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Angry, Young And Poor

He knows he'll be alone tonight
while contemplating, "What can i do ?"
lack of hope leaves him feeling violent
it's not that he's looking for a fight, it's just...
he don't know where to turn
more stress than help, from home and school
and on the streets his life's out of control...

angry, young and poor
angry, young and pissed
Angry no one cares

She never even had a chance
sexual, mental, physical violence
not once she heard an encouraging word
just the phrase,
"you better shut up!" and
"you're going nowhere!"
Her sad stories, all left untold
so her life became something,
so out of control...

angry, young and poor
angry, young and pissed
angry no one cares

don't know where to turn
don't know what to do...
Politicians talk it up,
about their love,
for the USA's youth
But when it comes time to put up,
their rhetoric falls back on every excuse
every excuse,
every excuse...

This Machine Kills Fascists

We've run out of patience, you've run out of time
this scene will not fall victim to your violence or lies
your "values" are nothing but excuses to start fights
quit fronting like you're standing for a moral cause tonight

united as one
we won't stand aside
you try to fuck with our scene
we're gonna fuck your life!

this machine, this machine, this machine, this machine...
kills fucking fascists!!! dead!
that's right! dead!

you don't have to be a racist, to be a nazi fuck
your mindless nationalism gives you credentials enough
you spew your right wing rhetoric, when we got your attention
you've mistaken the punk scene for the republican convention

no more infiltration
no more right wing lies
you don't belong in our scene -- we'll fight you till we die !!!

Underground Network

The national media cover clinton / lewinsky
while the world's governments sell out millions on the issue of free trade
but somewhere in the night -- a force is not asleep
ad a massive organization plans to rise up to its feet...
it does it like this...

a pirate radio voice transmite into the night
and from D.C. to Peking email warns of lost global rights
and the hoax the world's leaders, wanted no one to see
comes crashing on their heads from grass roots -- striking it down
the blows coming for the world's...

underground network - alternative communication
corporate media can't keep us beat down, brainwashed, enslaved
'cause of our... underground network - alternative communication

they try to blind us but we...
stand up and fight! stnad up and fight!
they try to keep us ignorant but we...
stand up and fight! stand up and fight!
they want to make our rights away so...
stand up and fight fight...!

just take a look around the world and you're going to find that nearly all
mass media are owned and controlled by a handful of conservative capitalists.
we must devise and implement alternative methods of distributing our news, our
information, our ideas -- people worldwide working together to make a stand, to
tell the truth!

Daddy Warbux

Our thoughts and our lives
controlled by pocket books
of rich politicians, like a rich daddy warbux
they pay for the deaths of those who speak of revolution
while they keep us at each other's throats
while we still pay their tax notes

revolting against the few
the rich, the bigoted few
they pay for the deaths of those
so we're revolting against the few

our thoughts and our lives
controlled by pocket books
of rich politicians, like a rich daddy warbux
they pay for the deaths of those who speak of revolution
while they keep us at each other's throats
while we still pay their tax notes

stand up
don't fall
don't live
don't die for them

revolting against the few...
the few...

Vieques, Puerto Rico : Bikini Revisited

all united, all as one, let's make a stand
we've got a privilege in the power that we command
so let'snot drown in ignorance and let our strenght waste away
as the richest nation in the world, we've got a responsibility.

vieques, puerto rico, a protectorate -- of the U.S.A.
part a home to native families, the rest... a navy bombing range!
shells misfired kill civilians there, and napalm hangs in the island air
but the government beats down protests against this misuse.

so... stand up! fight back! resist-refuse!
'cause if we don't do it, no one's going to
sp... stand up! fight back! resist-refuse!
'cause if we don't do it, no one's going to

I look into the eyes, of a dead island boy's face
his (eyes) remind me of another's, from different time and place
where a-bombs baked the ground, on bikini's tropical lands
where a culture was erased, families misplaced, by a nazi-esque like plan!

all done, in your name, by uncle Sam
so if we don't fight it - then we're guilty too!
so... stand up! fight back! resist-refuse!
'cause if we don't do it, no one's going to

i think it's 'bout time that we had a change
i think it's 'bout time that we make a change...

Stars And Stripes

Welcoming with open arms and with open hearts
in the end they found their arms in shackles and their hearts torn out
this country named "america" is built on graves
of the natives who lived here before genocide took place
the word "america" means "freedom" - as in, "free to kill the free..."

don't fly those stripes, those stars-and-stripes for me
it's the same today as then, as U.S. (tax) dollars are spent
to rid the native insurgence in Mexico, and any other U.S. (corporate) "interests"
the 3rd world is a modern day playground for multinational companies
and the tax dollars we're forced to pay, fund these heartless U.S. policies
their explanation... "it's national interest, national security..."

at little big horn national cemetery, there's a monument that reads:
"to the soldiers killed in montana while clearing hostile indians away...'
and there's a flag there flying high, over the fallen killers' graves
when they call on me to die for them i'll say... "not me!"

Watch The Right

it's on the radio, it's on the TV news
conservatives and liberals, with ever clashing views
but as the days go by, i can't tell which side is talking
their left is in the center, and labeled "liberal doctrine"

they do nothing for you...
they do nothing for me...
no! they give us nothing to believe
watch your right
watch your left
watch the right
watch the center
and watch your back!

let the feds pass a law, that takes your rights away
'cause,"you gotta sacrifice if you want to stay safe!"
til the day you find the feds in your back pocket
locking you away for saying, "question", "think", or "stop it"

joseph mccarthy and reagan, set the motherfuckin' stage
for the right leanings that now grip the USA
they framed and jailed the reds - lost the kays to the cell
set up the capitalist machine to go in for the kill...yeah...
yeah... yeah...

social divisions - encouraged by the few - few!
those few in power - suckerin' suckers like you - you!
as corporate welfare, flows from troughs of the state - state!
yeah big business, takes more than their fair take - take!
but in the end it is suckers like you - you!
who buy that the poor, are givin' you the screw - screw!
can't you realize that it's just talk, talk, talk, talkin'...
like tax men at your door, fuckin' knockin' knockin' knockin'...

The Panama Deception

their 2+2 does not equal 4
their 2+2 equals whatver, they want us to die for

about face! - snap to attention
form your own conclusions to the things you see
about face! - sometimes the explanations
don't add - up to the facts

time and again they manufacture a cause
and rally the public around it, check out the movie "wag the dog"
killing - to further the interest of private corporations
killing - to control global economic situations
Killing - for personal gain (i.e. Bush in Panama)
Learn the fuckin' TRUTH you won't be so quick to sign on!

Our lives reflect tv sitcoms and tragedies
Like a bad joke, i ask, "how many of you don't see...? and just how many...
How many of you swallow the lies...?
How many of you do not realize...?"

Gung ho and true - to the stars and stripes
they fuckin' brainwashed you, to do their bidding...
and like a flock of sheep - with wool over your eyes
you never stop to question - you just fall into line

the media's a business, that provides entertainment
heir bottom line: money, and stories that will make it...
so they run with stories, that promotes the lies
to keep the ratings coming, wealth from promoting world strife

life must be so easy, when you don't have to think
black and white like printing, from the newspaper's ink
i wish i had the chance, to reveal the lies
but you're so fucking brainwashed, would it even help to try...

to get through, through, through, through, through, through...
to get through to you!

Culture Revolution

get ready to - make a stand
get ready to - make a stand
cause if - we don't- fuckin' - do it
then no one's going to! no!

have you seen the scene on the street?
do you care what's - going on?
thousands - homeless - in the land of the free
but no one seems to think it's wrong!
that's why we fuckin'wrote this song

take to the streets - cause it's time to make a stand
we're not gonna back down!
(we're talking...) culture revolution!
this ship is sinking - it's time we set it right

when the standards of - society
are based - solely on greed
humanity - compassion - do not define
what it means to succeed! no!

for the poor - contempt and hate
from the rich - middle class, the state
compassion - dumped for - apathy
the greatest nation ever seen ?
that's fuckin' real hard to beleive...

socialized - socialized, mechanized - mechanized
to consume... everything in the world
saturate - saturate, accumulate - accumulate
your happiness... can be bought and be sold
environment - environment, detriment - detriment
is not... an issue of concern
humanity - humanity, or this insanity - insanity
the choice is yours, and your choice alone
but you won't be alone
no, you won't be alone... YEAH!

revolution! on the street! in your head! move!

Spaz's House Destruction Party

I want to tell you a little story 'bout a party that went all right, but went all wrong
i want to tell you a little story 'bout a party in this song...

it happened back in '93, in the pittsburgh punk rock scene
an event that will go down, in infamy
it was all the master plan, of one legendary punk rock kid
his name was "spaz", S-P-A-Z...

an eviction notice sent to his house sparked off an idea,
"i should have one last party al my place..."
so off he set with his master plan, the invitations in his hand read,
"you're invited to my house destruction party!"

spaz's house destruction party, it was chaos with no end
if you were crazy enough to make the house destruction party then you know
you're lucky that you lived

we played there st. patrick's day, with submachine and the bad genes
in a basement full of debris
from kicked in doors, broken glass, kicked in walls the place was trashed
the house was now missing its support beams

the bathrooms had no toilets or sinks left in them
there was nothing in the kitchen left to break
aus rotten spray painted on walls, drunk punks passed out in the halls
and this was just the second night, or a three-day long party

the cops showed up and all the kids went piling out the back
i remember running away and hiding out in the lot behind the squirrel hill mellon bank
the cop said, "i want to speak to someone who lives here!" and this punk kid said she did
he asked, "is this the condition this house has always been in ?"
she answered, " ah... yeah, it is."

Bring Out Your Dead

spend a lifetime working for these people
to make what they earn in one day
there are options to choose, i call it social progress
progress to not be abused

they were arrested for their views
it was the protesters they acrewed
and stil had the nerve to ask
who i was voting for
cause when you silence our youth
then you silence the truth
our right not to remain...

start funding lives that move for changes
not fundingleaders that oppress and use
when politicians become nothing but major corporations
posing as humans, real humans lose...

bring out your dead...

A Start

rats, monkeys, mice - teach ' em little tricks
stay far from creativity, and from politics
'cause the multinationals need a solid work force
or their growing profit margins will be wiped out at the source

conform to the status quo, set rules
hold your mind into their fucking tool

reciting back their facts and numbers - that don't make you smart
there's much more to intelligence - and thinking for yourself would be a start
it would be a start...

pledge allegiance to a flag of which you're taught no history
not mexico, granada, panama, or middle east
but they're just a mere fraction of this country's shady past
skeletons locked in the closet and i doubt they'll be the last
"national interest, " defined for you...
but who's it really serve ? who's getting screwed ?

your prison warden is your school
training you to be a social screw
stage a jailbreak, swim against the flow
show those motherfuckers what you know!

I feel like I am suffocating
I feel my life depreciating
I knowtheir teachings are riddled with lies, distortions, shit!
It kills me knowing the masses are so brainwashed by it - brainwashed by it!

Until It Happens To You

You walk past an activist, who is talking on the street
about political prisoners, locked up in your own home state
and you think just for a minute, you think just a second
then you say, "that can't be true! 'cause i live in the land of the freedom...
where no one gets the screw!"

you turn your face, you turn your back, you say, "that can't be true!"
you stay safe locked in your prefab world, 'cause you're sure it won't happen to you
you're sure it won't happens to you!

you heard it every day, since the first day of your life
but you never stopped to think, what you heard was full of lies
you can't question for a minute, can't question for a second
'cause you're nothing but a tool
whose blueprints are tailored and fashioned, each night by the evening news

you could stand on the street, talk 'til you're blue in the face
and they would not make you stop, 'cause you have no power base
but if Dan Rather got on the Evening News, and said, "it's time for revolution!"
the F.B.I. would fuck him up so bad, he'd wish he wasn't living!

they call it America, "land of the free, home of the brave"
more to the truth it's a murderer, it's the land of the Enslaved !

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