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Tristania (démo) | paroles / lyrics

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Tristania (démo) - Tristania

album  : Tristania (démo)
groupe : Tristania
sortie   : 1997

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[ Instrumental ]


Shadowcast upon my heart
endark... thy bleak midwintertears
condemned to mourn in silence
The pale moonrise in her eyes
Serene... like a frozen stream
the flowing beauty in thy tears

I crave for thee my once beloved
Beyond... the veils of darkness lost
where now thy roses wrapped in dusk

Dark enchantress
I suffer thy fullmoonnights
Trespass my undesired darkness
Tears... flowing through thy dreams

Dark enchantress
the seventh fullmoon rise
I drown in dusk and dark rivers

Summon all my dreams
like roses on your epigraph
written in my tears
thy sorrow and my bleeding heart

She comes so serene
my fallen beauty crowned with leaves
Take me to thy dream
Thy candle will forever burn in me...

Pale Enchantress

Dark... thou embrace my bleeding heart
My dreams... uniting our tearful eyes...
At night... I kiss the serpent in thy tears
For years... thy sorrow I've mourned

Harken my moonchilds cry
yearning for another night
Mourning my once beloved
mezmorized and ravendark

My pale enchantress of the night
at last my candle's burning down
The wintermoon is shining bleak
for thee my enchantress

Enchanting all my dreams
a beauty and her flood of tears
Nightfall embrace my heart
mezmerized and ravendark

My pale enchantress of the night
I desire thee

Fearful I walk with thee... through dusk
Through winds of loss... Her beauty and her

flood embrace my bleeding heart
Tearful I fall with thee... at last
Lead me there... to where thy shadows cast

They dance in velvet darkness lost

Rise... bleak winterfullmoon

In life... I kissed the serpent in thy tears
For years... thy sorrow I mourned...

Cease To Exist

A velvet breath of life
enchants the garden of delight
Her voice within these winds
The flower so serene
Her cold and silent wail
Descend like midsummer rain
Bury my heart in thine
A taste of heavens wine

Beneath a fullmoon bright
she comes with gowns flowing wide
With bloodlike lips of faun
Enchanting eyes of dawn
Towards the moon she gaze
A lonely tear runs down her face
For all she lost in life
buried so deep inside

dance in her precious eden
where she lies deep
Her loss in life engraved
in dusk and angeltears

Enlight in night within me
Lead me there
where my heart lies buried
beneath the seven seas

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