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Their System Doesn't Work For You | paroles / lyrics

I Can't Stand Being With You

Everything that you did
Everything that you said
You may as well be down at the mall
cause that's no different, than being at the bar

I saw that look in your eyes
It made me realize
that you changed, changed from what you were,
and now you're no better than a pop culture whore

I can't stand being with you
I can't stand the bar scene you're in too
Can't you see what you've become,
It's every fucking thing
that you swore you'd always snub
I can't stand being with, being with...

Sit there like all the old fools
perched up high on your bar stool
One day you told me, "I'll never be like them..."
but I don't see a difference from the outside looking in

All the punks at the bar
like they could start up a war
Revolution plotted in a bottle,
the thought makes the laugh and 1 turn on some Nirvana

I can't stand being with you
And I can't stand the drugs scene you're in too
Can't you see that what you've become.
It's every fucking thing
that you swore you'd always snub?
I can't stand being, being with you!

Their System Doesn't Work For You

One day while sitting in my room
you came in preaching
your words predieting doom
You've never once been
happy with me,
because I not
what you want me to be...No!

You tried to teach me
to pray and go to school
You tried to teach me
to be the system's tool
But you missed
What I was smart enough to see
that their system doesn't work
for you or me

Oh... Don't believe what they say is true
Oh... Their system doesn't work for you
Oh... You can be what you want to be
Oh... Don't have to choose
to join the corporate army

For god and country give up your life,
Don't try to figure out what's wrong or right
you never tried to stop, to look, to see
that you're exactly what you're told to be

You did everything fucking right
you followed the system's guiding light
And now you bitch to me
to fucking get a job
when you don't like
the life you've got

Don't have to choose
to join their corporate army X2
Your choice...X8

We've Got His Gun

Dad keeps a gun in the drawer in his room
My best friend is coming over to play
We've got his gun
We've having fun
Trying to find where the bad guys are
I pull the trigger and shoot my friend oh no

Oh no 4X

Run in the house grab the phone and call for help
They said "hold on we'll be right there"
Now Help has come
They've got the gun
Try to bring him back to life
But it's too late
he is dead oh no...

I've watched the news
For many years
This happens every week
This happens in your town
Don't keep a gun in your house X2

Oh no X4

Born To Die

He knew he was gonna get it bad
as his dad bailed him out of jail
leading him from the station.
by a handful of his hair He said
"i don't know what to do with you boy,
I just don't understand?!?!
what the hell makes you act like this?"
and looking back this lost punk said,
he said
"I found it dad,
I found the meaning of life
You're only born so you can die."

She was showered with money
She was showered with jewels
But her dad beat on her every day and night
and there was nothing she could do
She cut her wrists at seventeen,
everyone wondered why
she had it all,
she was rich and pretty,
but alone cach night she'd cry...

She found it now,
She found the meaning of life
you're only born so you can die

They found it now,
they found the meaning of life
you're only born so you can die X2

The Truth

They feed us brainrot, and tell us that it's true
Dan Rather is reporting something but it isn't news
It's molded, and folded, and beamed into your home
The next minute you find yourself dying for fucking oil...

Immediate - Reaction, to the brainrot in your mind
Immediate - Subtraction, to the time left in your life
Immediate - Reaction, to the brainrot in your mind
Immediate - Substraction, but all we really want,
all we really want, is truth

Bred into silence by television sets
Accepting lies from media so soon we will forget
The lives that we spend as workers for the rich
You work so much there's no time left to realize
that you're in a fucking ditch

You'll Scream Tonight

Last night I turned my TV on and I couldn't believe what was on
Some fucking rich kid crying cause her, her boy friend left her cold
well why the fuck is this shit playing over the air?
To make us feel sorry for some fucking millionaire?
Well I was getting pissed and I was getting mad,
I took a chair and smashed it right into the set
Some fucking businessman is crying "Boo-fucking-hoo..."
As he stops and thinks of all the "poor suckers" he screwed

Well I said, Fuck this propaganda, fuck the news, it just
controls your mind it fills your, head with crap!

You'll scream tonight, so throw it away
You'll scream tonight, so stay away, stay away

It's a commercial about some Barbie type clone blond
She's six foot four and only weighs one hundred pounds
she looks so natural like a fucking starving child
They sell her body and her self esteem out loud
Some old man sits there drooling at this fucking smut
"If she'd take off her shirt well, now that would be good luck!"
"What was she advertising for anyways?"
He can't remember, "But she sure had killer legs..."

Degrading womyn well it's, nothing new,
He's got a hard on now and that's just, fucking, "Great news"

Indie Sux, Hardline Sux, Emo Sux, You Suck!

The indie kids are a bunch of snobs, they complain
my timing's all off
I think timing is for stupid fucks! why do they think I
play PUNK ROCK?!?!
Steve Albini playing god of indie haven, stupid dorks
keeping time in seven and eleven!

Indie sux, Hard-line sux, Emo sux, YOU SUCK! X2

I'm not a vegan and I have had sex, so some hard-line
kids tried to kick my ass
If you're not like them they want to clean your clock
They're nothing but a bunch of jocks!
They're anti-choice, they're fascist youth, their songs
all sound like metal tunes!

I've been told emo songs are deep, which translates
All they ever do is cry, did something get caught in
their eyes?
I just can't understand it all, even I don't always
(Boo-hoo-hoo... My girlfriend dumped me... whimper
snivel... and I'm really hurt...)


100 kids just having fun
Until you come
Your steroid arms
and skinny head

You cut your writs
slash your face
call it performance art
Trying to be cool,
You're ignorant

Anti Violent X4

You start a fight
Drink Beer all night
And molest little girls

Tell everyone there
that you're psycho
psy so psy psycho

Well I don't think
you're psycho
you're just
another show off
Go and shoot up
one, one last time

Anti Violent

We don't need
your war X4

Anti Violent X4

20 Years Of Hell

I've stood by, and I've eried,
while my friends have died
You ever had a friend kill
themselves, shot down, or
Just when I think it's happened
for the final time,
it comes knocking back again to
devastate my life

20 years of hell
20 years of hell
For I've been living far too long
and I wish my life was done

I said, "Good-bye" to you, on a
summer's night
Now I wish that I had stayed
with you but, oh it's too late
next thing I knew was that
you'd been in an attack
and you were laying in a cold
morgue stuffed into a body bag

I saw you last night you said I
was wrong
And where'd I get the idea you
were gone?
I woke up to sounds of my own
I woke up in a sweat it was just
a dream
and that dream goes on and on
and on...
with it ever end? Well I don't... I
don't know
I don't ... know...

I'm Having A Good Day

Watching TV talk shows is a lot of fun.
I like it when they always have on
people who are shooting guns
Inbred couples from West Virginia,
inbred people, who want to kill you!

I saw a story about a man
who was fucking his daughter,
and his wife was fucking her mother...
it was the kind of thing
that'd make you want to shoot up!

Tonight's gonna be a really good time
I'm gonna go out
and get really fucking high
I'll shoot some guns,
I'll drive around in my car,
you know I'll probably end up
at the fucking bar
And while I'm there I'm gonna,
get real high,
I'm gonna kick some ass,
I'm gonna fuck shit up!!!!

I'll kick you in your fucking teeth
if you get in my way... because
and I don't want you there!
No, you'll
Be at home watching your TV set
You've got your hand holding
your fucking dick,
and you're cumming
in your fucking mouth... O.K.

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