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Old Friends From Young Years | paroles / lyrics

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Old Friends From Young Years - Papa Roach

album  : Old Friends From Young Years
groupe : Papa Roach
sortie   : 1997

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The dumbasses know
That taking money is all good
But I know as well
That if they don't bring it they die
Welcome to the album !!!

Orange Drive Palms

I try
I lie
Someone's sphincter in my eye
Kick it with that rebel cat and
I want it to be that I'm feeling slightly down
I'm looking up from the ground
While confusion strains my mind
I contemplate this time
Thinking about a future
Hemming it with a suture
Dog shitting on the sign could the head below be mine
Remember the palms
Orange drive is where these palms lie
Making me sick
Making me want to get high under the palms

Liquid Quiet

This time I came to get mine
I saw this cat running with his hand on his 9mm
He's got a small peter
Got 2 kids and a wife plus he beats her
Nod ya head as if my shit was the dog catcher
P-Roach comin through sick
I'm gonna have to betcha my last dollar
That you come on back
You getting weak in the knees while you smokin the cess
Oh yes
Word to God I know his son is the best
He helps me out when I'm down or when I'm crazy ill stressed
I confess I'm not as good as the rest
But I get down for my crown and I don't crack under stress
But I'll be careful though cause the girl is memorizing
She takes off her clothes
And er body is mad surprising
Slangin Bangin
Her two breasts was firm and not hangin
Listen to this rhyme that I'm slangin
Hooked up with this girl
Her name is Kelly
For really
The hip hop body and a piercing through her belly
I knew she was mine when I saw her working on the line
Servin pasta & salad and she's still lookin fine
But enough of that though I give a shot out to Happy
He's partying down and getting props in this rap
See cause I'm the type of cracker that'll get straight down to beat that you hear
It's the Pee-Roach sound
Abused with forks
Knives Cut with razor blades
That shit is absurd
His temper's flaring
Now he's twice as mean
Now I am talking about this fool
Beats his wife thinks he's cool
She cries so hard
She's trembling
This time he beats her and he's twice as mean
Silence in her rage
She should recognize next time he is gone she should pack her bags and leave


I lie so you lie
But I think we've lied too many times
Hit the ceiling of our sky
Why bother my other and call for another
Opposite side I will freak out and come back
Not gone far enoughI know that I and you will
Sit as a picture
Gerber bottle is fixture
To the fit he was living
Was blown Captain of motherland
Laughed on by brother's hand
Gotta make that hook-up to come through
You didn't know you got lied to Hit the ceiling of the sky
You thought you could fly
But your wings are made of wax I cannot see you
You cannot see me
'Cause you're high
You're too good of a person


Slowly Breaking down feeling weak
Thinkin about the higher ground that I wish to seek
For safeness F
or realness I'll break it down simple for my people to hear this
'Cause my shit is for realness
For my people to hear this
Six years of age when I first got my rage
Father broke out
Then I turned a new page of my life
Then it was crazy
Thanx to my mom cause she stuck by to raise me
Since I was a baby
She stuck by to raise me
There is no sound
Coming up from the ground
No way
Not this time
Buried deep inside
There is no evidence
Feelings that I hide
Sometimes are too intense
In the dark
I think I'm nutty
Vicious swords of emotion slash
And leave me bloody I said you fucking die


Won't you join my powow
Won't you be my soul pal
Flyin like the birds
We ain't droppin no turds
We're freakin cause we're born to
Can you feel the vibe
You wanna dance to the beat
We won't drop you like a load Pee-Roach is not feeble
We ain't close to evil
We hip hop freaks
Like the 3B's People shown me trash I can't get with that
My Homey
Will is bustin out cause he's a freaked out cat I go on with the words like BillyJoeBob
Auction me off like a bicycle
Tricycle I'll knock you on the ground I'll hit you in the head
And you'll still be my friend I'm a dirtycutfreak
Livin in the fourth dimension
Not payin attention to the fools around me I sling fat rhymes see
Your head is bouncin up and down
All around
So high on life your feet
Can't reach the ground
Our music's not for
The weak at heart
Got the power from the flower
'Cause we never act hard
Just flowin on freakstyle
All the while I will go thousands of miles
To make your booty smile
I give peace and love to all my peoples
That's down and all my brothers & sisters
Wanna give them a pound

Living Room

[ Instrumental ]


I am scared
Because I think I'm scared of myself
My problems and faults
They lay upon a shelf
Bring it out with the shroom
I'm paranoid laying crouched in a room I will pushing
Away from a love that is close to me I'll go away
I need to be stable like my buddy with grey bell
Called up my mom
'Cause I know she was strong
Talked about Jesus, my daddy, and bongs
Aside from the world that I know
People and whatnot and girls that do blow
Brought back to childhood
Not close to feeling good
Go away


SimilacMy butt is black I beat my pee-pee till it's black
My balls are black I go to my friend's house to sleep at night
I try not to pee on myself
Watch out there's cameras on
Look at my ballsac
It's not my ballsac
I'm talkin about my dick
This shit is so wack I cannot hold my piss
I drown myself in piss on my best friend's couch
I could not stop peeing on myself
Watch out there's cameras on
Look at my ballsac
Mommy, I don't want to go to Billy's


I forgot what I am
See the and burn
Vomitnursespank shitpiss
Fisher price knows kids
test is a fucking mess
You lied to me I'm no alien

Shut Up N Die

Yo yo yo I feel right here slowly I'm breaking down feeling weak
I'm thinking about the higher ground I wish to seek
For the safeness for the realness
Aw break it down
Simple for my people to hear this for my people
Silent in the dark
I think I'm nutty with your swords of emotions slashing
And leave me bloodynow
I'm trippin my problems turn to battles
I'm up shit creek and guess what with out a paddle
6 years of age is when I first got my rage
My father broke out and then I turned a new page of my life
The change
But then I was crazy and thanks to my mom
Cuz she has stuck by to raise me
I was fighting all the time
But with god help realsing all my tension
Through my knockin my hand
I'm coming out
I'm a freaked out cat coming out stony
And wet gonna be picking it up for the boys
Who got slack in a band proach four fingers of a hand retarded
Shut up n die
Shut up n die
I said you fucking die

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