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Extreme Aggression | paroles / lyrics

Extreme Aggression

Extreme aggression
From an extremely insane mind
Resting unconscious
Pushed up by white lines
Inhuman violence
I never thought it would come this far
Sadistic intensions
My greed for blood is growing more
And more


Extreme aggressions
Seeing you suffer bring pleasure to me
Extreme aggressions
My aggressions became to extreme to be
Kept under control

From the darkest part of my brain
I still can't believe it
I'm really insane
I heard you pleading
But no one hears the screams
Of this soul of mine


Society, what have you done to me
Society, bring you to your knees

Once before I die
Now that I have lost the will to live
Once before I die
I'll take revenge on
Those who's led me to

Extreme aggressions
My emotions, twisted by your lies
Extreme aggressions
Condemned my soul to hell for all time

No Reason To Exist

Growing up like any other child
Like millions of others before
A statistic living exactly
By the norm
Don't need to think about
Future now
It's already decided for you
You have all you need
So don't ask for more


Existing like the rest
In endless emptiness
Manipulated slaves
From the womb until the grave
You never had a chance
They put you in a trance
Against your will

No reason to exist
Life is controlled
No way to resist
No reason to exist
There has to be a reason to exist

Year by year and day by day
You feel the need to escape
You realize that you're
Not the same
But you're too uncertain
To make a step
Away from their false truth
But remember how fast you
Lose the years of youth

Love Us Or Hate Us

Don't try to tell us
What is right for us
We don't give a fuck anyway
Don't try to steal
Imagination from us
Things we believe
We will never betray

Those who has the power to
Suck us dry - throw us away
Those who never could create
Destroy the music of today
Those devoid of any feeling
Those who make the compromise
Betray themselves to make a deal
Sell their soul at any price

Sounds without feeling,
Energy of agressions
From money hungry brains
And not from the heart
Fortune, fame and glory
Are their obssessions
Salesman, deaf to music
Blind to art

No honesty, just sterility
A cautious sound they make
Without creativity
It's still the same
As another age
When they took the words
Of truth and put them
To a flame


No more
Love us or hate us
No more
Love us or hate us

Some have eyes
And still can't see
Their plastic noise is
Anything but music to me
Mechanized and computerized
Switch off your brain and
Make sounds that dehumanize


Don't try to take our dreams
Away from us
We will never be like you
Love us or hate us
It doesn't matter to me
We don't want to be a part
Of this sick society

Those who have a passion to
Will never change our way of life
We may not think the way you do
But we know that we are right
Those who want to form a world
Of friends and monotony
Have to do it without us
Cause we always be free

Stream Of Consciousness

There is no difference
Between death and life
Just a circle to be
Closed by time
Creatures comforts in this
Earthly plane
Have become more hallowed
Than wisdom today


In the stream of consciousness
We cannot see the truth
Play your role so perfectly
No matter which life we choose

Emotional terror confusing
Our minds
Love and hate keeping us blind
Pretend death is the
End of the line
Expect reward in paradise

[r?p?ter refrain]

Living in an ice age,
Emotions gone numb
The truth once so near
But now so far away
So turn another page
Get our daily work done
All the nightmares are clear
And happening today

Mindless fools obey all rules
Lost all worth, born to serve

Emotinal terror confusing
Our minds
Hate and love is keeping us blind
Creature comforts in this
Earthly plane
Have become more hallowed
Than wisdom today

There is no differnce between
Death and life
Just a circle to be
Closed by time
Pretend death is
The end of the line

Some Pain Will Last

Intence devastation of nature
Constructing a future for a man
The world is sold dirt cheap
For promises no one can ever keep
There is no hope , just decay
Creation leads only to chaos

The very first years of your life
Mother makes things right
But soon you just cannot deny
This is only a lie
We live in a world of
Hate and deceit,
Corruption and greed
Just wait my friend, you will see
Misery's coming your way, horror
And pain reserved for you


Some pain will last, last forever

Etrnal slaves of morbid minds
Helpless and blind
Dealers of heartless opression
Controlling mankind
Resistence is quelled, it's birth
Incomplete, nochance to succeed

And those, those who don't care
If you live or die
Are nver around to shoulder the blame


Time, time flies fast you will feel
Still a child tomorrow you'll be
A man full of hopes and dreams
Dreams are destroyed easily

Prepare, prepare for some pain
Planned and arranged for so long
Chemical mutants arise
A genrations born just to die
Born just to die, whole generation
Born just to die!


This is a song in which
I use to describe what I feel
About people like you
No sense for humanity,
No idea about life
This premise has been proved
You used my trust to
Satisfy your brainless lust
Your word isn't worth
Than puke in a dust



Misleader, you twisted things
To satisfy
Deceiver, this greedy lust
You can't deny
How could I be so nave
To believe all the lies
You so easily told
I think I've learned my lesson
Too late
The story took time to unfold
Now I see your true face
Behind your mask, a cheat, a fake
Your word isn't worth than
Puke in a dust


Ignorant twisted mind, maybe it
Would help
To think before you speak
From time to time
Pretend to be a friend of mine
But you would see
Your mother if you could
For less than a dime

Intelligence lost, brain deseased,
So you will loose,
Fall to your kness
Guys like you I cannot stand
Maybe I must speak
Another language
Before you understand

Don't Trust

The only truth I've ever heard
Is the truth I've spoken myself
A pack of lies is all I get from
Anybody else
Experience shows that I'm right
So be careful what you choose to


You can't believe in nothing
Insane to trust in anything
So I don't trust in no one
But myself

What happened to your honesty
Did it take a back seat
To your greed
Forgotten cause you've
Found out you need to live a lie
And if you question why you have
A future without security
Just fear and lies and terror
No one can tell you why

Synthetic creatures ordered
And numbered
Unsympathic to everyone
Death of intelligence and
Preordained from death to day one

Lost trust in the future
Lost faith in prophecies
Lost truth in government promices
Lost hope for honesty

Bringer Of Torture

Young girl so sweet
And once so innocent
Your life so brutal,
True emotions suppressed
You scream , but he won't
Hear a word till
He's had his away
Victim of the cruelest
Kind of love

Against his urges there's
No defence
The one who gave you life
Stole your innocence
You want to be at any cost
But you're chained by the shame
And everything seems to be lost


Bringer of torture

You're not afraid of dying
Nothing could be worse
Than this life
You're terrified of the pain
The pain that returns
With the night


Insanity and terror,
Hand and hand
Till childhood dreams
Comes to an end
The situation, so vile and insane,
Will never be over
He's coming back again,
Again and again

Fatal Energy

Lies, I can't stand these
Lies anymore
These tells about
A better world
A better world for you and me
Hate, our hate is growing,
That's for sure
Future thoughts till us with rage
Uncertainty about our fate

Cry out in fear of the future
Cry out in fear of the unknown
Cry out in fear of our planet
That the human race calls
It's own


And the gods are watching
From lofty places
Indifferent to you and me
I wonder if their
Creations can handle
The violent forces
Of fatal energy

Violence, cruel violence,
In the minds of all
The killer instinct
Is still intact
It never leaves our minds alone
Greed, our greed will
Cause us to fall
Destroy the land of unborn sons
I hear them cry, I hear them call

Screaming in desperation
Screaming from hunger and pain
Scream for relife from this misery
Searching for someone to blame


Easy, it's so easy to control
Our fate
Turn the world into a bomb
That destiny will detonate
Tomorrow, tomorrow it will be to late
When the children cry
In the fear of death
A horrid death they can't escape

Crying tears of confusion
Crying for they don't understand
Crying because their young lives
Will be taken by their creator's

And the gods are watching
From lofty places
Indifferent to you and me
The test is through, the human race
Destroyed by the fatal energy

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