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Multinational Corporations

Multinational corporations
Genocide of the starving nations

Instinct Of Survival

Advertise the product you make
Never give but always take
Kill and lie for security
Your shit on supermarket shelves to see

Instinct of survival

The multinational corporations
Makes its profit from the starving nations
Indigenous peoples become their slaves
From their births into their graves

The multinational corporations
Makes its profit from the starving nations
Another product for you to buy
You'll keep paying until you die

The Kill

There's nothing to gain
You have just been led

The kill, after death, the kill

The shit you were promised
Means nothing now you're dead

The kill, after death, the kill


In your mind
Nothing but fear
You can't face life
Or believe death's near

A vision of life
On television screens
An existence created
From empty dreams

Hide behind T.V.
Hide behind life
You should be living
But you only survive

Life holds nothing
But pain and death
Don't look for love
There is none left

Caught...In A Dream

Surrounding spectacle
To occupy curiosity
Nullifies the need
To face reality

Forms of escapism
And entertainment
Occupy & disable thought

Polluted Minds

They not only pollute the air
They pollute our minds
They're destroying the earth
And destroying mankind

Polluted minds
Kill mankind

They don't give a shit
Long as profits are high
They don't give a shit
If people die

Polluted minds
Kill mankind


I've been deceived
By my friends
And this is where
Our "friendship" ends

Sacrificed, sacrificed
Sacrificed, your soul sacrificed

The thoughts I had
Are now denied
And one day soon
I hope you DIE

Siege Of Power

Siege of power
In your land
Too many problems
For you to understand
Siege of power
Inside your mind
Outward restrictions
To keep you in line

Siege of power - in your land
Too many problems - for you to understand
A slave of their power - you never question why
Your going to suffer - you're going to die

Siege of power - inside your mind
Outward restrictions - to keep you in line
You're a slave of their power - you never questioned why
You were made to suffer - you were born to die

Siege of power
They made you a tool
While others were ruling
You were being ruled


There is a fascist
Inside of you
Controlling your life
And what you do

Fascist control

There is a fascist
Inside your head
Controlling your thoughts
Until your death

Fascist control

Born On Your Knees

Born on your knees
Life in chains
A slow death
Into your graves

Born on your knees

Born on your knees
Life of pain
Existence restricted
By material gains

Born on your knees
You fucking asshole

Born on your knees
Conditioned blind
Crawling to death
Revenge for your crime

Born on your knees

Born on your knees
From the womb torn
Live in chains
And die as you were born

Born on your knees

Human Garbage

Paid to obey
Forced to be silent

Human garbage
To be destroyed

Submit to darkness
Forced to conform

Human garbage
To be destroyed

Your mind is dead
Your thoughts are void

Human garbage
To be destroyed

You Suffer

You suffer...
But why ?

Life ?

Brought into this emptiness
Never hope or choice
Emotionless and cold
This is life ?

Illusions shattered
An existence of lies
A constant struggle
Freedom denied

At their feet - submission
No sanctuary in death
Drugged up, fucked up
Is that all you're worth ?

Prison Without Walls

Trapped - inside your head
Insular, living dead

Existing for a purpose you'll never find
Inducements, distortions command your mind

External sources maintain control
Programmed existence, fulfill your role

You've got a brain, shake off the reins
Smash the shackles, break the chains

Point Of No Return

Systematic rape of nature
Profit precedes need
Maintaining economic stature
Steal the fruit yet leave no seed

And of future generations ?
What of their inheritance
A world of contamination
Poisoned by our ignorance

Oblivious to reality
Conscience spurned
Beyond the point of no return

Negative Approach

Nothing I can say
That hasn't already been said
Generic words & thoughts
Similarly expressed

This primitive stance
Feelings of angst
Matters relating
To circumstance

"Unfounded action -
just part of the faction"
Conform ?
I wouldn't give you
The satisfaction

Success ?

Climb the ladder, your security
Upward social mobility

Consume the lies "It's what you need"
Vicious circle of mindless greed

Where is your success gained from ?
What of the lives you're shat upon ?
Caught in the web you'll play the game
An artifical life but who's to blame ?


Becoming weary of your lies
You disguise the truth belies

Only fooling yourself

Pretend to bite the hand that feeds
But you won't discard your security

The transparency of your fantasy

C.S. (Conservative Shithead)

Devoid and blind
All compassion nullified

Paragon of virtue
(Paragon of shit)


Permissive slaves
To their methods of greed
From our needs
The leeches feed

When will you see ?
We'll never be free
While we sanction
This plutocracy

Pseudo Youth

Same pre-determinated
Pattern, game, rules

How long can you hide the truth

Now you've settled down
Reflected on your past
The pose, the look, the stance
All part of the act

Divine Death

Cleansing impurity
Seizure of insecurity

Divine death

Individuality disabled
Blinded by fables

Divine death

Easy prey
You will pay
Mourn life's loss
Rotting on that cross

Divine death

As The Machine Rolls On...

Hiding behind symbols
Plenty of questions
(And no solutions)

Visions of change
A mere illusion
Futile dreams
Of revolution

Flows of rhetoric
Won't influence change
Their will is subdued
Their minds enslaved

Common Enemy

Senseless in-fighting

"United we stand
Divided we fall"
The common enemy that overshadows us all

Moral Crusade

A superiority complex
Pious, holy to the hilt
Outwards displays of cleanliness
Masking inner feelings of hate and guilt

Your morality is hypocrisy
Obsessive self-esteem
Enforcing your ideals
Your puritanical dream

Gather your flock
Gullible fools
Dictate restrictions


Blissfully ignorant
Content and unaware
Not your problem
Why should you care ?

Not normal
An easy target for release
Infected from birth
This sickening disease

You sanctimonious slime
Understanding discarded
The truth is clear
It's you that's retarded


Stark, bleak, wasted

When ?

All life
Totally annihilated


Does it have to be this way
Is this the price we're gonna pay ?


The ascension of human intelligence
To atomic genocide

Homo Sapiens = the disease the cause the pollution
Erase the aeons of evolutions

Pushed too far, just a matter of time
Seemingly nothing to halt the tide...

...Except the end - accept the end ?

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