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Total Fucking Darkness (démo) | paroles / lyrics

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Total Fucking Darkness (démo) - Cradle Of Filth

album  : Total Fucking Darkness (démo)
groupe : Cradle Of Filth
sortie   : 1993

+ paroles Cradle Of Filth

The Black Goddess Rises

Thee I Invoke, bornless one
All woman, pure predator
Wherein conspiracy and impulse dwell
Like a seething fall from grace

Thou art pale hecate
Rising from thessaly

You're in my dreams
The Darkness in my heart
The rapture in their screams
Black Goddess Rise...

Unbridled At Dusk

A celebration of the damned
The unfettered few who choose to roam
Sharing more than sexual excess
Sowing more than vexing stones

Favourite haunts of depravation
Where the morning fears to tread
Covenant revere the sullen cain
Strike the tethered liar dead

Dark solstice fever burns in me
Like the tugging of my veins to feed
Ravaging Raven-Lust
Unbridled at dusk

The Raping Of Faith

Flowers lift your precious head to me
I have come to her warm embrace
The gentle touch of surreality
A sweet kiss from beloved faith

The gardens swim with fervent life tonight
I sense the beauty that waits for me there
Dancing with the statues in the pale moonlight
The velveret whisper at play with her hair

As Deep As Any Burial

Thrill, kill the black cult
Walk among the weak by night
Deep as any burial

Take their worthless lives...

Fraternally Yours, 666

Pour submission into me
No church shall bar our paths
Seductive evil drink...
your fill of the bleeding christ in your arms

Where scorn is fed in the blackest fucking soul!

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