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The Crestfallen [EP] | paroles / lyrics

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The Crestfallen [EP] - Anathema

album  : The Crestfallen [EP]
groupe : Anathema
sortie   : 1992

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...And I Lust

Stately columns standing in solemn rows
Such empty honours are suitable for those
Whose death erases all renown and fame
And vanquishes their glory with their name

Wandering aimlessly through dead filled fields
Rewards are just, who knows what absence yields ?

By the golden beauty of dusk
and the sun low in our sky
By the haunting shadows of trees
and graves, mesmerized am I.

Searching deep inside trying to reach my dreams
I see a face stare back at me... oh, so serene.

By the golden beauty of dusk
and the sun low in our sky
By the haunting shadows of trees
and graves, mesmerized am I.

Those whispering shades... sad, silent glades

But not for those whose superior worth
After death extols them to the earth
I would even venture to assume
That one need not build for them a tomb
By human art, since glory heaven sent
Serves them as a living monument

Pain is a far away land,
Misery, a lifetime's journey...
...and I lust for death (judgement)

The Sweet Suffering

As a shadow is cast overhead
I rejoice in the coming of the gloom
Lifting my eyes to view what, to me, is beauty
I decipher what is read in the cloud
The verse is shouting out and ringing in my ears
The claps of thunder, scared ?
No, me I revere
in the enchantment of mother nature
Her caress it soothes and brings me joy

Kneeling in the rainfall
Wind's whispers beckoning
Inhaling the sweet scent
Elation is overwhelming
The way is dim, but somehow I find it

One by one the victims of life are dwindling
Me, take me... grief no more if death will save me

Take me, save me, show me salvation
Lead me... a sacred path, reinstate creation

Show me joy, grief, pride
and show me your envy

The way is dim but somehow I find it.


Somniferous whisperings of scarlet fields
Sleep calling me and my dreams are wondrous
My reality abandoned (I traverse afar)
Not a care if I never wake


I cry a tear of hope but it is lost in helplessness
The darkness eats away at the very embers of my soul
For the deepest love I had has dissolved before my eyes
My sorrow is bleak, I beg for deliverance

Lord, in your mercy, hear my prayer

All emotion is consumed by an inner silence
All grief is unassuaged by disconsulate tears
I want for nothing, I live for nothing
I am waiting to die but I am afraid of dying

Lord, in your mercy, hear my prayer

Crestfallen emotion
Wallowing in guilt
and drowning for evermore

Falling deeper into fear
My inner self is now
a sleeper of stone

Help me.

They Die

All tears restrained for years
Their grief is confined
Which destroys my mind

An ode to their plight is this dirge

Some yearn for lugubrious silence
(It is the) serenity in the image of coffins

Shall life renew these bodies of a truth ?
All death will he annul, all tears assuage ?
Fill the void veins of life, again with youth
And wash with an immortal water, age

They die.

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