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Sycamore Grove | paroles / lyrics

Prélude N°3

[ Instrumental ]

Le Berceau De L'Ange

leaving a cradle of light
falling into hell at the first sight
staring at this new chaos
life embraces me without desire

touched by the hand of divinity
a wisdom as blind as me
I feel the stench of a putrid life
lies and suffering are but my fate

dropped in a desert field of hate
waiting for the unknown to harvest
(my ethereal crop)
a tear that vanishes before touching the ground
I feel nothing, nothing but my futility

lies, surrounded by lies, just tell me why ?
why do we have to foresee
our desolate fate as soon as we are born ?
we are puppets but who pulls the strings ?
dusk after dusk we crawl like vermin
on a ground that we don’t even posses
I live in a no-man’s land
a place held by hypocrisy
the hypocrisy of god and men

let the storm brew
and blow light away
I hate this world, I hate god
I hate you

haec ubi dicta...

I contemplate this bereaved soul
and I see through this diamond
a cradle filled with passion
opening on a shadowy coffin
poetry once spoken by the innocent child
who praises spectral sentiments

all the perfumes from the inner past
entwined with the magenta sky
warp me to suffer my delight
dusk, I pledge my allegiance to thee
this is my oath
innocence kneels down towards
the temptating night
futility of wisdom enthrones
the bereavement of my life
the quest for my equinoctial desires
you preachers of the untold
feel the blood that I cum
come to me, ye faithful darkness

thus, I reveal the coming raven under the growing moon

The Awakening

[ Instrumental ]

On The Wings Of The Black Rain

it rains in my soul someday
it rains on my soul
it rains

I feel the shadows overwhelming me
from the bottomless pit of sunken dreams
tearing my tormented soul apart
they call me from beyond...

beyond the horizon...
beyond their reason

twisted minds for perverse tastes
a lust consumed by a neverending fire
burn my son, light their path, behold their weakness
why am I denied

by your own hand
why have I to stand against this world of pain

drape me in this velvet veil, a rose on my skin
the thorns spread my bloody fear...sin

oh, pulsating beat of my inner storm, I hear the cries of thousand frightened
funeral crows that haunt human deepest deviances
seeking a truth for I can’t see reality, I search for a long time disappeard
heavenly ground where I could stalk, majestic...

embrace of the new Aeon
is like the weight of my crown
the whip to lash your faith
for I’ll soon be the conqueror of this dying world

I will unleash my wrath (oh black rain)
pour yourself into me

and I still long for a new day
trying to know how to keep me sane
withering like teardrops in the ocean
withering like flowers in the dust...

the sands of time over my shoulders (oh black rain)
show me the way...

feel the bitter tears falling into drops of wine
I reborn under the wings of the black rain

Equinoctial Desires

[ Instrumental ]

An Orchid In My Belfry

the stained glass windows as a philter reveal me veiled wisdom
through the icons once carved in blood I drawn secret visions of mankind
an occult light hidden by centuries of sorrow will shine again in my church

fear, hatred
torment, these are the foundations of my night
etrenal, moonless
colder than a death of thousand years in heaven

stars as my swans darken the hollow sky of your life
I’m a conqueror of kind that will never die
for hate in mankind will never wither
as the blue fire of my dreams which once turned black is burning again

hell, sin
just words I swear I’ll apply
heaven, or god
satan they are just foolish illusions

oh, I believe in my soul
no one will reject my spirit once again
as my shadow spreads its eerie gaters
and transcend my revenge

listen, listen to this prelude to your infernal journey
touch the thorns of my bloodmade crown
feel the pleasure of sadistic remembraces...
« more than anything, I pray to quit this embodied earth,
never again shall I live with this burden over my flesh »
all their souls just can’t reach nothing, for I refuse love to set my life...
the pillars of my faith are made of a stone which some call heart

now, yester, tomorrow, time is not my ally but suicide helps my church to grow.
(help me, help me, help me, save me)
among this penumbral light there’s still a glowing ember, there is this light
I can touch this orchid, I can feel it, I could...

and I have achieved my masterpiece
a psychotic palace of banished
remembraces, vanished in a desolate breath
I contemplate this unfertile fields that are mine...

preacher, sinner
dreamer that takes possession of time
father and son
gathered in one soul
forever at one as the firing candle in the dark
but who loves me ?

will I never be this one again ?

Last Ember From The Past

[ Instrumental ]

Goddess Of Lust

entombed in a city only known
by the ones who once loved
you lie for eternity but you haunt
the dreams of those doomed

in your necropolis you rule
the hearts of your servants
you’re filling your chalice with the love
and blood of those who kneel down to you

my beloved you are here
spreading your wings like a bird of prey
my beloved you are here
waiting in the shadow the end of the day

goddess of lust, you’re my goddess of lust
a vampiric soul for an age of doom
in your breast of fire are hidden
all the treasures you stole from men
(beneath the azuream ring you rule supreme)

a beautiful whore
this is what you are
my goddess of lust


beyond the edge of night
as a silent wind you cross the fence of human desires
the night bird of a dark nature
repelling the spell that gods cast on you

you’re still flying through
my demonic witch
my beloved queen of night
queen of night

among the vanished souls
that you once devoured
you roam to me

and you smile at my sight

and I die at your sigh

whispers that surround me
your wings are my coffin

secrets unveiled, secrets unveiled
secrets unveiled, I pledge to your poetry

take me in your arms and drown me
in the neverending sea of your eyes
I sink in my destiny, my destiny

Récital Pour Une Agonie Céleste

out in the cold embrace of night
I wonder why life is so dark
my beloved goddess withered away
leaving me hopeless, sad and unsane.

...whispers in my heart...

mon empire de marbre ou siégeait celle qui était la muse de mon art
vibre des frémissements de mon âme assaillie par la colère et le temps
jamais, oh jamais je ne t’oublierais le tourment subi par la faute des dieux
je jure, indolent, de dresser ma bannière par delà les frontières de la croyance
puissance et souffrance sont les armes qui achèveront ma vengeance
a songless bird in an empty sky...

délivrez moi de cette folie funeste qui me torture, oh fougue céleste.

L’héritage d’une vie décalée
récompense amère d’un plaisir sucré
le doute sans fin erre dans mes veines et drape ma vie comme le vent caresse les plaines
subtile éclipse au creux des reins de la mort laissant apparaître une lumière nouvelle.

Anguish on my side, sadness as my friend
I wander soulless between stone and dust
between night and day, between fear and trust
between her eyes and her lips, between tomorrow and yesterday

cette tour est mienne...

this babel elegy I build my self beholds my life
my inner shell, kneeling down the ground from where I would escape
I try tears of regrets
my heart plays a hellish symphony...

Deities In The Dew

the twilight as a veil covers yours will
in the shadows of the night the dreams I sow become my pride
the stary vault beholds my reign and light my throne
I awake so close to death that my life holds to a breath

while morpheus opens his arms
I exhumate all my desires
for I dig graves with all yours fears
symbols and signs that bleed you dry

flying far from mortal life
forgetting your tranquillity
I will stand for sovereignety
a new god, this is what I will be

I rule the land of earthly things that rise their hands
for they acclaim the new era, my kingdom of pain
blind fools they are, but sinner I am in my heaven
I reach the shores of confusion through endless wisdom

and I wonder

through the eyes of a sad ghost the world appears so cold
to have a revenge on the past made of me a sinfull beast
the sweet caresses I used to feel
carve now and forever my name on the stone
an epitaph unread by all, anger blinds my hollow eyes

mine she is with the stars
higher than god I will be
I’ll crush his last infamy

flying far from mortal life
forgetting your tranquillity
I will stand for sovereignity
a new god this is what I will be

in the haze of dawn lies my deception

Empyreal Despair

ashes in the garden
poussière d’étoile sur le lit du destin
blood flowing in the garden
la nouvelle étoile illumine le présent
the snake that crawls in the garden
un velours qui recueille le réveil
wearing clothes of a naked god
subtile éclipse au creux des riens de la mort
in the garden, in the garden
laissant apparaître une lumière nouvelle
through crystal in bloom
melancholy shines
in this garden of mine
I lay down in the haze

car la nuit engendre l’aurore

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