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Physicist | paroles / lyrics

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Physicist - Devin Townsend Band (The)

album  : Physicist
groupe : Devin Townsend Band (The)
sortie   : 2000

+ paroles Devin Townsend Band (The)
+ traduction Physicist


Follow the way
Follow the way
Holding mother
Follow the way
Follow the way
Knew we'd come through to stay
What have I learned ?
All life, it never goes away
You never will betray
When words have gone away
Remember Namaste
Follow the way
Follow the way
Holding father
Feeding the feeling of
Feeding the feeling of
"Oh my God"


How many times is it happening ?
Everything is happening
It happens right now
How many lives is it threatening ?
Every life is deep within
It threatens right now
I'm ready to go, I feel it
I'm ready to go, I feel it
I'm so alive!
I'm a spaceship superstar
How many times is it violent
Everything is so violent
It's violent right now
Everything is the same!
You cannot hurt me
I'm ready to go, I feel it
I'm ready to go, I feel it
I'm a spaceship superstar


Out of man and motor
Out of manic mode
This I swear, this I swear
This I swear to you
I've got one more ticket to ride
I've got one more "take 'em alive"
I've got one more reason to write
Give me one more try
Ah, these are the days
Let them roll as they roll
And be all you are
Because you're beautiful
Hear that truth again!


I wonder why I wonder why
I've come undone
O.K., I know I missed it
The point I mean, I missed it good
And if I could
Good God I would
Now I've seen the way it's headed
Down and down, the truth descended
Have it here and without worry
Baby please, there is no hurry
I'm fine
Stay with me
Play with me
Ego, it's only a soul
Now I see the way I'm headed
Down and down, the youth descended
Hell is here, but it hath no fury
Like this woman still, there is no worry
I'm fine
Stay with me
Play with me
Without warning, brain is burning


Help me
Help me
Save me from myself...
I'm feeling older
I feel it all
Opened up to love
I never want it to stop
I'm riding the red line
Why can't you stop this thing ?
..I know...
I want to go faster
Why can't it go faster ?
..oh God, why can't it move faster...
What's your hurry ?
..home grown Surrey weed!!!


[ Instrumental ]

The Complex

Falling, watching ships go down
Falling, watch it all go down
Falling out of line
Falling out of time
More than meets the eye
Murder needs your mind
Watching, watch it all flow down
Falling, watch it all go down
Following by sight
Following through night
More than a keen eye
Murder needs you
And you're not the only one
And this battle must be won
When the seed is in the ground
You will see what you have found
So let them burn, so let them fires burn
(It's tattooed on my face)
So let them burn, just let them go
And you're not the only one, child
Many battle have been won, child
Beyond the sea be on the ground
You will seize or you will drown
(It's always on my mind)

Irish Maiden

The rain is one
Of earth and sun
For you and me and everyone
The move is on
The way is long
The pain is here but still we carry on


I know you
At least I think I do
Everything's changed
But in the days that are so dark
It's wonderful
Silently we let our worries be
Quietly we give our souls to the sea
But I never had a chance to say goodbye
I never had a chance to end it all

Planet Rain

What have we learned ?
From this wee exercise
Where do we go ?
Now that it's over
What do we say ?
What are we doing here ?
Everything's changed
Everything's stayed the same
But it's quiet now, quiet now
Cause it's the end of the world
What if we've changed ?
What if we're finished here
Can we be saved ?
Does anybody even care ?
So many dream
So many make the grade
So many fail
So many fade away
Show you've a soul by crying
Sorry, already
I'm so sorry
So sorry
I know now
So slow down
I'm sorry
I'm sorry
I'm sorry


[ Instrumental ]

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