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Angels Of Distress | paroles / lyrics

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Angels Of Distress - Shape Of Despair

album  : Angels Of Distress
groupe : Shape Of Despair
sortie   : 2001

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I've losted mine strength,
i've losted mine sanity.
I've seen myself falling
and i'm tired to stand.

Angels Of Distress

Come closer for myself...and let your angels fly away.
As i am , forgiven by them... mine angels.

Feel mine cleansing touch... fall through your worlds...
fall...onto me.

Let me caress you...let me take you through mine worlds.
Let them (mine angels) taste you with this night, with this tongue of this might.

Perish...onto us...feel your mind weaken, your cold body withered...
let us... take you far of this night, far away within distress to die...

Quiet These Paintings Are

Quietly these colours will fade
but soon they will be as one.
For a moment i will stare
into this deep saddened sea
and will suffer the death's fright.

Under these waves emotions lay,
still never they'll return
as they are laid to rest.
Into this one lonely life,
which, perhaps is growing.
into life to die...

...To Live For My Death...

All life will be gone
soon leaving myself...
into the spheres of emotions...
i thought...
There's nothing left for me,
anymore... everything
is gone.
Nothing left
to feel nor to understand.

I did not wanted
to live my life
nor did i even wanted
to live for my death...
strong it is indeed...
life... strange to born for death...

Night's Dew

[ Instrumental ]

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