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The Age Of Hell | paroles / lyrics

The Age Of Hell

Are you ready to die ?
One more swing
There’s no place left for you to hide
Your world is now over and no one can save you
Ambition has been laid to waste
This gift and creation are plagued with disease
Fury and grief are displaced
No way to prepare for the end
Blood will be shed
Final farewell
This is the age of hell
Heading towards insanity
Scandalous demise
Sacrifice is imminent
The smell of death breathes new life
The structure is cracking from rot and decay
The faces will all look dismayed
No type of prevention, no chance to discover just what could have been the way
Bones have been broken and teeth have been cracked
Walking disaster, headed straight for death
There is no way to get out alive
This temple has fallen for good
Will there be a chance to rebuild it all
If I could fix things I would


Clockwork I hear the sound of the bell
The more I push the more I forget
I’m in the mood to lose myself
The more I push the closer I get
I started off small
But you knew it wouldn’t stay that way
I’ve tripled the amount three times over
Don’t know where it’s taking me
Every day I fly just a little higher
I want to float forever
And leave this world behind
I traveled long and windy roads
The more I see the more I fear
There’s only one thing in this world
That makes everything crystal clear
I’ll keep the earth below
Drifting through eternity

Losing My Mind

Ready to explode
The pressure buries me
The poison takes control
I drop down to my knees
I scream
Get this invader out of me
I need help this is killing me
I’m blinded by the thought of tomorrow
I’m drowning in this ocean of sorrow
I need to leave it all behind
I think I’m losing my mind
My hands start to shake
The sweat drips down
Can’t look in the mirror
This face is unfamiliar
Temple throbbing
Panicked I start to scream
Is there anyone out there that can help me ?
I’ll try anything to make it stop

Time Is Running Out

I used to feel invincible
Nothing could stop me
Now the smallest things are crippling
Where did my passion go ?
Why don’t I dream anymore ?
Is there anything real out there ?
I’ve lost all faith I had before
How much more can I take
Sick of making the same mistakes
These memories have torn my heart
Now time is running out
It’s hard to face the facts
Head hurts from thinking
All of this could have been avoided
I had to destroy it all
I had to start a new
What is lurking around the corner ?
This arrow of time is irreversible
This endless loop repeating infinitely
I’m swallowed by the storm

Year Of The Snake

Choking on these feelings
This awakening has been at arms length for too long, it’s hard to
accept when all I had was their words
I’ve seen the devil and I’ve kissed the mouth of sin
Bloodshot eyes and senses heightened I am seeking to get in
These chains no longer bound me
I’m shedding my skin once again
In the year of the snake I was born into a world of pain and heartache
Isolation was the key to unlocking my soul now the story will be told

Beyond The Grave

I’ve seen the signs
But I’ve ignored them
Sickness has taken my soul
This force deep inside has led me to this day
I no longer want to be their slave
I’m not meant for heaven or hell
So what waits for me beyond the grave ?
I see the light
Shining before me
Fearless I’ll walk alone
Into the void everything is unknown
The canvas is no longer black
The situations have changed for the better
C’est la vie
The smoke fills the cracks

Born In Blood

Born in blood
Spawn of ignorance
Damned from the start
Hatred, violence, vengeance
Dragged through the mud
Survived the flood
We proved them wrong
The masses have been silenced
There is no more doubt
We’ve won the war inside our minds
Nothing can stop us now
Rage growing stronger
Strength rising, conquer
We stand alone
In a blood soaked wilderness
Ruling the night
Free from persecution
Slaughtering all those who oppose
Reveal the facts
The veil has been lifted
These battered broken hands
Have been forged to iron fists
To crush the strongest minds, to build the weak into gods
The weight of the world can't stop me now for I hold it in the palm of my hand
This universe is my stomping ground
There is no love, there is no peace
Emotional barriers have been reached
I have walked with the dead hand in hand
I see nothing coming of this master plan
I want to live where nothing is alive


[ Instrumental ]


She lays there helpless
Alone in the darkness
My chest is so heavy with pain you can’t describe
Sliced, cut
Why ?
Skin so raw
I’ve never been so frightened, so enlightened
What kind of god does this ?
We were so powerless
Summertime we saw the king die
Does anyone care ?
Living nightmares
Breathing heavy as I remember those months
Throat tightens
I wish I were strong like you

Trigger Finger

There is a price to pay for freedom
There is a price to pay for bliss
What is it worth to you my friend ?
What’s more important in the end ?
Black hole swallowing
Mental shattering
The virus has consumed you
Deep down
Pitch-black attack
And there’s no turning back cause
Right now I’ve got my finger on the trigger
And I’m ready to pull
I’ve got my finger on the trigger
And my sights aimed at you
There’s no easy way to say this
There’s no easy way to stop
Will you look back on this day
And understand the reasons why
You are following the same path
I wish you would wake up
These routines will be the end of you


Burning inside
Slumped over
Living a lie
I reach for the whip to tame the beast
Your eyes judge what they do not know
Don’t look at me that way
The words you use behind closed doors make their way down the hall
I hear it all
I’m not your fucking scapegoat
Why’s it so hard to see the truth
How much more do I have to prove ?
What am I supposed to do
When nothing I say, not matter how true, will make the actions of yesterday
Easier for you
Why can’t you get over it ?
Why can’t you move on ?
Where were you ?
The reflection that you see
Does it haunt you daily ?
I shouldn’t live in that shame
I’m not the one to blame
There is a little of me inside all of you


[ Instrumental ]

Scum Of The Earth

It’s not the end of the world
But it sure fucking feels that way
Tired of all the complaints
What the fuck is left to say ?
We’re wasting this life focusing on yesterday
We’ll never move forward this way
Now we’re feeling the ground shake
Bruised, broken, abandoned
We are the scum of the earth
Cursed, beaten forgotten
I bite down on my tongue
Choking on the bile
This place has become disgraced
And I’d pull out my teeth before I’d smile
Disgusted with the human race
We destroy what we did not create
Be careful when you throw stones
You might get smashed with bricks
We are all diseased and crying inside
It becomes hard to breathe, hard to feel
Knowing nothing will survive

Your Days Are Numbered

These eyes are watching every move that you make
You’ll pay for your mistakes
Your excuses are weak
You are from the king
You’re a fucking fake
A bat without wings
Your words fall on deaf ears
You better believe your days are numbered
I’ll take you down
Your reign of terror is coming to an end
I see through the lies
I’ll take command away from you
I’ll expose every fucking truth
You’ve reached the end of the line
It’s been a long time coming
My hate continues to grow
Don’t bite the hand that feeds

Clockwork (remix)

Wild Thing (reprise de The Troggs)

Year Of The Snake

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