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Unloved And Weeded Out | paroles / lyrics


My faith runs thinner than water
for every wish had a name and every heart had a fracture
With every fear there was someone, somwhere
who loved before, who hoped before
Someone who cried out ten thousand oceans
and someone who bled out the evening in search of you
They carried hope thick in their visions
and they held you deep in their chests
You said this would be nimble and painless
I'm sorry, that's not what i have found
Devil stay away from me

Flowers And Razorwire

Neck deep we wallow and this floor catches lingering feet
By rope with heartbreak this is our happiest moment of all
We dream of flowers on the razorwire
and wake to the scent of our dead
We're sinking
And all of those times don't matter here
Remember my love
this is for the sinking and the strength of our wings
Be brave and bleed out the day
We left our body for the sky and ended up here
Listen to me, don't let them list your feet
Our love is real


In the dark of our longest nights, we fall apart
Waiting for our end before it begins, we fall apart


For words, two minutes, three years for my fingertips to grow numb
Could this be the moment when the "finally" becomes the "wish i could" ?
Desperation and outstreched memories, now i see you onlin in the bad dreams
I never reset, i only see you in the bad dreams
Let me explain
Close enough to feel your words, far enough to read your flesh

For You

And I cannot stop shaking, you cannot stop shaking
And these chords they are trembling because your words they are bleeding
These holes in my hands are for you, just for you
She called out to her marker to now be her saviour
My love, these holes in my hands are for you, just for you

Jacob's Ladder

To say that all of those words meant something
would be to say that your petty wars killed everything
And i wonder if we ever had one of those moments
because i cant count the times
I tried to cut away the dead, hoping to grow up again
How much i tried to kill the smiling boy
The burden of falling out of the womb
How much "not enough" i ever recieved
I will solve these dreams before i wake up this time
This loss wighs, it will always weigh


Just want to cut the cables and let my face fall to the ground
It has been so long since i was two
Expression equals the end
Unleash the dam, I am sorry you must drown
Time to show you who lies within the body of lies
Let them feel the fire within my lungs
I was born of you but I am only me
Engage me, I am locked
Hope is this first sigh of defeat
Undo it, slash and burn me
Help me find my halo in a haystack

Towing Jehovah

Well worn wings crumble
too tired to forgive and too battered to ever forget
I am the labour I am this
I hang as your beloved hex
I'll bring the nails and fevers of bad dreams
Nail him
Burden her
Kill you
Bury them
Its all the same
Great leveller, try to forget my nameon a day like this
Holding your rope, try to forget me now

The High Cost Of Playing God

Falling head over heals for burden and bright light
A high cost of playing god i guess
Please, tell me how to survive in this
The unforgiving role of seeing too much
under the dead wake of morning
Im finding solace in a diseased heart
and im finding love in acts of desperation
You're no angel my friend, your no angel
And here we are teetering on the edge of tired departure
and there you are with a blessing from below
With one drop for every callous ending
and one drop for every un-granted wish
Spare me the day when I discover a new found low

When Forever Comes Crashing

For the swarms come and reap your day dreams of love and hope
For the frears and blood stains faith are woven in her yearn for war
And the sadder song of broken wings
hard through the battered pavement among this city
Deafending, it betrays me in the sweetest of dreams
These moments can't avoid you
Tonight the lonesome sky opens wide
Forgive me
2 AM - My city lights burn bright as day
catching the flattering silhouettes of the tired and the damned
Here I am tapped clean out of respect
and walking waist deep in ruin
If this is need then I never wanted you
Your love was paralysing
This is a momument to our everything
before our forever comes crashing
I loved you

Year Of The Swine

You carry the loyalty of dogs
so you shall be led to the slaughter as swine
It all seemed so real when you whispered
adorned with the best of intentions
Bleeding softly
It's late and my ears can't listen
and there is no one to lift me to my feet
But still I dream of you
twisting and contorting beneath a garbage bag veil
And this is how it ends
Pretty and black as the soul
Just for one split instant I want to be the lucky one
Not to have the pleasure
of tasting the salt of my own tears when we kiss


I can tell by the weight of your words that this is over
All the should've but could'ves can no longer be
This is the second death in the exquisite art of forgetting
and i promise this to you i'll burn the devotion clean
Filling every hole in my heart
All of these melancholy moments can sometimes sink
Everything you were is fiction, everything you are is fiction
And if you see me chin down and toungue tied
this is all ihave to offer
I thought i'd never be asking
This is my last laugh in this place of dying
And for you. this is the last goodbye you'll ever here
It's not suppose to end like this

Locust Reign

Awaken from the bliss of sleep
The daybreak haunts you in such a subtle light
I hear them. they tell me these roads we have travelled fork up beyond the bend
Beneath the flutter of desperate wings
they sing a song of reclamation
Where tomorrow's hanging horizon
interrupts the hum of electrical towers
Here, there are the shallow graves, the shallower romances
and the shallowest of words still to be spoken
and there you are with open ears
Locust reign on your parade

This Is Mine

And the clouds they break above our best intentions
The rain it pours upon our last kiss
Somewhere between the stinging sheets of city rain
and the thunderclap, we see who we are
And this is all I have, this is all we are
The ground shakes with your every smile
And hearts are crushed in an instant
The rain it pours upon our last kiss
Somewhere between the stinging sheets of city rain
and the thunderclap, we see who we are
Three years then four days, and one sentence later
I rise from ruin, this is all I have, this is mine
Today, I rise from ruin

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