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Under The Knife | paroles / lyrics

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Under The Knife - Hatebreed

album  : Under The Knife
groupe : Hatebreed
sortie   : 1996

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Smash Your Enemies

I hope I'm alive.
To witness your demise.
Make you feel my sorrow.
Encompass all my pain.
That I've felt for years.
Dreading each dying day.
Hanging by a thread.
On the edge of my sanity.

When I wake up the real nightmare begins.

Will I make through my time
in living hell ?
Do I possess the strength to
smash my fears into the ground ?
I've tried to be strong.
I've tried to overcome but
I don't think I possess the
strength to carry on.
I'm torn between, and there's
no right choice.
I've gotta fight back.
I won't be scarred for life.

Kill An Addict

You've made excuses
for the fucked up things
you've done but everyone's
heard them before, your
lying and stealing to feed
your addictions won't be
tolerated anymore. I tried
to help you but you spit in
my face, so now you're on
your own I see your life
slipping away, you brought
it on yourself . . . GO! Those
I've hated are the ones I've
held so close, and those who
use betrayal will be the
ones to suffer, the ones to suffer
the most

Under The Knife

I can't seem to fathom
how we live in this world
of pain, under the knife see
our bodies grow frail, ravaged
by disease my heart grows weak,
and there's nothing to cure
the pain or to heal my scars now.
I won't live my life under the
knife. If my fate's been chosen
then I will exist, or should I put
the razor to my wrist,
I'm alone is this fight, how will
I prove I'm right ?
I won't live
my life under the knife.


I won't celebrate your
genocide and I won't consume
your lies, and you cannot
deny how your selfish ways
kill and ruin innocent
lives, people have been
exploited, people have been
killed, humanity has been raped
and still I see no cure. I won't
consume your filth. Filth is what
you know, filth is what you
consume, filth is all you know,
I'm gonna take you out.
I can justify your suffering,
can you justify theirs ?
You degrade and destroy
life as we know it to profit
at any cost. I won't consume!
I won't take part! I cannot and
I won't, I won't consume your filth!

Not One Truth

Living as we rot, Showered with shadows of dreams devoured. Our souls
descend into endless seas of sin. There's no turning back. No repenting, no
remorse. Hate stricken creation. I realize in this world.
[chorus x2]
There is not one truth cast into stone.
Only lies cast into flames. It's time to
burn. Burn alive. Burn at the stake. Our eyes crystal clear, our bodies
frozen with fear, and there's nothing to save us now from endless suffering
and solitude. We've lost the chance to save this dying world. So we pay the
price, of which no one can afford. This is our last breath. The first in a
world of misery. There is nothing left. Only the lies in this world.


Sorrow filled days of disease,
the faceless shadows arise.
The fear once among the lust,
now reflects creations demise.
So to the idols wait for the
impending doom, under a godless sky,
yet we walk
on further atop the broken glass.
For our feet will heal but our
souls stay doused.
With humanity's blood, await the
crucifixion, no one is forgiven,
everything precious lost.
Sanctified to God, carved into
our souls, carved into our past,
our lives severed
Our lives remain severed


Bastard cries, feed the fire.
The burning desire to rob human life.
In this world full of fear of the unknown.
Twisting the perception of the weak.
Lying to progress.
Only achieving greed.
Seated behind the sun.
Myths bleed into one.
Searching for a saviour to
lead us through this life.
Where our sanity is undone.
Killing against our will.
Killing for the bastard maker.
The fairy tale.
The non existent.
Salvation so bittersweet the
taste brought fear to our tongues.
Preying on the weak.
Fatherless creation encased
in the depths of humanity.
They continue to rape and call
it purity.
I will not bow down because of out past.
I see now mankind was not meant to last.

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