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Irony Is A Dead Scene [EP] | paroles / lyrics

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Irony Is A Dead Scene [EP] - Dillinger Escape Plan (The)

album  : Irony Is A Dead Scene [EP]
groupe : Dillinger Escape Plan (The)
sortie   : 2002

+ paroles Dillinger Escape Plan (The)

Hollywood Squares

Game over, you win.
Game over, I win.

The Sleigh bells are a-ringing, the children they are singing
The memories are fleeting, a little game of {Paper, Scissors, Rock}

The wedding Bells are ringing, the shotgun is a-singing
Now (?) your fingers steady, a little game of {Paper, Scissors, Rock}

A lion tamer yelling, your first piano lesson
A 4--leaf contraceptive, we play a game of {Paper, Scissors, Rock}

A sweaty palm reading, a lucky shot of whiskey
Now come and rub my belly, a little game of {Paper, Scissors, Rock}

O's and X's
Hollywood Squares
X's and O's
Bloody Tic-Tac-Toe

Not in your song
I'm not your singer
Not in your poem
I'm not your stanza
I'm not a color in your rainbow
But now which team
Are you rooting for ?

We're Hollywood Squares
We're going nowhere

I'm an' 'X'
You're an 'O'

And this is the end...

The End

Pig Latin

Do you remember where you were on that day ?
A day of life sentences and x-rays
My name was on that birthday cake

Your mother, your father, your brother, and the thing under the covers
Your lover, the others, the leeches, and the serpents and the suckers
Your mother, your father, the babies and the nurses and the doctors
Your lover, the others, the waiting room, the gurney and the druggers
Your mother, your father, the comas and the way the spirits hover
Your lover, the others, I thought I wasn't smart enough to suffer

Speaking pig latin
Kiss me goodnight
Dreaming white satin
Kiss me goodnight

Freedom---tying your legs down
Freedom---fucking your brains out
Freedom---blowing the candles out
Freedom---waving to the crowd

And I hate long goodbyes anyway...

When Good Dogs Do Bad Things

I'm the best you'll ever have
You're the best I'll never have


Here kitty kitty kitty


listen through the walls
the sound of quick footsteps sneaking down the hall
the pages turning
the leaky roof
the toilet flushing
numbers on the license plate

I'm nothing more than
The best you'll never have
A speck on your bedroom wall
A blood red waterfall


Your dead things are locked up inside
Blow smoke rings straight back in time
Roses floating out with the tide
Dance and sing under gunfire
Open wings slowly take flight...

Around these parts a fly can live---
A fly can live a thousand years
but a man cannot die soon enough, true enough

A smiling drunk nursing a glass of milk
A girl with a face like prison bread
Over the kitchen noise I hear them howl at me

A scabby ketchup bottle and a two-dollar bill
I guess its time to pay the bill, but you know I never will
I'm hungry still...

Run away (x4)

Mercy killing on the way
Never thought I'd hear you say
Falling to your knees and pray now...

In this crowded place I could swing a cat
And not even hit a soul...
It's just the lonely vacuum of human black holes

And I'm as dry as these thirsty trees
with big city thoughts in the dirty breeze...
promising to set me free
"waiter, check please..."


Come To Daddy

I want your soul.
I will eat your soul.
Come to Daddy.

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