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Killswitch Engage - Killswitch Engage

album  : Killswitch Engage
groupe : Killswitch Engage
sortie   : 2000

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Temple From Within

make me feel serenity when all is revealed so easy to look back in life
and question but i must seek to find the strength to push forward (forward)
forward i want to see whats so beautiful inside as we drink of life
eternal absolve me through your suffering teach me to inscribe these words
on my heart cover me with the shadow of your hand i will not loose myself
i in everything that tears me down because you stand by me
no one to blame for my transgressions no one to blame but myself

Vide Infra

i have opened my eyes to see the world that surrounds me daily
i refuse to be led by the majority can't compromise i and i to pass judgement
judgement will be passed upon you i will stand up for who i am never moved
by condemnation no one is placed higher than another no matter race
or creed or gender we must teach forgiveness and compassion for all life
through understanding of our differences we will find respect for one
another we are all flesh and blood i am not afraid to speak my mind no matter
the consequences stay true to myself through the humble eyes of a child
we will realize true equality they cannot take me from me
they cannot take you from you they cannot take i from i


look behind what lies on the sirface rituals to read the signs
signify the life i leave behind... behind, lies set me free,
release me, embrace me, cleanse me i am not alone something so much
greater than i look behind what lies on the surface humbled soul to reveal
a purpose outstratched arms to welcome the sacrifice of this body

Rusted Embrace

gazing at the horizon lost in the cryptic majesty gazing at the horizon
so lost what have we done a slowly dying earth a suffocated wasteland
for convenience and so called progression visions of prophecy faces
pushed in the earth nothing will change unless we inflict transition
praying on bended knees (empty) closed eyes will not see (empty)
praying on bended knees (empty) is there still time...
the sands of time will are slipping through our fingers will we stare
into the eyes of nothingness burned and raped in the name of humanity
enslaved earth i pray for death for your release


[ Instrumental ]


time will not stand still today is the day the dya of salvation
living for more than just a synthetic force fed existence
this is my disposition i will strive for the truth this is my disposition
i will strive for integrity time will not stand still
we are the soilborn we are the children soilborn washed in blood
because we are blind we must not take this life for granted
in this everlasting thirst to maintain vitality
this is my disposition i will strive to find rebirth
today is the day of salvation life has only just begun today is the day

Numb Sickened Eyes

enter into a circle of light, engraved in flesh stare in my eyes,
i will not bow down, the only truth pulling words form my lips tearing me
within this life will remain a mystery to you until the day you pass away
speak lies spilling from your lips as clear as crimson (as clear as crimson)
i sacrifice what i most desire to you i spoke my vengeance
with only a smile to you casting out deception to you

In The Unblind

separation from the faceless majority step on the outside
look on the inside tear tear it apart, a prisoner only in your own mind
individuality will bring you life time to rise above to freedom
so much love lost, what have we become rise against the oppresion,
resist and question burn the system kill the system kill the mindstate
of indifference step into the unblind reclaim your life

One Last Sunset

[ Instrumental ]

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