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Miss Machine | paroles / lyrics

Panasonic Youth

We wrote these plans took the order the architecture and followed them to the end until the gears ground cold and
relentless there was no remorse we had none we kept on with no trace of a regret I never saw any blood no soul for the
body watch them turn her scab covered skin into stone like a coal in the sky searching for the dawn for the last time
bloated with white eyes wide we've come to an understanding you lose I profit high noon and there ain't no secrets no more
excuses now our number's up let them lead us by the throat now just smile while the rope pulls tighter guilty is an
understatement the hourglass is never right side up and all the time we try to tear the script up forgetting all the sour
for the sweet the paragraph has never been so empty the mother dies with infant in arms the lifeless test tube, look what
she's done evolution gave us a clock that's always winding down

Sunshine The Werewolf

Cry your eyes bloodshot while there's still time 'cause soon it's gone and you'll be so shocked one queen-sized coffin
that was built for two is your death bed it belongs to you tease me baby please me with the fresh disease hope riding on a
bullet alive tonight you know we couldn't get it right come save your life tonight you know we'll never get it right don't
try to swim to shore because you can't go back say three words like they're the last you'll speak curtains drop concealing
appearances of heaven destroyer they'll be another just like you you're not the only one I'm not the only one watching the
fallout fly back up walking where time stands still see how our love kills dropping curtains down concealing appearances
of heaven without my existence you are nothing without my affection you wilt we fucked like a nuclear war release...fuck
off see how I let you down watching fallout fly back up

Highway Robbery

You'd never imagine us bringing a loaded gun to the ballroom this party's about to kick off tonight is the wrong night
the devil's own are only starting up the first round of the fight so hang on tight dear mother the needle is jabbing the
womb draw back and release this child of disease this mob is a riot the outlaw youth are only emptying the first round of
the night 'cause everything's not alright I suppose you thought you had our hands behind our backs wool over our eyes now
your pulse is in my palm and you stand hands to mouth wearing your disguise it's pretty apparent this boy is a curse the
christ of the moment so blow him away hey come on and take the new number if you're next in line then kid I got a really
big fucking surprise there won't be a next time

Van Damsel

Surprise! it's not what you thought as it runs a dead stop light you're the fool and we won't look back let's tie those
ankles to the railroad don't stop to catch your breath I bet your foresight never saw this train wreck is right on time a
fucking punk rock prostitute pick the open vein to shreds you should know that you're my death wish bible thumping steeple
fuck you are the worst of all scum we were young and we were god far away from us now we don't want it, what you've got we
don't want it and you've got it she took my hand but I never took hers

Phone Home

Take fire out of heaven's clenched fist cracks slip between my desire to keep your broken heart bleeding just hold tight
and tell another fucking joke to pacify the urge for suicide you know it won't keep waiting so say goodbye 'cause I never
want to hear another word about you and I you never stop now we started out just running out spreading like
wings and we are one I pulled you right out of the gutter when I could have bee lined we started out just running out
spreading like wings and what were we supposed to do ?
You belong to me and what are we supposed to do ?
Suck it in, spit it
out you know that two's a crowd ?
Expectant mother's stillborn baby beauty cries aloud and tries to tell you what I'm about
now don't you worry about a little thing like this it only hurts just a bit I promise I'm going to take you a mile high so
don't you cry 'cause it'll just be baby baby baby nonstop until the end of the night so keep your mouth shut I can tell
you're a good fuck just by the way you wear that innocent look don't you know that enough is never enough I made you now you are property I
can't discard

We Are The Storm

Well they said we'd tear ourselves apart and it turns out they were right 'cause I've never seen you so weak and so far
out of breath and I never saw the tide rise so high so fast watch this pawn capture the queen white picket drive-by gargle
the stench the storm brings you'll never get enough watch this pawn capture the queen now I can't shake you but I can't
take you empty skin bag you're my cum rag and now the flood gates overflow now I see that too much is not enough no this
game has been playing for too long yeah you did it did you get enough ?
My sweet child of fire this love affair is so lost
this love affair is so lost cut through the sea this pendulum swings near to me we are the storm so take your ship to port
oh it's time to let it go right now it's time to let it go 'cause this feels like half a million years and I know you feel
the same way I do don't you well you turned this leak into a riptide your mess - clean it up 'cause we won't be watching
these stars no more no more well they said we'd tear ourselves apart and it turns out they were right

Crutch Field Tongs

[ Instrumental ]

Setting Fire To Sleeping Giants

First off let me say you look so tired... rest your head and shut your eyes empty ambition blankets the sky... I'm
thinking 'bout another world tonight so drop the gown the game's over just push your face into the fight and it breaks my
heart like dancing up all night ride so high we both start thinking 'bout another world tonight and it feels so wrong like
nothing we've ever felt before the stranger's candy takes you where you ought to be in broken alleys in the back of every
street close your eyes tonight baby you can have it ooh baby gnaw me down to the bone soon you'll find I'm never gonna
take you back home well there's so much you never told me and there's not much I want to know 'cause your pretty face will
do just fine you'll be the star of my every last show let's go for a long ride I'll show you places you won't ever want to
leave the stranger's candy takes you where you ought to be in broken alleys in the back of every street tonight we could
bring it all down we could bring it all down they think this body's a dead note dancing to the beat but they'll never see this corpse coming
'till it kills them

Baby's First Coffin

Dear god protect us come on blackest heart she stares forever and then some never again polished barb wire smile tricks
and treats she's done so cut her again gut her again silence tells us we're damned jesus we've gone and done it again
jimmy's got a new gun in his hand you're being a liar I'm stealing the show you're being a liar I'm ready to go how could
you doubt we would ever find out the emperor is dead goodbye to god dead so long embrace defeat you know we both agreed to
it stick the diamond to it gust of wind to the face never returning favors take the prison to the man I could promise the
world if we could travel through time don't back out on me now relax and remember the promise of the sign I wish you could
see yourself now you look at me like a child the way you glide across the room instrument of seduction let go of it
rapunzel let it down wait for the signal then bring it down with a smile now become the conductor the way you slide across
the room how wonderful the connection did the last kiss still taste as good as the first or is this just the opening scene of a new play I look
at you like a child but not at all like you looked at me but grace is already dead now is the time to come and face the
master you should never say yes when you really mean no


Is the can half diseased or is the disease half canned and is the man half machine or is the machine half man I'm
unretrofied for you I'll just fake it in the end just save it for a new song and leave dead in the end time is wasted in
the end wood paneled wagon carpool dragons killing me again now they're looting our holes until there is nothing left
calloused intentions it seems, coward's invention at best I'm unretrofied for you jesus can't play the music 'caused he's
nailed to the cross and over gnawed off feet I find that I can't walk I can't even walk we're all dead

Perfect Design

Motions that make gods cringe running in circles as fast as we can take what you can 'cause now it's all over run hot and
cold to break the skin and we won't take no for an answer for just when the door slams the pill drops oh my sweet
unknowing partner the perfect design the pill drops so start the silent dance slumping silhouette unforgiving hands
harboring regret play it just once more for old times know you're all I ever wanted know you're
all I'll ever want how we laughed when we first saw each other... how you screamed when I saw your eyes melting... this is
the end of every rainbow and now your face shatters every waking second

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