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Mechanical Spin Phenomena - Mnemic

album  : Mechanical Spin Phenomena
groupe : Mnemic
sortie   : 2003

+ paroles Mnemic


As my senses evolve I need to learn to stand my ground.
I am forced into a shaking world when all I need is safe and sound.
I am not satisfied.
Looking into a mirror but I don't really think I need to reflect.
I am unrealistically happy although I know it's just a state of neglect.
I am not satisfied.

As the fire burns I'm standing still, I'm paralyzed and cold
(Watch my dream unfold)
I am practically liquid and although I'm breathing I am dead
(although I'm breathing I am dead)

I am second in line when all they needed was number one.
I am sitting in the corner of that circle they placed me in.
I am not satisfied.


I don't mean to disagree but it just seems that I am lost in situations that
won't ever turn out in my favour.
I might just give in.
It just seems that I will always live my life face down.

And Still I am not satisfied



Did you not make me take the blame for you
Did you not take me for a fool and then you made me cry
What did you achieve, blood/hate I believe
Watch as I deceive you in hell

So you lived your life on a level of indiscretion which I've never seen
Your ignorance makes my silent anger just wake up and scream

It's bloodstained.

So in all this hate, the suffering, it makes me go insane
Twistin ?
And turning to avoid the burning that is this pain


So you would like me to go down
Face it I won't let you win this game
So you spit in my face
Still I get up and scream

Is that all that you got, I got more for you
Your past will catch up with you, so why not take a chance now

So you blame it all on the use and abuse of your sad power
But I'm sad to hear your arrogant excuses as I break you in your finest hour

So I say did you not fuck it up, did you pay when your greed just wouldn't stop
All that time did you ever think of me
But in time I will make you understand, Ironically I will make you understand
You will violently learn to know my name


I made you and your hate to socialize in a matter that suits me fine.
So while I breathe in you punched my teeth in.
I tried to explain it but you just, you just don't see.

I, I see right through you.

So you do things, mainly bad things. Is it to satisfy your own neurotic needs.
I got this feeling I'm just dreaming but just make sure I'm awake when you punish me.

Come follow me to that place where we both see what happened to you. I need
to see if it's all true. Confide in me.
I was blind but now...

I see right through all that you do, but though I see you I know you're not
here with me and still I try to explain to you.
How your presence is affecting my state of mind.


Oh suck me in, inside myself
I want to, taste myself
It drags me down, your dismal past
And all you want, is to make that last


Don't want this, its true what they say
Ignorance is bliss, I'll find another way
In my mind, it's all good now
I don't do things, that's abnormal
They'll take me and put me away.
Listen to me when I tell you I'm not insane

I, I see right through you


He's been told that he can't do wrong to a lonely child that cries in his
song to understand the mans depravation but to him an
He came in, the child turned its head and its a sin how his eyes looked all dead then.
What he saw, the fear on his face could wait no more. Heart-stabbed and disgraced

Double crossed

That's a double cross, backstabbin ? doublecross, heart stabbin ? doublecross,
his pain and his loss

In his eyes was the recognition of a nasty face whose hurt and mission has
fucked a life of bodily prison.
It's consequence of a sick mans vision...he
Made a move, the gun went off and he changed the mood into blood coloured madness.
All he saw was the shadow of a grown man no flesh was raw as he fell down again.


All he ever wanted to be was that man
Did he ever stand up and see for himself
Never wanted that intimacy, nor that fear
If he would only reach out to me I'd show him life

And that I can't stand you make me sick

Have you seen the tears that the boy cries
Have you seen the pain that he wears inside

So alive, the pain ensures that he really feels like a part of the damned.
Such a bitch, joy and smile are long gone, its just hate in small child rape land...he's
All locked up in a room with his devil it's all fucked up.
He's going down in pure revenge, so he saw how his best friend helped him
study and the score: justice done, a dead body

Wont you wait for him, wont you wait for him
They took all he had, what's left is all in his head


What the fuck is wrong with you ?
Depressed again or just gone insane again ?
Don't know what it is but I can't stand it anymore.
I'm strugglin ? to cope. Showing off again ? See my scars and tattoos ?
I wear mine on the inside. A constant annoyment in a moment that already
scares me and everyone else.
Is that what you want ? A concentrated glass bowl of despair, panic and sorrow.
I fuckin ?
Wear mine on the inside. I still need to ask a question though,
because I fuckin ?
Need to know.
What's your definition of arrogance ?
Is that what's shining through ?

Try to break me down. I'm immune to your disease.
Look into my eyes and the take one step back, please.
Execute deception. All pathetic and depraved.
There'll be no exception as to where my words are engraved.

No relief, an everlasting mind in peace.
Reality doesn't hurt me, but it will hurt you again.

Pain inflicted, sentence convicted. I don't need to see this through.
Easy solution made from hard confusion. I think you know the end.

No relief, an everlasting mind in peace.
Reality doesn't hurt me, but it will hurt you again.

Conquer the same old past. I don't regret that anger it seem to last in me.
You say I'm sick. I'm just confused to why my mind seems so abused. I'm not.

I need to take on myself. Only to teach myself.
Is that's what's hurting you now. I will be hurting you now.

No matches as my eye it catches your unable to see.
No regrets. I'm taking all bets all arranged by me

In time you will see truth

The Naked And The Dead

You know I can be like that man you can't see. Guess what's hiding in me.
It's that thing I stole from in sickness. I know you'll clean this blood off
my business and embrace me.

Now you can't stand it (don't ask me to)
Help just cuz you're stranded (I don't want to)
You know where you'll end up (not in my head)
Screaming and alone (between the naked and the dead)

Souls are lost in my kingdom
I've waited to see what you could bring

You'll fall


You'll fall into my possession, then you'll see
I'm Judas in black and I love it
You'll fall into my hands, where's your ripcord ? Hate me ?

Feel deceived and hated, thought you would make it, hold that glass and
break it, pull that smile and fake it.
Sit up and spit up
Really wish you would wake up

Souls are lost in my kingdom
I've waited to see what you could bring.
I'm heedless as I take you in.
And feed you my mind and sin

[r?p?ter refrain]

The purest of all black and damned souls.
Now I've claimed what was yours and I will use it as I damn well please.
You'll see me coming but you won't feel as I enter your body and rip out the
real you.

Inside you is me
As you act I breathe
Guess what's up my sleeve

Closed Eyes

It's hard to forgive a man who bought revenge with his soul.
A vein injected with a man's life and his goals.
It's in my face, it hurts and I fall into a hollow sphere.
Well, I don't want that to happen to me.

I don't want to see what my face might be.
Damn your shameful lies as my conscience it dies.

Stop and listen as silence roars out in the night.
One can't fake that anger and oh it's shining so bright.
Is this my fault, I will light it up to see. I will light it up.
I don't really see, I don't want to be. Is this my fault.
I don't see, inside of me a moment turns to infinity.

I don't want to see what my face might be.
Damn your shameful lies as my conscience it dies.

I just might hurt you my friend.

All that was left for me was destructive in misery.
I blame you for all that I did; it's eating me bit by bit.
How can all this be true, I blame it all on you.
Electrocuted with a sense of loss. Anxiety will see me through.

Flipping through the pages of a mind that hurts me.
Sometimes I wish that I could eject from this seat of pain I'm fuckin ?
placed in and let it go.

You tell me what you think of me and my sense of energetic rage compiled
into a ball of anxiety.
Do I need your help ?
Do I need you ?

Mechanical Spin Phenomenon


Blood on the walls, it embraces the fear that goes on in his mind as he cries out
Into the dark room he don't control and don't see and don't choose to see his work

He won't hesitate for a minute to reach for everything he ever wanted.
He could be that star, he could be the one. No complications when the game is won, he sees
City lights in an instant, he's going to light the night into a fire.
As he turns them down with a pitiful look, blessed nitroholic in a pickup truck, he burns.
He burns.

Stand or fall. Anger says it all.
Dance to his groove. Moral on the move.

Animal-like and he knows it, still he covers it up when he shows it.
He's got time to spare as he's turning it up. No hesitation as he's ready to drop, he screams.
Undefined and somewhat normal, still he's not aware he is mortal.
He's got eyes that glow with a beautiful light, a mechanical spin roaring in the night, he burns.
He burns.


Fuel driven to expand, memories burning in a mind-like tin can, it's hard to see,
Mechanical addict, a drug of choice, somatic/dynamic, it turns into an institution.
It's hard to forgive blind perspective. Evolve to conceive machine of beauty.
Veins bleedin blood red, electrified. Human yet still bred. Full automatic.
Concept of mind.

Anger grows in time. Dance to his groove. Moral on the move

Out of his mind for a minute, it seems like nobody is willing to let him
spin it. With a pounding heart in a body of steel. The mechanical spin with
a mind at the wheel.
He sees the...


Zero Gravity

Light I can See, Turn it out in me...
Wasted time to be, what you wanted from me

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