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Under The Running Board | paroles / lyrics

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Under The Running Board - Dillinger Escape Plan (The)

album  : Under The Running Board
groupe : Dillinger Escape Plan (The)
sortie   : 1998

+ paroles Dillinger Escape Plan (The)

The Mullet Burden

such worthless crust and crazed
now cring to slap the wrist
i sense you cracked and weak
the nonexistent won't care
when you fail to wake
i sense you cracked and weak
i wonder if you would
i wonder if you could
please just a small taste
of the offer unrefused
bonded by a muddy crippled story
and now i wonder if you really ever could
you're no good
self-sodomize once more
yet fragile and tight
a reckless mangled conscience
with only the imbalance of evils
wait for guidance
end it all now

Sandbox Magician

now who's the fool ?
strip it off
and scale the wall
i am the mask
that talks inside the concrete flesh
i am the king
now tell me nothing
i am the fool for a day
concrete playground
hides the valley
make me the king
so i can strip it off
who is the fool today ?
friend ?
a new idea
from your stagnant mind
and you must always
fall before the clown
i can beat you
i can cheat you
be you ?

Abe The Cop

as if in a dream
only one man
can know
he tastes the dirt
he chews the dirt
the dirt
the filth
now swallow
the filth of it
cold sweat
runs down slow
just choke
the filth of it
now swallow
mixed withhot tastes of blood
and the cold taste of defeat
i want to die
jsut one more time
roll over and die
white lights mad and MANIACAL
seep out dark brick walls
just shun heavens thunder
while laughing at the sky
with a hiss of the nightmare's downpour
laughing at the sky
now wake up and... DIE
just one more time
as if in a dream
only one more time
i must die

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