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Ceremony Of Opposites | paroles / lyrics

Black Trip

I've chosen the dark, I've chosen the night
I've lost hope of loving a day of life
The shades of night belong to me
I am at one with hell

Dead inside, I watch the time pass
I await the coming of my day

My journeys are always within me
There where is found the bottomless pit
Where, there in I plunge, always a little deeper
There, in that other world where only unity is harmony

Sheltered from the regard and the rules of men
There colour is absent, light is black

Enemies of the sun, the phantoms of the shadows
Have taught me to delight in horror
Faces without eyes, and silent lips
Float in the immensity of empty space
A sweet melancholy fills my heart
Life as a whole seems absurd
Silence is so pure, so profound that it intoxicates
The emptiness, annihilates all
And nothingness takes it place

Celebration Of The Fourth

Oh purificator fire, that burns in me
Rekindle my courage, give me your force

Blow, northerly wind, come, wind of death
Storms, hurricanes, be at my side

By water, by air, by fire, by earth

Oh purificator water, essence of life
Mirror of time, drown the lies

Earth, mother's man
Disembowelled by your sons
From your blood of fire
Will rise the chaos

By water, by air
By fire, by earth

Son Of Earth

Hideous louse!
The face deformed by horror,
By the fear of life's duties,
By the anguish of the unknown

-Born in blood and tears
-You'll bleed and cry when the day you die

Welcome to the world of the living
Here's your supreme punishment
Look at the wound of life
That only death will be able to heal

Oh! Bulged tummy women
Oh! Deformed body women
From your filthy womb
It's death to whom you give birth

Hideous louse!
The face deformed by horror,
By the fear of the nothingness of death
By the anguish of the unknown

Welcome to the kingdom of the dead
Here's your promised reward
Looks on you to close again
The great vagina of the earth

'Till We Meet Again...

To those whom I miss,
And to those who would miss me

Life is short, but long in the living
Going forth on the uncertain paths of the future
Seeking an outlet, a path, in vein

There where that tunnel so familiar
And that wall banishing the light
Stifling forever the hope of better day

Curs'd be she who gave me birth
Prisoner of life, I await my deliverance
I am weary of the struggle for chimeras
Of sensing the weight of time, past and future

I began my descent as from that first day
This night shall be mine, that of the great leap
There will be a war, a key, a door

Faced with the dilemma of the cord
Short are the paths which lead to the tomb

Drunk with eternity I topple the chair beneath my feet
The phobia of the infinite is speedily replaced by darkness

This profound and absolute darkness
Which I have dreamed of for so long

Mask Of The Red Death

Sickness born with life
She is careful and patient shadow
Man's faithful enemy
Unceasingly transformed, rebaptized

Behind a different mask
I know it's always the same face,
Always the same eyes greedy for agony
Always the same compassionate ears
Listening to our moans,
To our heartbeats

Passive and disinterested
Like an infidel wife
This cold and wet mouth
Will give us the very last kiss

Death is red
For those who experience her torments

Bound to death like a daughter to her mother
She gives her mass graves overflowing
Of sketched life, of projects and hopes

What's good to see her so active

Abandoned, in the arms of another plague
Humanity slowly disappears
Someone prays, some others cry

What's good to see her so active

Baphomet's Throne

Each blaspemy is another stone to the edifice of your glory
I want to be the rock on which you'll build your church

Am I the son you've been waiting for ?
Am I the chosen one ?
To be your messiah on earth
And to sit at your left in hell
I've always ignored the doubt
Answers are in the questions

Show me the way to the Baphomet's throne...

Guide my hand, light my path
My mouth will speak with your words,
I'll make statements with your orders
I'll be the supreme insult
Which will forevermore soil the image of god
I'll be your revenge, I'll be your victory
Guide my hand, light my path

Show me the way,
To reach one day the Baphomet's throne...


Pleasure in pain
Desire of mortification
To achieve the extreme
To know the ultimate

To be a slave for a moment
The body offered up to cruelty
To the lash which whips on the skin
Which slashes the flesh, lacerates the back

To feel the blood, thick and warm
Flow over my wounds


To thrust aside the limits
To say "Yes" to death
Without fear, without remorse
To give up oneself to torture

Punishment and reward
The whip is ambiguous
It distills vice
In a perverse refinement

To be a slave for a moment
The body offered up to cruelty
To the lash which whips on the skin
Which slashes the flesh, lacerates the back


If eyes are the mirror of the soul
You will find in mine the scorn and apathy
You will read my hatred as in a curs'd book
You will see yourself as I see you

It is a mirror sombre and opaque
Which protects me, which stifles me
A great ditch around the heart
Which rejects, which estranges me

There is a world in my head
A dead world where nothing lives
And it is there I am, too far,
Far too far to be rejoined

A crown of thorns is still a crown

I am a king in a kingdom of suffering
I have taken my time to reach this stage
I have taken pains to torture myself
To descend, to descend
Into pain, I exist
And if my brain is numbed
The thorn in my flesh
Can overcome apathy

There is glory in humiliation
A throne to be taken, a crown to win

I have no more tears,
And my smile has lost its brilliance
I have forgotten who I was,
I have killed my emotions
Crushed, empty, weary,
Always standing, I am a tree
Awaiting the lightning

To Our Martyrs

Reign of fear, of war,
Of silence, of resignation
Under the rules of the book of lies
Trawling the wrong path
Led like cattle

Never try to understand, accept, obey
Follow followers
And forget who you are

What's a lifestyle, to live for others
To share all with everybody
To answer love to hate

Never try to understand, accept, obey
Follow followers
And forget who you are

Take each single insult and injury
As a present, as a spiritual gold
To by your place in heaven

I spit at your god's face
I piss on the cross
I vomit on the holy bible
I shit on the blessed whore and her bastard son
I desecrate, crush and destroy
All which is sacred, all which is blessed
I've found the one who lives in me

Brothers and sisters
Time for change is coming
Bells for revenge strike the end of times

By faith, by force
We'll walk toward the light
And forever be our own god

Ceremony Of Opposites

The top becomes the bottom
The fantasy becomes reality
The conceptions change
The landmarks dissolve

And all becomes intermingled

To flirt with the despicable
In a trance without end
Where the ice burns

Like glowing embers
And where one shatters
By fits and starts of sperm
The morale of men

Serve another god
Lose another dream

Sentiments imprison and leave
Their victims without defence
Love is a poison which
Flourishes in the heart of the weak

From the lower world we direct
The attraction of the distasteful
Makes us ignore the vile
Since only from below
Can one better see the heights

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