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Arms Of The Sea

Man, born
Locked down by water
Hear the rustle spat out from the corner
As we are thrown
Right into the arms of the sea

Sheer bliss
The dense cold collides
The cliffs loomed up in the distance
As they exhale, inhale

We must be born anew
To paint our portraits like the way we are
We must learn to breathe again
To reach the core of patterns in our souls

Maybe we are something we are not
It gives us a reason to be
The spine of our soulless approach
That gives us a reason to die

Grand your light to the sun
And turn your back on the shells
At the shores, the sea

Sow your seeds into the soil
And recall the ideas that we shared
In the years that we spent to progress

Oversee to be free, mesmerize
And try to embrace the arms that come forth
By the days of resurgence stream

Change me
Drain all blood from the wounds
And sleep your woes, slumbering
Shed your skin and swim
Right into the arms of the sea

The waves lifting, rising from the oceans
The undertow breaths again
As we are thrown
Right into the arms of the sea

The dense cold collides
The cliffs loomed up in the distance
As they exhale, inhale

Maybe we are something we are not
That gives us a reason to be
The spine of our mental approach
That gives us a reason to live

Black Horses Stampede

The wind, it unfolds me
It takes me to the fields of no conceit
A thousand piercing voices
Cutting through the white noise as it
Drains me for I am
Merely a cloud that is drifting
By the trail of raindrops
Falling on their frozen faces

Something inside
That stops bleeding from my eyes
My eyes ache from outside
I must resist

My flesh is weak
This spoken word that guides my blood
Sipping through the noise
Approaching like
Black horses stampede

My heart beats with sorrow
It cries and fades away
Find me a way to pull through
To obey my reason

For the times that I came to the point that I couldn't believe
Chasing the waves of decay
I will follow the path to release
There is nothing that is holding me down

I can feel it is time to leave
Voices speak and echo in
Empty beds of a salted sea
Unfolding winds ongoing

As I share through the windows I have drawn by the myth of the pure
No fear, it takes me on the winds of unknowing

Like fallout through fire I will dance on the wire
Which will lead me to legends that will all so admire
As we crave for the future I speak my desires
So these tormenting thoughts will commit suicide

Reaching Home

The ocean wants me
Never had to look under water
Has it been ruled
The never ending current pulls me through
Waiting, waiting
How is has been flowing since I was a boy
Swimming, lightning
Coming home, I am going home

Wash it all away, end up strong
These eye have grown, these eyes have shown
Watching the horizon, hoping for
The cliffs to rise above the shore

The tide rises far above
The sky fades into the sea
The awareness slowly ebbs away
As light surely will find me

As calm as inside a womb
As the skies are filled
With shades of gloom
The watchers of time have foretold
That this life will find its way back home

Even a man who fights the cold
Fears the depths of his own soul
Under the stars that share his light
Sinking slow and reaching home

Sanguine Draws The Oath

Turning away from everything that is near
Trying to fill the void that appears so clear
Could I see it coming - consuming all of me
It is time to decide - this is right where I stand

Could I just read the rhymes until I feel nothing more
Then it tends to be so easily - I will fade

These nerve-stretching seizures - phlegmatic to the physics
A desecration to the intellect
They are preaching their aesthetics

Waiting for this moment to redirect the pain
To make the forecast be compromising for
Parading int his pitch-black vulturous scene I will break
The oath of all restraint

Dream, before the time arrives
The earth will awake - anxious state of mind
Leaving this body motionless

Turning black once more - the eyes are wide open

"The great black yonder
Is pelting icicles upon my nerves
I melt them to rain
The water that flows out of the horizon
A clammy sensation of my persistence"

Casting the hunger for neurotic seizures
Serving the syndrome

Shedding the anger of everlasting darkness
Feeding the illusion

Despair is my own generous gesture to death

Turning away from everything that is near
Trying to fill the void that appears so clear

A seismic shock, unleashing revolution
Shedding skin, down drift exclamations
Hypnagogic state, endless lucid dreaming
Perpetual sleep, as we share the conclusion of

Shedding the anger of everlasting darkness
Feeding the illusion

Consonant Hemispheres

The rain has come
He surrenders to his fate
It is hiding him
From he sounds of his mental state

...And the rain falls
...And the rain pours down

It is fair to say
That he drifted
On the salt of the open sea
And the words that bleed in his mouth
Carry him, drag him to the deep

Heave your own arms
Caught adrift
Embrace the shade

The drama is torn asunder
Thus I fall inside my fate
Waiting for the fever
And I will sing to my crusade

Between the barren and fruitful
I got lost int he daily grind
There is no way that supports my
Dark conceptions to unwind

I am the art for the people
The apple of their crying eyes
Missioner for the seeking
Chewing their lives with contempt

Like a storm front that he precedes
It is the sound of the dreamer that screams
Bashing clocks he had always wondered
But never spoke of
It is the strength, the weakness
And the perfect in between

Facing everything that he walked upon
The eye had hurried by
Compromising the smallest
Fractions of a particle

Burning The Midnight Oil

[ Instrumental ]


This world has changed
Before our eyes - we can't control

Waiting to find
Waiting here with nothing more to say
Goodbye to all I have said
Was waiting for decay
Here I am, waving to the waves

Catch the dream before we are
Left inside and everything is gone
Catch the dream before someone else is
Setting forth an illusive state of war

The shimmering flocks of shadows that
Surround the walls we are looking at
Mark of silence

It tells me to hide
It hides the divide
Me versus man
Bear the silence

Tell me, mother: how can I turn back old times
Maybe we are all asleep and die inside to taste
The urge to feel so much more
Closing all my windows to embrace

"Our identities are stories
With holes in their language
Slumbering, at the height of what
Could have been synchronicity or
Parallels in multiple dimensions

Can we find any reference
In this abstract color field
This ambivalence, this dualism
Can we see the details of a bigger entity
What is the antidote
To the triviality of modern life"

Find the words to completion
Take me there, where I belong
Fallen into harsh delusion
Drawing circles to my illusion
To reflect me and my diffusion
Waves keep lashing down on the old shores

Sunlight sails the soothing silence

I am spitting letters
Paraphrased in sand
My words are set on fire

Minor Earth, Major Skies

Cursed we are above all contentment
Breaking the evolution
Our history swept away
We are shattered by our prey
Lashing, spoiling
Staring through he eyes of decay

Comfort is losing contrast in this light
Ignorance eradicating
This life draws to an end

We need to find the strength to put the earth in motion
Behold, ignorance is our new messiah
Abundant rays, all light from the sun

Gaze into the fire
And the soothing winds

In our eyes, in our nerves
As our colors are fading out
Just like birds in the storm
So let the squall come, waking us

"As tidal waves hit solid ground
No permanence is ours
We are a wave that flows
To fit whatever form it finds"

Minor Earth, major skies
The summit of the syntax of all life
Is eroding along the path
The great ocean road
And its walls that always change
Are still rising up
The distribution of energy
In dissonant directions
A shift of paradigms
Are these enough answers to our questions

As we dive
We might see a new dawn
This life that carries on
Promenading through the storm

The everlasting chase
The ways that seize the days
Predicted to amaze
Serenity will pave
The inner state of grace

As tidal waves break down
Consciousness collides
No permanence is ours

Stoic Resignation

I see the light
So bright, overthrown
The life of a Caesar will end
Again, the mourning in his eyes
Life will not feed on him

Strong asthenia
He trades his mind
The answers he needs
In the eye of the emperor
Relinquish his fate
Burying the beacon in time
See, open my eyes and stare
But who am I to focus them

I see his mind burnt down
The beauty of burden
Do not underestimate the enemy's gaze
The answers are there
Life will not feed on him

It is real
Focus my eyes again
But why should I open them
Only when time collides
Hide and the savior relents

Now that everything is reclaimed
And I don't own a thing
Once, the life that has been led needs to be revised

Every step along the way
Has been a stone to bear
Whether the path will still lead me
Followed it will be

There will be relief
There will be light towards the end
Strolling through the open fields
And nothing will impend

No more time to make amends
The boundary here awaits
Lingering with a head held high
I face to seal my fate

And here I stand alone
For the fire took
What had been revived
Present time is over

Now think, can you take this
When everything is so pitiful
Did you ever know
It all could come down on you
As one struggles to control
Foreclosure ends before you know

I feel the light
I can feel it down on my skin
Got to face the dark
To survive in the light
Let go of this world
Take it down
Bring it all down


Here it falls again
Exile for the damned
Waking the yesterdays
Wading through the mind

Take the foe from the eyes of a god
And fly on the wings of a chariot
Life will take what you gather
Curse you and play dead
Reverse and reset
Again and again

Sketches From A Motionless Statue

Can a man stop to realize
There is nothing to stand for
Reach out, our minds combined
Bonded by thoughts

Here is a secret world
We are the same way

Waking up and see the dance around
Of a broken harmony
They are feeding off the winters
In our heads
Can't make us wondering
For everything is much the same
We are still being tied by

Shame, like fighting underwater
Motionless, for we all know
We shall burn, heavenless

Blame me for every
Lacerated actions and efforts

Manage the endeavor
I pledge the open source
Conduct the overlapping
Elements of time
Waking the yesterdays
Wading through the mind
Waiting to escape the drifted sands

Breathe the open wounds
That is what it feeds
Statement to the old remorse
Consolate, eat the flesh
I can't take
What will be the link

Breathe, the open source
That is what it greeds
Statement to the old remorse
Contrition, harsh regret
I can't take
What will be the link

Waking the yesterdays
Wading through the mind
Waiting to escape the drifted sands

Break the chain

Elevation of the sewers
The waking of the waters
The heritage from the fathers
To their daughters to renew us

We are disciples
We live our own way
We are persuaders
Defend our own space

Here is the secret world
We are the same way
Keep it in your mind
We are the same way

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