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Cult Of Luna - Cult Of Luna

album  : Cult Of Luna
groupe : Cult Of Luna
sortie   : 2001

+ paroles Cult Of Luna

The Revelation Embodied

A time lost to the sick crowd of a new demonic realm.
Oceans of blood have drowned all humanity.
The stained ground is smoking of burning flesh.
Still attached to human bones. Skulls screaming in pain.

A time when the curse is alive. The horsemen have arrived.
Under the hoofs has the human race tread down into muddy pools of dirt

The abyss, wide open gap set loose the army of darkness
Over this forsaken earth day and night the apocalypse rules.
The revelation embodied


My days are counted get of my back.
You're forced into the void of my dreams.

Dead souls no hope all hollow.
Slice up old wounds so shallow.

There is a path to gain pleasure. Try it I'll give you my sorry word.
Stand on your feet look straight ahead cause no one is twisting your arm.
Searching for the right way back. Hold tight.
Believe in our embrace.

Don't let them steal your thoughts.
Imagine a lifetime of grace.

Dark Side Of The Sun

[ Instrumental ]


Leave me behind the black wall of decadence.
Burn it all. Dance with the flames that he dictates.
Breathe in the smoke and get high on misery.
Drifting deeper. The current drags you down.
Rest your eyes. Live amongst the shadows.

Fall into sleep.
Walk through the light.
At last you're on your own.
This time you stand alone

To Be Remembered

Hide the torch of redemption. It's time for a clean destruction.
Smothered by your innocence.
Put them up. I'll wipe em out.

In these eyes I behold your every move.
In these hands I can see what you've done.
Stuck in beliefs. Stuck in fears. Stuck in beliefs.
Licking up what's to be remembered.

In rains of fire I'm walking to the holy land.
In days of sin I'll bury those thought in sand.

Beyond Fate

Take a seat next to thy devil. Reach and grasp beneath my skin.
See my fate. Wreck a lifetime. Gain my heart. Kill my visions.
In those days I denied you for every second.
And now I can't accomplish anything.
Still got so much more to give in this life.
I guess I'm heading for regrets.

Once I sold my soul.
That's one sweet regret


[ Instrumental ]

The Sacrifice

Your soul was covered in dirt. The sacrifice was never made.
You were unleashed in those days. Now valid to grasp the inner self.
Is your heart gonna cave in. Throw your soul into the sea.

All lessons must be taught heart and minds are unified by now.
Sweep up all those mistakes. Feed the wide open wound...

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