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My Swan Song | paroles / lyrics

Wolves Are Not Yours

6 times the pain, 6 times the hatred
6 times the sadness, insanity is storming in your hollow head
Weak followers of a past unknown
I spit with joy on your blind ignorance and puke at your so called wisdom
Wolves are not yours
My pain is yours
Until the end of time
Wolves are not yours
I am your curse
Until the end of night
7 visions, 7 howling tortures
7 times utopia trampled and I scream at this idiotic belief
I rise my fist to crush your damned oppression
Without the sun nothing, give us back our solar wheel...
Wolves are not yours
My pain is yours
Until the end of time
Wolves are not yours
I am your curse
Until the end of night
Bleak insights from desperate pits calling at the weaks,
Using of ancient signs that glorify their myth
Die bastard pigs
Leave us all here
Give me back my blood
I send you storms of revenge
To desecrate your lies!!
I 'm the kick in the ass of your fucking blindness
My freedom is my dearest treasure
And I will die for it
Never will I bow to your bastard idol
So rotten and so cold in his false misanthropy !
Wolves are not yours
My pain is yours
Until the end of time
Wolves are not yours
I am your curse
Until the end of night
Rise for your dreams, to survive, hold your swords high, there 's no
Face the truth, now it's time for the fake to obey or they 'll die !

Mourning Of A New Day

Down the red mountain
Each day I have to climb,
My eyes stare at you
The perfect sky, so high.
Down the red mountain
I fear to tread,
Close to catharsis
I fall like an autumn leave
Burnt and forgotten
Rivers of fear, I know...
So far from the end
Of this divine monument.
Light has never been,
No sun revealed,
My live never was...
I am not...I see them run,
I only live by their side,
Cyclic storms in my heart
Rage and brew so deeply.
I hate myself so much,
The worst is my pleasure,
I never dream,
Nightmares as my only friends
They surround me,
I am nothing...
I do not deserve to live
My mask won't hide me no more
Life appears to me just like nothing,
Nothing else but an epitaph
Unread by all.
And I drown in this void...
Each day, a new pain
Each day a new death.
The only way to preserve my creation
Is eradication, in a sigh ...
No blasphemy, no heaven in sight
Nothingness as a picture of my desires
That I will never, never paint.
The blood that feeds my life
Is not my own
My anemia is the sign,
I sink...
Down the red mountain
I fear to tread,
Close to catharsis
I fall like a dead leave

Song For A Ghost

I've never asked
To live this life of pain and suffering
I've never asked
To be part of this game.
My soul is tired
Of all the wars that are raging inside of it,
And I have no more choice
But to see the depths of my void...
Even if I breathe
The same air as everyone,
I know I am not
The kind that you'll try to understand!
Living in a dreamland is not my aim,
My eyes are open wide on my fate.
From the day I was born
I feel I am wrong,
But have I to die to fit in such a lie...?
My self Am hell,
They play with existence,
Generations made to obey,
I don't want to be this way...
To fulfill my few desires,
And to find a meaning to that,
I have no other solution
But to end the game...
I dream about days...
But I live in the night...
The dark side of life
Is only a game for the children
Who want to play evil
But that are nothing but clowns!
I understand clearly
That there is no other way for me
But to sink in my own tragedy
And to bear my cross in silence... I am already dead.


I have no sympathy for humanity
I dream of my end.................In this world of pain.
I bet there's no future, I know there's no true,
I wait for the silence finally to come through.
I am egocentric, I am as useless
As a needle the arm of Death
Withstand my wrath
But unveiled I am
For the ones who seek behind the painting.
That we all drawn from our darkest sins...
My colours are fading ............All appears so bleak.
Twisting the knife slowly and cutting my flesh,
There is no redemption, there is no regrets !
No fucking models, no bloody reasons
Nothing is done, nothing is said
We are meant to be wasted...
All is withering and dying, we are so futile and so blind
Contempt is flowing in my veins, can't you even drown in my eyes ?
I'll pay the price to kill that plague,
Ignorance is still source of denying.
The path we are striding on
Is made of the attempts of former slaves
To believed in existence.
But we are all condemned to remain silent,
Is the key for the for the tyrants to lock our door,
The door to reality...we are too blind to see!
Once denied and still rejected,
You hate the ones who dare
To raise against your corruption
And break the chains of despair.....
But I am the kind of fool you can only fear!!
I swear I'll never bow to you
A lord of flies, a shadow, a lie !
And now I know that I was true
As I hold you all in contempt.

Of Roaches And Shades

Smoke drifts from my lips
As words are hard to find.
In my vaporous memories,
I see the daylight's torn
Gazing at nothing,
I hear the roaches cross the floor,
Creeping around me, they celebrate my agony
Waiting as the vultures in the sunlight.
One more injection,
Before my angel calls me back
And reminds me my fate.
But what is the point to believe
In such a celestial creature,
When I am nothing else but a shade ?
In a glimpse of an eye I admire the beauty
Of my pathetic reflection in the dusty mirror.
I behold the void, my emptiness, the hollow shape of my futility.
When I face my life, I feel the cold of my distress,
My distress...
Blackness surrounds me, in between the grey.
No hope, no light, no life in the blue veins...
Now I hear them coming,
The roaches and the shades
They feel my warmth...
And crawl to my bare feet
To suck the last drops of my essence.
Nobody's listening, so I talk to myself
Trying to find out the light
I lost all contempt so very long ago,
Dreams inside never die...
I walk alone, no one beside me,
It is never as simple as black or white.
I should have known, no one will find me
As long as I stay in this shade of grey.
But do I really want to escape ?
But do I really want to escape ?
Dry tears are pouring down on my skin
Carving the letters of the last word...
Solitude...My name!!!
Dying in a ray of moon,
Laying on a bed of hatred
Sinking in a sea of madness,
Drowning in a nihilistic dismay.
Falling, and falling again
Like the body of the man hanged at the tree of his miserable life.
Breathing the lies of mankind, the message of the blinds
The apocalypse is so near
I can even smell their fears, The rope is so tight
My hopes, black as night,
I know there will be no more fight.
Free me...
You witness my fall and you laugh.
And I stay lying in this room
The Jaded Bottle in my hand, so empty...
I feel the roaches on my flesh...
Their path, my last caress
The pills are my last friends,
No shade above my end.
My life is of no use.

The Heretic Side Of Wisdom

Praying for an end to come
Craving for the redemption,
Engulfed in a morality
So blind and miserable.
Dying for a man unknown
Or an image so wrong
Killing on adrenaline
For the love of a fucking Beholder
Idolatry in my eyes
Burning the faith of the others
Untold rites that ceased to be
Rejoice for mine is the might
Hell! is nothing but a game!
For slaves to bow to you
Wake up dead man !
All faith is a pain,
A tool to enslave the weak,
Light is no more...
Walk on ! On your path to dismay !
Live all behind,
Over your fears,
Over your dreams,
Over your flesh...
In the corner of my mind
There is the thin line
Between lie and life
You obviously deny.
And I scream.....
For saviour to come
For my soul to drown
I am liberty!!!
I hold freedom in my hands...
The blade...that will open my veins
And spread the blood of freedom on this rotten soil!
Wise men no longer stalking this elegy of light
Which is mankind,
Your death as a cold breath,
An immeasurable loss.
Narrow minds are the new demons
And there shall be no more hope
Until the ancient skin is burnt...
And past is forgotten.
Hell! is nothing but a game!
For slaves to bow to you
Wake up dead man !
All faith is a pain,
A tool to enslave the weak.

I'll Be Your Shadow God

Feel my breath on your neck
Running down on your spine.
Unhealthy presence is wrapping you,
Remembering sins from the past.
As an eternal eclipse,
I will veil the sun for you.
You can run, but you'll have nowhere to hideYou will find no shelter.....
Hide and seek played in hell
And twilight nevermore.
My presence on your path
Won't be so innocent.
You'll drown in my sea
Of fury and misery,
Sharpen your instincts to live,
For I'll be your shadow god.
Wandering in forgotten temples,
Where angels fear to trade.
Yelling in between these velvet walls,
From where no one ever escaped.
The blood on your knees, the redemption.
Sinking in dismay
for I can not reach my desires,
I dream in blue,
the colour of the endless fall into oblivion.
I see my sanity flying, I see my self dying...
You kept me out of flames to throw me into the night
But my wings burnt the same.
Have you came here to play jesus
Walking on the waters of believers,
Holding your arms like a cross to be adored.
You drawn my essence,
My breath was yours
And yours were my dreams...
You crucified me, in agony
Restless I lay, until the end of this fucking day.
I can't no longer stand this world of bleakness
Doleful is the cost of life
But my heart is the perfect shrine
For my burial on this black cold winter day
At one with fear, for the glory of my dismay
Gloria...Awakening of the last day,
The last awakening, My last day.
I am made of clay and fears, I'm out of way
You will never heal my wounds, you'll never pay...
If a second coming is going to occur
Be sure I'll be waiting in the shades of dawn
Where I lay now...
Am I free or forever trapped ?
Under the wings, all have been said...been said...
The whispers of the angels
Are my final song
But do they sing for me ?
I don't think so...
But who cares ?
who ?


Smoke drifts from my lips
As words are hard to find in my memories
Beneath the open sky, searching for the end
But I am all alone in my misery
I see the daylight crushing down my fears
Thorns that have been placed as my crown of tears
Remind to all of you that you have to pay
Burning all your ideals
Burning all your lies
Burning all the bodies
Bodies, that raised against your tide
Living for the end
Waiting for your hand
Windows ablazed with light,
And leave me out of here
You have nothing to win
Except all my contempt
Shadow of the cross
Crawling at my loss
Fire's burning high,
Try to get out of here
Ashes on the floor
And purify my soul
I reject all dogma, all your lies
I respect nothing else but myself
I decide to live my life without your rules
I create my sins, mocking at your retaliations
Burning you in fever, burning is my answer
I just walk my way w ithout caring of you
You'll never have my pride
I'm tired of struggling all alone
I take my last breath as descends the dawn
I hear the roaches crossing down the floor
I have choose to pay, I joined the Resistance ?

Sine Sole Nihil

When the light is in your back
And the eve in your eyes
Do you feel the breath of anguish ?
Will you ever know
The fear to awake ?
Will you face the truth ?
I will...but it ain't a victory
Every night is a never ending book
Unread by many,
Written by all,
But once you stare at it,
Addiction to this doleful experience is a bargain
Without the sun, there is nothing
As I know it so well,
Then I can't be no more,
For I live out of the sun...
But if only...
Shadows are so close,
Even if I hate them
Now it is time to make a step further
Life is not on my side
But I will never surrender
I believe in this sun,
I believed in this life
I won't
The circles in the Circle,
Don't you know legions of pain
Always march on your light,
I am not the bringer of darkness
I am not the king of fools,
Just the river that streams through the ethereal landscapes of my own loss
And that carries the fallen leaves of your dying trees
The cycles in the Cycle,
Don't you know oblivion never forgets you...
Don't you know
To die in a sigh,
To live in a lie,
It is the same
The sound of the busy bees in my glass,
Reveals to me my destiny and its pleasure in agony

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