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A Snow Capped Romance | paroles / lyrics

At The End Of August

Crawling from the floor,
I've been there before.
There I was staring
back at the bottom.
Let's just make this clear,
it came from these tears.
Carved across our chest, loyalty.
And with the new light,
there was young hope.
To underline the meaning,
and carve our names in.

At the end of August, the end of...
I'll never replace the ones I first made, Jesus, does anyone?

So I lit lanterns,
to light up all these words,
looking back I know
it's what I'd die for.
And through all of this life,
smashed away all the strife,
a friendship I paint, untouchable.

And I want you to know
how all of you made me,
how all of you saved me and...

I'll never replace the ones I first made, Jesus, does anyone ?

The Heart And The Shape

Just went through your eyes,
and the battle was fine.
Couldn't stand to see you streaming.
Now I realize that I might have been
part of the reason for your frowning.

And so I grey the heart and the shape,
that look that you gave, staring.
At empty help me back to awake.
And so I grey the heart and the shape.

Now the bottle plays a little factor.
Not the way I used to be, thankfully.
I was disguising a different matter,
now I engage in everything, infinity...

Help me back to awake.
There were sentences with no direction,
those are pieces that I put away.
There is sadness in the reflection,
one long look is all that it takes.


Here is your broken character, the one left of heaven.
Scissors cut him from the page, example,
continue to read not to retrace the steps, touch me.
The hemorrhaging has ceased, has ceased.

And I swallow these capsules, to regain my grip.
And I swallowed myself sick. And I inherited my health.

Here is your wake and smile, that you seem to need.
The safe and the touch, and the unweave.
Right where you placed it the night before,
Saint checks in to make sure,
you're right where you say that you are,
right where you are.

They all seem so truthful,
they all seem so true.
Couldn't find a better way to lie


Over mountains I feel safe,
sacred were those summers.
And these memories I place in my heart for shelter.
And I modify, just to smell the ocean.
And I underline, visualizing motion.

And I guess I miss my home,
I could not stay.
I'll return, it's alright, I'm ok.

Reoccured daydream, tie up stern first.
And these gifts I've learned, never leave me.
And I redesign, family and growing.
And I realign, forgetting nothing.

Maybe in a few years it'll come back to you,
reflection becoming your virtue.
So sort me out, lay me away.
Over these mountains I feel safe.
And bless the sound, return the day.
Over these mountains I feel safe

Skin And Atmosphere

Think I'll rename my heart, the calendar.
'Cause it'll surely know just when to end.
And I've been looking at you through the telephone,
as the photograph whispers that she isn't even home.
So alone, I bleed myself right in.
Unusual here breathing, inviting the silence.

But you're not here,
you're nowhere near at all.
Just skin and atmosphere.
And if it's not what you wanted,
better get out now.
Alone it takes me,
underneath it'll surely break me.
Underneath these things.

Twenty some years my parents let themselves leave.
I always swore that would never, ever be me.
And now you're looking at me through a new lens,
your voice on the end doesn't understand anything, nor do I.
Paper cuts for me.

Prove me wrong, I want you to prove me wrong

Song For The Fisherman

There were thousands of days
as we traveled down North Road,
and I remember my uncle on his last day,
and how I would kill to shake his hand again.
And on goes the battle of years upon years.
My Father's eyes bring me solace,
and his look of focus I try to instill.
As my Mother reads as an example
of strength beyond strength,
and with her I became me.
There are two girls
with whom I've known longer than anyone,
and my debt to them is Lifetime.
The gathering of boys I rely on,
know exactly who they are
and I will build their protection with bloody hands.
Some were dealt knuckles and some delivered kisses,
but initially my heart was in the right place.
There are times when being engulfed by mountains
are the only signs of safety I know.
And I realize I think this way out of neglection
and at the exact thought I reclaim those days of scenery.
There are places like the bluffs in Kasilof
and the gravel pits in Sand Lake,
that most of us will never forget.
Those are the things I wanted to speak of,
those are the things that I dream about,
those are the things that I will definitely die with,

With Nothing Underneath

You should've called out,
made amends, broken hearts breathe unison.
I was trying to gather mine.
All my tragedies are my enemies,
all my enemies are mine.

And we carry on, just to lighten the load.

Never had I been such outsider,
eyes of the blamed,
while I was trying to reclaim.
All my tragedies are my enemies,
all my enemies are mine.

And we carry on,
just to lighten the load,
and silently we sleep with nothing underneath.

With weary hands and driven nails,
I begin to rebuild myself.
The bruises uncover the scene,
the taste of the clean.

And we carry on, outlasting,
just to lighten the load,
silently we sleep
with nothing underneath.

With your voice I keep you.
Never used like this gently

Destroy The Map

You couldn't hold your mouth to stop the sound,
with all these riches on the tip of your tongue,
and I was trying to dampen it all out.

You were talking louder than I should here,
producing nothing but all these mirrors,
and I was trying to play it all down.

With eyes of blood,
these kisses won't rust.
Where the baptized drown,
we used to breathe.

Underneath the red,
come running back to me.

Sad song, so wrong,
your body shakes for so long,
towing me down.
Let's just stay late,
a safe bet for second place.
This time, our time, we have, we'll last.

That evil, a brutal sickness brings,
at times you can't let go
it chases you from everything.
To settle for almost anything,
it's times like these
when you should only choose just not to speak.

And the clouds don't break when the sun is on empty

Installing The Catheter

Through the long sleep,
darkness bleeds,
through the silver and I,
reminded the layout as the wings,
they all died.
And it all hates like you,
destroys the message.

Another open eye to secrets,
with plans to scrape them clean.
And I have stacked them
higher then anyone believed.
And it downplays the scene,
it all comes crashing.

Don't be removed,
I got you where I said
that I would always put you.
And I'm heading for the bottom of you.

Come and take me over,
the lights have been removed,
with pieces at ankles, we answered.
And it all tastes like you,
and all it captures.

Take on me as long as you think
that you can handle,
and taking me to truth
and tearing me from scandal.
And it all saves like you,
define disaster.

And I don't die like you,
tormented skies,
treated to taste and outlast the sun.
I design what ails.

Coldest of the cold stay outside,
bring on harm's way

Cure Eclipse

The night breathes different,
and the cold was named anew.
She sits in the wordless space.
The grin gave us away,
and that was the end,
that was everything dying,
and that was the end,
that was everything.

Cut into the face and think straight.
I was doing everything,
to keep me from choking.
With the weather heavy,
heavy at the fireside,
you'll say it so well, so well.

Dreary can come out and move yourself away.
I know you owe me, I know you owe me,
this year, this year cure me.

And I was barely here
but I'd been there for years.
Thought I'd leave it there
so it couldn't follow me here.
And I've been thinking of you
as the days grew color.
With the seconds turning hours,
my end turned alive.

The night breathes different,
and the cold was named anew.
I found so much more this way


Press skin into skin,
just a fraction to gather the senses.
Still locking in mine, design,
just a scrape to uncover the evidence.
You won't remove me, not anymore.

So here we are, now it's obvious.
Candle lit to divide all your areas.
And inside all your barriers,
I'm defending my lines to ignite...
And I'll be this way forever.

Inside the locks hide,
so my faith can come outside and shine.
Besides it's why all these miles of road won't divide.
You won't remove me, not anymore.

And now it's where the secret's pushed behind,
with the lanterns to burn this inside.
And up there A SNOW-CAPPED ROMANCE where,
everything we build will come from our eyes...
And I'll be this way forever

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