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Pandemonium - Killing Joke

album  : Pandemonium
groupe : Killing Joke
sortie   : 1994

+ paroles Killing Joke


She talks of supernatural aeonst that we'll make
She says "look behind the wave of changes"
Feel the future taking shape
I ask her of her next of kin and loved ones
In her care
She gestures all around her then she whispers
There is no nuclear family required any more
My parents are the village
And the village is the law
she said "unlearn you must forget the values
That you hold
Life is not longevity and beauty is the only goal"
Cymbals that crash and pipes of pan
Awaken from your trance
There is no retribution here
See how the heathen dance
I can see tomorrow, I can see the world to come
I can see tomorrow, hear the pandemonium


Rise from my unconscious let it rise
Get it out, get it out, get it out
Behind the illusion of reality are forces that
Speak to me
We will draw them out, we will cast them out
Let them out
Drink wines that foam - watch the ugliness rise,
Watch it bubble to the surface
Let it bubble
Let it rise
Get it out
All the hate all the hate I saw you, you just want -
Ed to take a razor and cut you wanted to inflict.
I saw the barbed hooks penetrate deep inside
Of his flesh
Let it out, let it rise
All the guilt and the hurt and the pain you caused
All the tears in the child's face - let it out
Let it bubble to the surface (guilt)
Bulging eyes the animal soul begins to rise
Let it rise and bubble to the surface
Get it out, get it out now!
Clean it up
Wash it away, wash it all away
Wash away the tears


I was born to see two thousand years
Of men's effect upon the planet
Extinction seems to be a plausible risk
Whatever happens well I'm part of all this.
Fire burn all our incertainties
Water wash away impurities
Contradictions and predictions abound
Yes I believe that we can turn it around
My life I've been waiting for this moment
All my life I've been waiting for this
Moment to come


I saw patterns in the wind and in the sand
I saw the stars, I read the clouds, I understand
Then the madness overwhelmed (I lost control)
It was cut out for each stain upon my soul
I saw a man, I knew his face, he called my name
And the house I'd never seen still looked the same
Then I found all my possessions by the fire
The physical world fell into place
I had all desired
The mind begins to doubt what the heart
Already knows
Reason gives into rhyme, mind begins to blow
Reoccurring people number's places
And I abandon all my need for explanation
All who died (and everything is alive)

Black Moon

Here in this vortex my true self begins to show
Where phantoms pass me by what secret do
They know!
Flash torn upon the wheels of human frailty
Part of me was fascinated by the cruelty
Running from this madness
Running from this mirror of how I feel
A dream is just a shadow of something that I
Found real
In the temple I am kneeling fearing God
In the cinemas they are baying for some blood
Horror began to dawn as fear played its part
The fear that cancels out the love that's in our
All the hurt we felt repeated down the line
The pain inflicted was the pain we designed
I trie escaping from the person that I am
Here is the endless cycle
Escape it if you can
Black moon bad sleep - another side of me
Black moon bad dreams - another side of me


Running through the maze - cry at what I see
A civilisation with values alien to me
All the role models, lost souls, false goods that
I am shown
Ordeals that I pass through for purposes unknown
In the cul-de-sac turn back on my trade from
The cul-de-sac
Some born again idiot tracked me down and I
Couldn't escape
Trying to notch up points for his entrance fee
To new Jerusalem
I said "do you love the Lord you're God with all
your dogma"
He said "you'll get it all back in the next life"
Get it all back, get it all back
Mystery school of fools great seeds of learning
Business, lawsuits, marketforces
No philosophy curses
Studies for automatons and syllabus two
A city and guilts in extortion and a PHD
in fuck you
Help try getting me out
In a transient phase
At the end of an age
Running through this maze


She hears his footsteps, he walks up the path
And when in the letter drops her heart beats fast
She picks up the envelope then she turns her
Face away
She checks out her results another day
Jana cry "I've got so much to give"
Jana sigh " I've got so much to live"
In Jana's mind - positive or negative ?
Jana died
To watch her shiver by the fireside
From time to time she breaks down and cries
Her cat curled in her lap and she's secure in a
Place that - she calls home
Flicking through postcards and brochures of Rome
Dreaming of places that she'd like to go
Her friends bring her soup each day
And she takes an array of bright coloured pills
From A.Z.T. to vitamine C but she wastes away
Forcing down food but still she wastes away
Jana was tested positive


Leave my body, loose myself, leave this planet
Leave this hell, born in the east, die in the west
I never rest I never rest - whiteout
Backwards backwards lose all time
Intellect made us blind
Analyses paralyses analyses paralyses - whiteout
Hear dog bark, don't ask me why
Be born, grow old with grace and die
Salmon leap sower reap as crow flies so heat rise -
Need to fill drink this wine knock back the juice
See the signs, leave my body lose myself
Leave this planet leave this hell - whiteout

Pleasures Of The Flesh

I feel this wave that is carrying me
And I am unable to stop
I stand outside of my body
But it continues to walk
Love me and touch me, your body may feast
Torn between two sides of my nature
Half god and half beast
This hunger in my flesh my instinct says it knows
What's best
And when the animal takes hold
Feel forces outside my control
And then my mind starts to work out what's
Going on
While the knot in my stomach is telling me
Something's wrong
Yes its all the pain that I'm feeling
And all the guilt that I hide
Yes its all the hurt that I caused you
And all the tears that I've cried
This hunger in my flesh my instinct says it knows
What's best
This craving comes and all I want is more - just a
Little bit more
To be shameless is blameless. If we be what we are
If freedom is what I suspect
Then tomorrow will jar against your conditioning

Mathematics Of Chaos

Turbulence is certainty, turbulence is friction between
You and me
Suffering and pain crystallized in a brain that
Recreates the proces again
Draws borders, cites laws, monopoly of food and
Trade start wars
Everytime we try to impose order we create chaos
We create chaos - break down
Blessed are the meek is written they shall inherit
The earth
Watch her dying of cancer after lifetime of caring
For the poor
Child with her arms blown off screams as she bleeds
Upon the rocks
Sickened by myself flagallation but I don't know
How to stop
Where is your love, my loving God!
Globalism and the U.N. neutralized by ethnic
Animal aggression and a mind to percieve this terminal
Awareness is a curse, the more you open your eyes the
More you despise
Fashioned in the creators yolk
It must be some sort of practical joke
And in the corn, circles of chaos - break down
I have my doubt, a state of eternal conflict is all I
Have found
We build a wall that is made of tears
Watch the house fall down
And the end of my life
Yes at the end of my life
All shall be well

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