowly stowaway is armed. Let the credits rave, let the critics roll as the
groom runs down the aisle. In a hail of bullets I just throw a towel and
write the bride out a second life, a second hand, a view of space with an
elephant obstructing it. I'm splashing greys where once was glowing
white - I hit the pavement in the sunlight. I would beg the kids to just
come outside and play, but I'd take the ball away. What is a sorry state
when you can't believe your eyes you'll gladly take as second prize.

There are prophecies you'll only prophesize over niceties and gin but
now you're asking I don't know where to begin. All the critics rave as
the credits roll, they kept us wet behind the ears so we'll be speaking in
hushed tones for fifty years. Take this heart and wear it on the outside.
And as the rain comes down like a ticker tape parade the tears slow and
dissipate. As the blood and sweat you've invested evaporates you'll have
tried but you won't make it pay...

Sign this and file it under dumbstruck envy that'll strike you down

Sightless - the comfort in the danger enticing... I join the queue

Mindlessly I made her my likeness - scattered and absolute

Silent and transparent - the one who holds the candle to the glow of you.

It's My Tail And I'll Chase It If I Want To

A whole new world of 'would' when the bad out-strips the good it's the
reap/sow interface that'll help you win the race it'll help you build a rocket
help you build a ship there's a good chance you can help there's a price on this
return but there's absolutely no rush absolutely no rush and
no time
no time
no time
no time
as the spider takes the fly as the grey does take the dye as the drink does numb
the pain as the songs all sound the same with diminishing returns and the
hackneyed twist and turns as the egg runs down your face we'll still bang on
the bin lids cos dad forgot the kids and they throw us to the pigs and it's
hard lines
hard lines
hard lines
hard lines
it's my tail and I'll chase it if I want to...


I saw the glow in you
It came through the cracks
Walked through the walls with you
with lasers and knives

It was a deadly assumption
a likely delay
If you want dependable
then what do you say ?

The streets were a jungle then
A panic attack
'Til you walked through the wall to me
A hand in a hand

The landlord should call time
before anyone swears
If you'd seen us dancing
away all those cares
what would you say ?
what would you say ?


Blurred spectacle, ineffectual - let's call it romantic. On awakening I
look straight at the sun, I'm pinned to the corner like the class clown.
But once I get in front I'll let you drown like a cat. 'Til I'm dealt
that card the engine's on, I'm in the car. One suck on the pipe and I'll
be gone. I'm accountable. I'm responsible - you can call me pragmatic.
What took away the fame ? Could it be built up again - the acclaim and
the constant eulogies for class clowns like me ? But once I get in front
I'll terrorize all I want and the world won't turn... stops and stagnates...
disintegrates. This romantic dream keeps you in a cage...

Should I not fraternize with these angels I've loved ?
But if I'm out of time I'll say my goodbyes and float downstream...
and have cynics witness me grow rotten at the seams...


Lord let's get the hell out of this rut or solace will surely never come
Exclaim sweep discarded words away
Prophetic they never were

As the crow flies
We'll walk into the gale
The spring in my step
Is the taste that you make
My chaperone
My advocate
My cloaking device
I could use your advice
Cos I don't need proof
While ever there's you
Gravity fails and
There's wind in these sails...

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