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Illusion's Play - Shape Of Despair

album  : Illusion's Play
groupe : Shape Of Despair
sortie   : 2004

+ paroles Shape Of Despair

Sleep Mirrored

[ Instrumental ]


Arisen in vain to a life,
bleeding inner to suffer with time.
Endlessly lost and still searching
for something, someday.

Obsession & deceit
to burn a mark for a lifetime.
Boundaries to brake,
reached from the edge of time.
To rebuild the past
for something that will everlast.
Just searching for to find itself
in still-motion.

For to hope,
whenever to find a closure,
find itself in still-motion..

Get closer,
closer to your own faith.

Serve the frail mind,
escape through the lifetime
to glance for your dismal youth.

Get closer,
closer to your own faith.

Entwined In Misery

All these years in absence
...forgiveness does not reveal itself...

...and emptiness falls before me...
And silence this life,
every word is whispered through me
and all emotions will cry,
leaving me still alone.
Every moment still awaits,
for nothing
it brings fir me.
Everythings is entwined in misery.

All these years in absence
...forgiveness does not reveal itself...

Curse Life

I used to feel...
i used to sense what were
inside of me.
To feel waves of difference,
waves which brought me to live.
I enjoyed this live in me,
breathing and feeling,
burning and suffocating.
Didn't curse another life
when bearing death inside.

Now all things i do bear
are all gone and free.
This, myself...
now fleeing around death.
Cursing the hour,
and another life...
Which whom i used
to care.
watching myself,
my own life
fading to afar...
listening thes voices
and trying to tell them
that will soon be gone...

(For me...what did you really gave... life...)

Fragile Emptiness

Fragile emptiness,
cracking whilst i move
my hands (penetrating)
through this silence.
I beheld this loneliness and
a dream in illusion...
it awakens me
in somber,
in drifting

As a burden
this dream moves in me,
tiding me inside,

In it's shallowness
in it's entwined self,
life torn widely open.

Flowing within this dream,
slowly sleeping sleeping away,
drifting from used reality.

Illusion's Play

In emotion,
carried fragements of hate,
astrayed in blur of mind.

Raised the vanguished faults
...lost enlightement...
buried senses of long lived
and deceased.


All i can see,
in here,
is that i've lost in illusion's play.
Bleaker and closer to heaven,
these shattered formations faint trail
move this light.

Come closer to my mind,
come through me.
Leave me behind,
to see,
too faintly,
this absurd renewing.

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