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Versus - The Haunted

album  : Versus
groupe : The Haunted
sortie   : 2008

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Moronic Colossus

(How many times must a man listen to the same bickering bullshit ?)
(I guess that's what you have to find out, assholes are dime in a dozen.)

So this is what they got ?
Bitches pouting like
someone stole their candy
Guess I should shut my mouth, kindly accept what I receive

I tend to disagree, my diagnosis, it will definitely.
I am the antidote and you are a stinking disease

Moronic Colossus
Imbecillicus Rex
Oh yeah!

So let's see what you're made of
Open up this good ol' can o' worms.

Ain't it all so wrong ?
But I just can seem to help it.

It grows definition
A stronger conviction
Turn words in to action
And not back down

Sick sick sick I'm only speaking my mind
All right, here it goes: I'm just another country boy
and I don't really give a god damn what you say-hey man, no way

Moronic Collosus
Imbecillicus Rex
Oh yeah!

It's alright, you'll be fine
once you finally see
there's only so much you can do

It grows definition
A stronger conviction
Turn words in to action
And not back down

You're so predictable
so full of confidence
Some people say it's only natural progression-well now.
Coo coo katchoo all ends in essentially nothing at all
It's so ridiculous and that's all that you really know.


All the shadows of what was
We crawled through defeat
Until it consumes you
Until we were empty
And nothing but hatred remains

Your holiness displayed
Ashen and hollow

To tear you apart
Piece by piece

Losing all
Through you it flows in abundance
You will carry this treachery 'til it breaks you
Until you could see it clearly
we live like ghosts

Your weakness on display

To tear you apart
Piece by piece

Lesser than god

To tear you apart
Piece by piece

You say this is the path less travelled,
Well, how come there's no room to breathe ?

Little Cage

How precise. I see that you finally caught on.
I am an inconsiderate bastard on most accounts.
I plead guilty, now that it's all out war.
Let's make it clear, you were never more than a lousy score.
We miss out by default.
I'm not even trying that hard.
Outside, let's see you carry your own.
This is no surprise.
It's not that I never told you,
we both know I did.
I'm sick of the intricate confusion you lay like bait,
from here to anywhere but you.
(Or where you stand.)

Did you really think I'd make a change to suit your skin.
I don't quite fit your precious little cage.

No more distractions.
Why waste a perfect day,
on your decay.

So this the first time I'm not lying when I said I'm fine.
Cause I'm sick,
sick of being sick.
Sick of being told what or who I am
I'm worth it-every single act of love that comes my way.

Did you really think I'd make a change to suit your skin.
I don't quite fit your precious little cage.
I will not break myself
No more


Who are these people ?
Where do they come from ?
Are they some extra-terrestrial breed of super fool ?
What was is not
For fuck's sake let it go!
The past is dead
this is now,
And it's all gone like that.

Can't you see you were beat ?
And every time you repeat your firm belief
You're only digging yourself deeper down
the trenches we left behind

If only the strong survive
how the hell is it you're still here ?
Your ignorance only exceeded
by your complete lack of human skills
So slow
Oh slower still
The paradox in your claims to a force of will

Can't you see you were beat ?
And every time you repeat your firm belief
You're only digging yourself deeper down
the trenches we left behind

Mirror mirror on the wall
Who's the biggest fuck up of all ?
It's getting ridiculous
and we're all supposed to play along.

We're all potential for the bank,
and we don't bleed no
different shade of red.
All my life I've been lonely
for no good reason
All we have is this.


Raise the dead to hear them scream again
It's a prize in its own right
Equal in death at last,
with no exceptions made
There's no escape in this and
that's how it ends

This is my ceremony
A blood rite to spite your kind

Smalltown kings and queens
Falling over-it's so concealed.
So let this day remain and linger
(until) the memories come crawling your way
Sinking deeper, closer to who you were
The pain will truthfully bring you home

This is my ceremony
A blood rite to spite your kind
A fire burning deep within me

Become stone in time
sink it into oblivion, endless.
Become the master of this pyramid
Runs like blood through you veins
The more you deny it
the closer it gets
Resisting is futile,
this ends in a coffin kiss.

This is my ceremony
A blood rite to spite your kind
A fire burning deep within me


They'll try to pull you away
For all their kind intentions
They will fail
It takes a beast to stand and bleed
Vila nu stilla
Förutan maran
Förutan skuld
Breathe-no fear
Breathe-no loss
Breathe-no rage
Breathe-no blame
To be once more, like first snow.


If you can't hold your own,
don't point your fucking finger at me!
Cough, spit, scream, HATRED,
all inclusive
and yes, it's a question of class and experience
consider yourself dismissed.

Lesson A: This lifestyle is not for sale.
Give it up, again, and again.
And that's how we do it!

To crush.
You must love.

No false pride
No fashion
No fake set of values
A primal force-to completely absorb.
Transforming, serpent-like.
Infernal and true.

Lesson B: Imitation equals failure
Surrender to this
and that's how we do it!

To crush
You must love.

Character grows from pain
Sealed and approved!
And the strength to overcome
Trial by fire!
No slackness.
No wasted chase.
This is the discipline.

To crush you must love
the fine art of crush

Rivers Run

Well the same dull darkened rain keeps comin' down
Whisper little secrets to spite this little mind
See the sunlight in McAllen, TX burns my skin in Rome
Salt on my lips
Cracks in the pavement
Are we going blind, or is there something I've been missing ?
Black coffee, somehow soothing, no matter where I go.

Well there's no place to hide
There's no shelter so far away
All rivers end in the same sea

Petty thieves
All hail, the one percent with a bullwhip résumé.
Die slowly, in weeping misery
and drape the bitch in a steel plate eulogy.

Skull and bones, no hope.
Burning fields and the dead game is up and go.
All my life I wanted something right,
but today sure ain't my time to shine.

It's all falling to pieces but you know

There's no place to hide
Ain't no shelter so far away
and all rivers end in the same cold lake

You came so close you'll never know.

Iron Mask

These are the tools at hand
and this is what you came for.
So rest your faith on some solemn note.
When I give up on you it's not me being callous.
Send me a letter, tell me how it's going.
Just stay the fuck away from me, until you reach some understanding,
I give up.

The first one is the worst one,
took all I thought I ever had.
Well, maybe it's supposed to hurt some, but I can face it knowing;
That after all this there will be some kind of prize to find,
but I'm not the man to chance it anymore.
I spent a lifetime being locked up in expectancy dreaming of truce.

Without these chains and iron mask to drag me down
through veils of bone and bloodline
I can see the lie

It's up to you now
completion of this
eyes staring blindly
back at nothing

So this is where it ends, your promises mean nothing.
I will leave you here to die.
A pale shadow of what was once.


An address to the stillborn, lost brothers in arms;
To see the cursed earth claim to providence;
A pyramid New Jerusalem.
The dream is dead.
We're burning the carcass clean.
We pretend-but we never sleep.

500 miles to the faultline.
We decompose and decay.

Captivating the moment.
Spread the disease.
"We come in peace"
As if we almost believed it.
"Strapped to the back of a live grenade"

If there was ever a saviour.
She'd be the first to leave.

500 miles to the faultline.
We decompose and decay.
Ten thousand leagues through
the coal mines.
We hesitate and comply.

Equal in death only, subject to
our own betrayal.
Inhuman, suspending reality;
what you see is truthful, but lacking.
Misinformation is the new black.
Perfect rejects, we're all incomplete.
Disfigured at birth, we're
the human debris.
We're freaks.
We live.
We die. beneath the faultlines.
One more truth to bury.

500 miles to the faultline.
We hesitate at the light.
One day we rise through
the cold tide,
and face away from this
dead end failure to see.

Imperial Death March

Left! Right!
Eyes forward!
The infinite must be
controlled (by lesser men).
A raging chaos burns inside.
Pay tribute, kneel before his throne;
Death; Supreme divinity.
Master; Death.

"See these bright young men and women gladly go to face the unseen trials of what our enemy might have in store for them.
There is no terror too great for these aspiring youths, marching onward to protect our joyful future for the love of God and Country."

Prepare the sacrifice;
The firstborn is the lamb.
Consume the offspring;
The innocent and the weak.
Caesar Caligula we yield to thee.
Caesar Caligula;
Endless and complete.

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