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Alive Or Just Breathing | paroles / lyrics

Numbered Days

the time approaches, fall
chanting inspiration for the righteous
dislocation from the social order
kingdoms will rise to power
but kingdoms fall to dust
the ashes of the dead will be a sign the time approaches
arms raised, eyes gaze, tongues of fire whisper
this life will soon slip away
babylon you will fall
your days are numbered
who will hear your cries as you fall

Self Revolution

i can't comprehend society's movement
the regression of human existence
this is the quest of life
fulfill your destiny
slow down the fast paced world
and you will see past the illusion
breaking the foundation
collapse the control
building a revolution to heal nations
it starts within you
in this search for i & i the truth is always deep inside
(reversal of oneself finding the truth)
this is the quest of life
we must find the strength for a new movement
slow down this fast paced world and you will see the revolution
for a new movement

Fixation On The Darkness

fixation on the darkness that engulfs this world
drain the life force of our people, change
return to the womb, new life
lay your head to rest, mercy
to give you a peace of mind, lay your head to rest
come together inside, this body is only a shell
change, the only way we will survive
light transfiguration of the soul, of the soul, of the mind
tell them they will not hold us down, it's time for a change

My Last Serenade

this revelation is the death of ignorance
tangled in a state of suffocation
slave to self righteousness
damnation is on your lips
from sorrow to serenity, the truth is absolution,
from sorrow to serenity, its on your head
this is my last serenade
i feel you as you fall away
this is my last serenade
from yourself you can't run away
it's your choice, point the finger
but it's on your head
your destination is a choice within yourself
will you rise or become a slave
to self righteousness
open up your heart and gaze within

Life To Lifeless

humanity cover me with the ashes of remembrance
i will learn from this pain
there is no darkness without light to teach us of ourselves
life to lifeless to eternity, life to lifeless the cycle repeats
death unfolds itself painfully to unmask how fragile we are
death unfolds itself painfully, teacher of sanity
the pain drags me down
i'll rebuild me

Just Barely Breathing

decend into hysteria
chaos of mankind but who is listening to the voice of hatred
tortured souls lost so completely lost
weakened in the concept of decline, deception
are we alive or just breathing
don't close your eyes, see the images
the skies weep tonight, our bodies washed away
i am waiting for you, deliverance
the sun falls through the clouds
hear my cry

To The Sons Of Man

you son of man i am here as a witness
you son of man can't you see what burns inside me
this fire will consume as the flames purify
with the peace that passes understanding
this is my outcry
from dust to dust we will return
the flesh is temporary
the soul is eternal
son of man can't you see
son of man can't you save yourself

Temple From The Within

make me feel serenity when all is revealed
so easy to look back in life and question
but i must seek to find the strength
to push forward
want to see what's so beautiful inside
as we drink of life eternal
absolve me through your suffering
teach me to inscribe
these words on my heart
cover me with the shadow of your hand
i will not loose myself in everything that tears me down
because you stand by me
no one to blame for my transgressions
no one to blame but myself

The Element Of One

torn disbelieving separation
i close my eyes to see you
this is for you, everything i am
this is for you, take it from me
torn disbelieving separation
i close my eyes
but there is no escaping this
in your arms in your soul
i will be rejuvenation
breathe me in
i am forever
deep within i am eternal
i will return to you
i am with you always
i will never turn away from you

Vide Infra

i have opened my eyes to see the world the surrounds me daily
i refuse to be led by the majority
can't compromise i and i
to pass judgment
judgment will be passed upon you
i will stand up for who i am
never moved by condemnation
no one is placed higher than another
no matter race or creed or gender
we must teach forgiveness and compassion for all life
through understanding of our differences
we will find respect for one another
we are all flesh and blood
i am not afraid to speak my mind
no matter the consequences
stay true to yourself
through the humble eyes of a child we will realize true equality
they can not take me from me

Without A Name

[ Instrumental ]

Rise Inside

rise inside, free your mind
raise your fist to signify
we stand in defiance of hatred and deception
if i stand alone i will fight for you
the time has come to make a difference
why have we forsaken love
the time has come to raise our voices
so rise up and fight with me
embrace what we have
it might be the last time in this life we will rise
if we find the strength to unify
hatred is a weakness, you become the victim
i believe love will overcome
time has come to make a difference
why have we forsaken one another

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