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Sorrow Throughout The Nine Worlds | paroles / lyrics

Sorrow Throughtout The Nine Worlds

(Balder) Nightmares
Demons haunt my taunted mind
I'm scared
My death's forseen ungloryful
Plase Father
Make my demons disappear
Please Mother
Death is everywhere

(Odin) My son I've seen your fear
I have felt your pain
No harm will come to you
An oath has been sworn

(Balder) The evil forces around us
Still wants to destroy me
Who is the evil slayer
I cannot see

Loke the deceitful God
Discover the arrow of death

Pointed for the Hoder the blind
by the jealous Loke
The arrow cut through the skin
And into the heart of the bright one

Silence spread throughout the hall Aesir
As the God of Light fe to his knees dying!

Sorrow throughout the nine worlds
The bright God is gone
Sent to Nifelheim by the deceitful...

The Arrival Of The Fimbul Winter

The bleak fimbul winter arrived
Raging across the world
With a fury that defied the memory of man
Terrible wars where fought,
the like had never been seen
Men slew without a thought
The ties of kinship were no more

Skoll and Hati, the ravenous wolves
Arose and devoured the sun and the moon
Darkness descended upon the earth
And the stars fell from the skies
Loud blows heimdall the horne's in the air
Odin quests the head of Mim
Now shakes the holy ash where it stands
The ancient tree moans, Fenris breaks free

How are the Aesir ?
How are the Alves ?
Loud sounds Joutunheim
Aesir comprise
By the stonedoors dwarfs are moaning
The mountains wise men
Know you now or not ?

With his shield at hand
Hrym travels from the east
The serpant is turning, enormous in rage

The serpant breaks the waves
The eagle screams
Nidhoggs tearing corpses
Free comes Nagelfar

Loke leads the legions of the dead
In holy war
Against the justice made by Aesir

Burning Creation

Surtur comes from the south
With red hot fire wargods swords
shines like the sun
Mountains breaks, men on hel-road
The heaven crumbles, Ragnarok is at hand

Then to Hlin appears
Another grief when Odin goes to fight
The evil Fenris
And the brave and glory Frey
goes against Surtur
Then will Friggs beloved one die
Vidar,Odin's mighty son,
he will come to slay the wolf
The sword runs into the
heart of Hverdrungs son
So he avenges his father

So comes Llodyns noble son
Thor he goes to fight the snake
In anger he slays the guardian of Midgaard
Nine steps dying walks Odin's son
Away from the snake who misdeeds not fear
Dying from it venom

When all are gone
Only Surtur remained
Passing his hand of fire
across the whole world
Consuming all of creation

The Mighty Doors Of The Speargod's Hall

A battle on a distant shore
Seawolves' wrath sweeps the land
Down from the sky Valkyries ride
And walk the field, hallowed by Tyr

The fight is hard, axes swung
Swords bite sharp, men are slain
The ground turns red, blood-soaked field
Dead man's last bed and Oden sees

Vikings fall, in blood they lie
The web of Horns
They've met their fate
With shield and sword
They're brought in pride
To mighty doors of the Speargod's hall

The gates open and into the hall of braves
They silently walk
The one-eyed sits in glory might
Raises his cup and says:

"Pl vida faltet
Harman svingat
Det blankat svardet
Oeh banen mott
Till den hoges sal
De i ara forts
Oeh vid mjodet hor
Oden kvada"

Dawn breaks. The Einherjer goes to
Relive their last fight
With passion, swords held high
As they ride in the morning mist

The sun warms the air
War cries sound
"Tor Hjelpe!"
The battle begins

Charging horses with fire in breath
Rush to battle - in glory die!

Swords sing in joy
Again they cut
With shining edges
Blood-stained steel

Axes shine, again they're swung
Ripping flesh - death be done

The cold night comes
With charging darkness
To Oden's hall
The Einherjer return

A feast awaits until the next day
When warriors' eyes again shall burn

Under The Grayclouded Winter Sky

Grey clouds - cover the winter sky
Cold snow - falls like autumn leaves to the ground

The icy wind
Pierces the skin of waiting warriors
Like spears
Will pierce their bodies in battle

Beards on pale grey faces
Eyes of death
Are burning with rage

Glancing across the fields of Tyr
In the early morning light

Grey clouds - cover the winter sky
Cold snow - falls like autumn leaves to the ground

The icy wind
Pierces the skin of waiting warriors
Like spears
Will pierce their bodies in battle

War cries break the silent wait
Charging warriors rush to kill
Swords are swung in the air
The gods of war are called

Vikings with fire in soul
Clash on the open field
Slaying with powerful strokes
The snow is turning red

Hooves gallop the plains
Warlords on horsebacks
Ride into battle
With a thunderous roar

The storm wind of death
Blows across the field
Sweeping with it
Everything in its way

So the battle settles
Alone stands just one man
Under the grey-clouded winter sky - alone...

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