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Memoria Vetusta I (Fathers Of The Icy Age) | paroles / lyrics

Slaughterday (The Heathen Blood Of Ours)

It was a stormy night of winter, the wind was
cold and the moon was full
The warriors of the tyrant's army attacked
the village and slaughtered
our mothers, fathers, wives and sons
In the silence of our decimate tribe, we were alive;
The brothers were alive

Our memories were on fire under the seal of Maganst
"Earth, drink our tears of blood:
Mutilated corpses in our head, we ran away
Through the depths of the dark forest we wandered,
and fell in a dream of sorrow
The next morning, awaked by the coldness of the dawn
Some ravens encircled us and Ath the biggest
came near us

He talked to our soul in a very eerie tongue
And we could understand the ancient words of
the messenger of Dwarfh

Ancient nation of a dying realm, we hear your
song, she's flying in the wind'll never see the child
In the deepest sorrow, your tears are flowing
in your wounds'll never see the child
Dead in the realm of Frostthrone, let the blood
on the ground
Oh...we are the children.

On The Path Of Wolf... Towards Dwarfhill

We walked during one day in our
ancient land of wisdom
With Ath as guide, prince of messenger in the sky
Arrived in a blackened place lightened by
hundreds of wolves eyes
Ath, the biggest raven stopped and declared
in eerie tongue
"Follow the wolf in the forest...
(Beyond your reality)
Follow the wolf who knows the legend
Listen to the call of the purple river
(Beyond the human sense)
And observe the other side of the shore"

We left the darkness on wolf's tracks...
(God of forest)
Alone, on the way of our first initiation
We left the darkness on wolf's tracks...
(God among the men)

As for the river's purple water,
We left the voice of the mighty God of place

On the other side of the shore, Dwarfh awaited us
So, we took a bridge made of Gold and Jeweled
to join him

We floated in curiosity, with wolf in our heart
Under a new sky, in a land of pure beauty
In our veins, our blood was cold
Our soul filled with a strange quiet
We came near the shore
We came near our destiny...The old man was there
Listen to me
"I know every deatil about you and your
defunct trive
The stars know the disgrace of this kingdom
You'll get a revenge on the blood-thirsty man

Sons Of Wisdom, Master Of Elements

Months of fighting, months of ancestral wars
Weapon throned on tombstone
Strength throned on oath
Great warriors alive in the breath of an ancient wise
Stell with bastards flesh in our thoughts full of hatred
Ceremonial oath in memory
We praised in front of an eternal fire

Old man in cold wind offered us the pure alloy
...And ravens flew in the sky
...And wolves howled in the night

We called the natural forces of earth
We incoqued the God of Knowledge
The old man was initiated us
He taught us wisdom through the ages

Silently, a dark silouette crept...
A shade came near us and told:
"You possess the power of your fathers
...Fathers beyond the stars"

We called the natural forces of earth
We incoqued the God of Knowledge
We called the soul of the great army
We called the soul of death beyond clouds

In memory of our deceased brothers
We praised in front of an eternal fire

...And ravens flew in the sky
...And wolves howled in the night
Old man in cold wind offered us a great destiny

The Forsaken Voices Of The Ghostwood's Shadowy Realm

It was a frozen swamp where wandered some
malicious spirit
There was a funebre atmosphere and putrid
smell of sulphur
In the obscurity we could make out some
transparent silouettes
We were on the shadowy realm that some persons
called Ghostwood

Suddenly through the thick fog
We begun to hear a strange macabre serenade
The lugubrious choirs of the forsaken cursed spirits
"Don't listen to the chants of the soul in sorrow
They're like a trap to take you away from your path"

The voices of the ancient warriors became oppressive
More and more difficult to resist in the wood

We tried to put our fingers in our ears but it
was effectless
So, we took a piece of ice and plunged it into
our ears to cut out eardrums
Then, we were rid of the spirit's hold, free of
their harassment
Deafness was the price to pay
Deafness was the key
Deafness was the key to go out of the haunted
domain of ghostwood

Suddenly, through the thick fog; we were alone
We were alone with an eternal silence

The Territory Of Witches / Guardians Of The Dark Lake

We had to go through a mysterious land among
the twilight's creatures
It was the land of witches, guardians of the
dark lake enlighted by the moon

Trees there were the tallest of Frostthrone
In their trunks we could see the figures of the
dead bodies

Pure beauty of dangerous
Embraced the paleness of their skin
Pure beauty of their bloody dangerous

They suck the energy of every man
who fell in their trap
Vampyric creatures on a throne of bones,
We saw your true face in the flame of witchcraft
"Hate in their bloody eyes"

The trees became alive aorund us
We swung our swords in the wind
And we rushed in the fight to sow death with fury
Pure beauty of witches...their head rolled on the ground
Pure beauty of witches...their blood was sticky and as
dark as the night

Beheaded but still alive they laughted
They danced with madness under the moon
Tortured and dark soul in sorrow
Immortal wives

In a bath of malediction
We sent their dismembered bodies to the grim lake
Elements of creation, we call to thee

Fathers of winds, storms cold and frost
They create a blizzard on the land
Pagan Gods destroyed the order of guardians
They froze the lake's dark water

Pure beauty of witches emprisoned in a coffin of ice
Pure beauty of their bloody eyes immobilized
in the mirror of eternity

Day Of Revenge (The Impure Blood Of Theirs)

War! Revenge's day has come, let's spill
the blood of the bastard

In front of us the vast towers of the Maganst's
castle pierced the
nocturnal beauty of the starry sky
The rays of the fullmoon enlighted the sinister
gargolyes of stones

Power in our eyes, hate and blood in our veins
We were in the last battle
In honour of our pride and gods
We praised the steel of our mighty sword

Excited by the view of this bloody carnage
The wolves howled on the mountain of wisdom
Mistress of the mist, received all the dead

In the land of eternal twilight
We saw a great gap in the ground
Mother Earth, received all the corpses

Revenge's day has come, let's spill the blood of
the bastard

Human flesh of steel
Ancient nation we heard your song
We had your life in our veins
In memory of your cult, we crushed

The domain beyond the stars
Forest, land and sea beyond hate
Cried from freedom

Fathers Of The Icy Age

Fathers! From your mighty world
Fathers! We saw your tears of gold
Messengers in the night! We saw your drawing
in the sky
Wolves! We heard your song beyond the mountains

We eternally danced on the ruins, in a land of wisdom

In the name of forests
In the name of stars
In the name of all the seas
In the name of all storms

We praised the magical knowledge

We were on the wat of blood and fire
With a sea of corpses in the valley

In memory of our tribe we were alive
Proud sons of ancient nation
Proud sons of sacred song in the wind
Proud sons behind a mirror of ice who told
"Fathers of the icy age"
...In remembrance...

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