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Misanthropic Carnage | paroles / lyrics

Mutilation Of The Flesh

Post mortal suffering
When you beg for your soul in hell
Burning in eternity
The result of a living lie
Words of a fallen savior
Are feeding my hate
Revolting thoughts of an unclean mind
Soon to be ended

I will not accept your words
I will not obey
I am not one of many
Who's living like a slave

I will start collecting
Corpses for my mass grave
Mutilation of the flesh
Will be their final stage

Meant To Suffer

One by one
I'll slit their throats
For I am the commander
My knife penetrates
My hunger for death grows
Blinded by evil I slaughter

Pain for the ones
Who praise the messiah
You're meant to suffer
Meant to suffer

No excuse to live
Only a price to pay
For everything done
In the name of god

I'll watch them scream the things they believe
But their words are soft and weak

I'll smash
Their lying mouths
Take god with you to your grave

Pain for the ones
Who praise the messiah
You're meant to suffer
Meant to suffer

Carnivorous Force

Voices in my mind
Driving me insane
Visions of mutilation
Of all divine thoughts
Spreading chaos and death
Mass genocide
Seeking human beings
All are meant to die

To end in misery
To suffer and rot
To see with their own eyes
The downfall of god

Blood's gushing out
Their genitals removed
There will be no forgiveness
Their death is approved

Slaying the masses, consuming with pleasure
Caused by the fact, that their thinking is wrong
Righteous killing, of all what is living
No one will stop, this carnivorous force

To beg for forgiveness
No hope to create
Forever being confronted with hate
Suffering endlessly, they will always bow
Where is your savior ?
Where is he now ?

Carnivorous force

Misanthropic Carnage

Spiritual obscenity
Creates my desire to kill
Victims lay down screaming
Ready to be butchered

I open their eyes
For them to see
How I start eating
Of their flesh

Mental sickness
Overrules my sympathy

Misanthropic carnage
Molesting each and every part
Mutilating their souls
Until they'll fear the light
Misanthropic carnage
Slaughtering humanity
With their useless, fucked up minds
They'll crawl for me and die!!!

Fucking the wounds
Of the half rotten cadavers
With sickened disgust
Of what they believe
Sexual fulfillment
As I cum in their lying mouths

Blinded I Slaughter

Caught in madness
No control of thoughts
Suffering mental pain
Floating around in chaos
Creating a will to kill
Surrounded by innocents
Hating every soul

No father can forgive me
Sins grown out of reality
Blood's dripping from my mouth
Desiring human flesh
Feasting on human cadavers
Making them part of me
Positive visions starting to collapse
My mind's splitting in two

Driven together they scream
I'll have no mercy on their souls
They try to convince me I'm wrong
But blinded I slaughter

Am I hallucinating or am I awake
I only feel the pain inside me
Satisfied I devour the flesh I collected
Ending life, endlessly
No one will be protected

Impelled To Kill

Disastrous killings
Torturing slaves of mankind
Forsaken by christ
Victims torn apart
And brutally savaged
Pieces of blooddripping flesh
For human consumption

I'm impelled to kill
By wild blood demons
The spirit inside me
Commanded me to kill

Exploring the innards
Of the deceased
The urge to devour
For my sexual pleasure
Laying down
With their legs spread wide
Anally penetrated
With my knife

I'm impelled to kill
By wild blood demons
The spirit inside me
Commanded me to kill


Seeking and murdering
Devouring the meat
Misanthropic awakening

In the name of the father you'll suffer
You will crawl, mentally aborted
The time of your death is now coming
You will die, spiritually castrated

Eating your entrails out
As a hungry vulture
No one can hear you
Your voice is paralyzed

Cutting and beating
Causing mass carnage
You wish not to be who you are

You can beg but you will not survive
I can't wait for your brain cells to die
When I cut off this head I despise
I can see that you're not more than flesh
Now you're dying you won't resurrect
On your knees for a god I reject
Decomposing and locked in your grave

Forever To Burn

Manipulating, controlling, vicious beast
Creating a false religion
Forever to live in pain
Forever to burn

Obeying swallowing slaves
Blinded by lies
The religion, so obscene
Ready for annihilation

They're having no right of surviving this game
Feeding my hate on their fast growing pain
No one will see that what's wrong will be right
Salvation comes in a slow way to die

Begging for mercy
Their god is deceased
Tortured in hell
For his hypocrisy

Forever to live in pain
Forever to burn

Your Blood Is Mine

Son of god, I'll slay you
It's time for reality
And for mankind to see
There's no truth in your words
The scars on your forehead
Are the proof of mass betrayal
Finally crowned to bleed
Sent to your final destiny

All the days of your existence
Weren't enough to take over my soul
I'll kill you instead : you vermin christ
The wounds on your skin
Infected, rotting
You don't feel the pain because your mind is bleeding

Your blood is mine

Veins sucked empty
Swallowing madness
Your words of salvation
Nothing but a lie

You will not convince me
You will not break me

Defending your fake identity

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