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Do We Speak A Dead Language ? | paroles / lyrics


["Intro" contains an excerpt from a King speech which appears]
[courtesy of Intellectual Properties Managment, Atlanta, Georgia,]
[as exclusive licensor of the estate of Martin Luther King Jr.]


What's up! Death on this kid who belives the mic,
Blood on the soul so what that inside be like,
A cross carrier with journeys upon self I,
Efforts to ashes and hands to the skym Child of light! Child of light!
Make solid the climb and let's see some new heights right! right!
So am I trying to find life in what's been dead ? Yes! So recheck the mind set!
Empower! Can't slip! Empower! Empower! Positive! Come alive!
What up with self ? What up with self ?
Can't give up no love unless I deal with my own hell-dig,
It's all about wrecking the age of self-defeat,
dignity worth of all human personality,
We must belive on our trust potential,
Our life has the true meaning and value of now,
Our only hope today lies in our ability to lift ourselves from this ever-rising hell!
Take your life back! Give me life to live!

Eyes Shut Tight

Come with the bloody moon and the chaos,
Gog and magog triple six reigns over spirits lost.
Satanic nations and thrones reign and slay,
but solid is super-souls love and righteous pathways,
Asking me why I ain't down with the bloodshed,
wicked fool we approve of lies as eternal truth,
Worship the mark of the beast demonic feast,
Seven the seals sacred faith no need to pack steal,
No "geed-up" rap anywhere up and on me,
Strictly KRS, Public Enemy, Bob Marley, Mad ups to MLK and the infintie Ghandi,
Doom to the demons that dominate all around me.
Deep in the soul fool,
you know you aint right running around with your eyes shut tight!
I know what it's like to not want to see the sunrise,
So shattered the pictures on fire, the winter never lies,
but that chemical won't allways keep the empty space full,
Bludgeon corrode desecrate the body temple,
Half the fools we know yes they sick style sprung,
Deeper and further from ourselves I have always watched us run,
From the family perspective yes I've watched the dope wreck shit,
Deep "veteranos, Tequatos" fool this childhood knows!
Deep in the soul,
Fool you know you ain't right going around with them eyes shut tight!
Further away from ourselves! Further away from the truth!
You can throw the set in the sky,
But the eternal majestic Mount Zion you can't deny.
A gat, a clip, a hollow-tip with your name on it,
loving to trip but one day you'll get caught up and slip!
So cheap a death but my brother so precious is life,
speaking the language of fratracidal sights,
You do like "Cain" did "Able" you love to watch your brother's blood,
Flow fool tell me no! Spirit so cold! Denial!

Keep On Breathing

Ya best come correct! Step correct! 818 on the map psychological mand trap.
Step to a fool and I'll bet he's got a gat,
Paranoia principle has got us strippin' so,
three dot lifestyle has got us running hell of miles,
It's all that we know, it's all that we do, seen and done.
So many homicides we thinking it's right fool,
My brothers down to slay me daily cyco sickness within us - damn it's getting rough.
I will survive! I will survive y'all! I must survive! Life on the line I said keep on breathing!
'Ya Best come correct! What's up dog ?
Don't numb yourself because this is a hell, Wicked one!
Wicked one out for self, Not only in L.A., but it's jumping off worldwide.
From L.A. to Belfast to genocide at "wayside."
And if killing my brother means survival then I'll take this bullet with all of the love of my soul.
You can call me a punk but I ain't givin' up. Solid givin' my life see!
Whatever the cost may be ? Juice, Coke, Yeska, Heroin, Doses,
making fools-snap now I got to live around that!

I will survive! I will survive y'all! I must survive!
Life on the line I said keep on breathing!
The worst kind of man kills his brother! God help us!

Hurl A Stone

All are guilty of judgment and seeing what we only want to see,
And the dangers of false pedestals is illusive self-moral supremacy,
So quick to magnify the faults inside of one another,
Then the flames of out own darkness can ignite and we become what we fear.
Cast you judgment! Hurl a stone!
Does criticism crush or heal the heads that we oppose,
Because the brothers we see living are the ones we should love the most,
By tearing down another living soul we cannot build,
Arrogance is of no value and what will it fulfill.
Cats your judgment! Hurl a stone!
Let's not fool ourselves our hearts are solid steel and cold-blooded,
With most intentinions to humiliate and to applaud our hearts of darkness,
And when we make honest truthful steps towards compassionate healings
we will have no time to citicize because we will find ourselves the most sickening.
You know it!


It's immoral to encourage others to accept injustice you do not endure,
Such superficial optimism a deepness not so pure,
Anesthetic presence with an undefined concern,
With images so glorified but still where is our cure.
Give! Where's your fire ?
Movements definition unclear amid definite crises,
Retreating carelessly with persuasions that seem to never end,
And must immarilty become so monumental before we see ?
Give! Where's your fire ?
Out my face! Out my face!
Pseudo-intellectual moderate steppin' to dis,
And you say that my concerns don't burn with validity,
Trying to check me got nothing to prove "be",
On with the privilege shit-talking blood of my people your mocking,
If it came down to dying I would see that ass running,
Say full belly-buster you willing to suffer and put your ass on the line and fool help me gets mine!
Give! Where's your fire ?


Birth to this emptiness conception inlovelessness.
Spiritless hands show no caress. There was no embrace from tearstained faces.
Environment bottomless compassion was motionless.
Weary eyes will only see the depths of captivity here in this perpetual misery.
Hate's piercing sound disfigures the soul in the stream of my tears
I lay in their mold!

Do you got any love in your heart ? Unfeeling! Unfeeling! Unfeeling!
I touched my innermost self with its healing.
Threw myself down at the feet of its mercy
the stone of my heart met its defeat love emptied me filling me with serenity.
It's a light that want to embrace me,
I was not of love still it accepted me whole
and where there was nothing left there is lovein the soul. Love is not weakness!
Love is power!
Love is truth!
Love is endless!
Love is your forgiveness!
Love is your sacrifice!
Love is your faith!
Love is your trust!
Love is your hope!

Against The Spirits

There is a God and I bow and you will hate me for it!
Duty to humble my soul to a speck of dust and you'll hate me for it!
Ageless understanding of love from the heavens and you'll hate me for it!
Serenities balance is my innermost peace and you will hate for it!
Your world is against the spirits! This is day is against the spirits!
I gladly detach my soul from the lies that sicken this day.
Disregarding the metric wickedness that decays my inner space.
There is something inside myself that can't become this "sickness."
Reminded once more that the quest for the top is coldness!
I will love God of "Zion" with all my heart and you will hate me for it!
Intentions will be so helples and you will hate me for it!
I will love through resurrecting eyes and you will hate me for it!
Self exultation is the opiate of the masses.
Your world is against the spirits! This day is against the spirits!


Say come killer! You know it is sickness! You can't deny it sockness!
Yes greed is sickness! Greed is sickness! I am not a lower form of human life!
All none son nagging sense of nobodiness.
Deep disappointment slave among abundance.
Who lives it knows it as I flow the theme.
These conditions extreme deepest evil unseen I'm putting up with what is unjust.
But truth lifts with a swiftness just like dust.
Are we givin' the realm to reach our highest ability.
That's the question see word up 'cause I don't see it be!!
I am not a lower form of human life! Kill greed! Say come killer!
They taken the food from the mouths of the ones that need to be the most fed!
They taken the food from the mouths of the ones that been left for dead!
They taken the food from the mouths of the ones that have been treated as human debris!
They taken the food from the mouths of the ones who will embrace divinity!
Poverty is the worst form of violence! I am not a lower form of human life!

Pocket Full Of Fatcaps

Twelve was the age that set me off with the "graff" style.
While zapp bumping, gang banging was hype with the juvinile.
Graff grabbed my mind which led to expression and thought.
Seventh and Hill I used to bus kill with "snap" and "skill"
Fake bus passes with all city access, Insides and outsides going up was a must.
Paying much "dues" from the "valle" to "Los",
"One-Times" is on the sweat and they jacking for piece-books.
Pocket full of Fatcaps!So what's up and where you at!
Tag-banging toys hit me up like what you write "ese".
But I'm not about beef just the burners and sketches.
And respect is gained from the flavor of you phlexin'.
Not by "capping" a piece and dissing tags for attention.
Serious world-wide aerosolic expression.
So focus the mind hit some surface and stop trippin'.
Pocket full of Fatcaps! So what's up and where you at!
Graffin' up in L.A. you can't act stupid and play,
striking up in the wrong hood could mean your last day.
Most every set has a blovk and every block has a mad set.
With sick evil fools who love to see blood-hit pavement.
L.A. area hip-hop under threats of existing.
B-Boy culture in violence peace as purpose is drifting.
So tag-banger afraid to be a real gangster.
Get schooled on some roots and get that mission together.
Graffiti writer ghetto culture provider.
Facsist activist don't want me to exist. Propagated media hype.
Stereo-type you try to make me look like the one with the "gat" abd "knife".
Lies after lies classist racist and mythical.
But even suburbia child is down with ghetto cultural.
Fears got three strikes. SKATE gets all the love I got.
Under the influence of the hardcore that can't be stopped.

Sangre De Mis Manos

Mi espirto ya esta cansado de cadensa psychologicas de porbesa,
Ahorra me quito mis manos de mis ojos ey miro la relidad,
Ey porque acceptamos positions sub-servillente sin preguntas!
No tenemos que viver asi!
De nacimento nos ensenan que creer que los blancos son mejor que los morenous,
Ey se emponen a acceptar la dominacion de hombres sobre mujeres,
Estos tradiciones tienen que acabar siempore!
My spirit is already tired of the psychological cadence of poverty.
Now I take my hands from my eyes and look at reality.
And why do we accept subservient positions without question ?
We don't have to live like this!
From birth they teach us to believe that the whites are better than blacks

And they persist in accepting the domination of men over women.
These traditions must be finished forever and ever!
Sangre de mis manos!

Todos somos ninos de dios ey ningun gobierno puede negar lo,
Ni dinero ni politica puede ebfrentar la verda que es eterna,
Postivo advance social aqui no es enivetable, Pero que queremos en est dia ?
La verda "o" una vida de menttiras!
All of us are children of god, and no government can deny it.
Neither money nor politics can confront the truth that is eternal.
Positive social advance isn't inevitable here.
But what do we want in this day ? The truth, or a life of lies ?
Sangre de mis manos!


Try to understand who I am my pops is an intelligent black man.
My mom's locked up in "s-i-b-l-brand" Damn!
It's like they're handing me planned positional placement,
inheritance parents mistaken left my soul aching,
hurting painful let downs are burning fire inside!
Fire inside's is what I got right!
Unjustified lies life died so I picked up a "mic", microphone the danger curse,
this earth's done got them tears dripping.
Lifetime of decline got me blind to the real sign,
running around helpless selfish direction less spiritual savior get me flexin' that will to live.
Horrifying! Horrifying!
Shot one! Shot one tell them how your soul fell!
Closet bigotry insecurity I see from the ones closest to me I see this disease,
complexion sways your mental direction, privilege culture subliminal racist,
stereotypical wak and mythical lies must go,
prejudging human beings that you are seeing,
millions of "Mark Fuhrmans" within my midst,
but flesh does not determine what is within.

Sickness (Reprise)

Say come killer! You know it is sickness! You can't deny it sockness!
Yes greed is sicknes
I am not a lower form of human life! Kill greed! Say come killer!
They taken the food from the mouths of the ones that need to be the most fed!
They taken the
Poverty is the worst form of violence! I am not a lower form of human life!

Permanent Days Unmoving

The minute is hard and it walks an unfit honest mile alone.
The truth laid out to wait rest well and die cold.
I know the method lips drawn wide to turn and sway.
To smile behind the biting tongue. Each of us danced well in lies.
The hand the handle and the sword.
Lies there are those of us who will embrace lies and yet if it comforts us we will do what lies do...
When I confess there is no truth demons remain sleepless inlove with blood starved souls forgotten without sounds...
Between birth and death lies will whisper deepest disintegration before the living.
Lies fashioned with the images of angelic faces.
IT grows into a stillness and we will responde lies can I speak of deepest deaths unseen...
Pearl teardrops will fall from the faces of undeserved suffering... Forcing
permanent days unmoving...
Slicing clean but not as deep and waht equals scars will tell pain runs hard hate runs clean and on the floor your whitlings fell.
Because this monster begets the monster...
Myself and the thorn of fear that the selfsame well from which my laughter comes would also bleed with my tears...

Ashes In Hand

Sex kills!
We will look into the eyes of the other and lie and say that we love them.
Then strip the innocence given and create destruction we will never truly comprehend.
The ultimate act of sharing is reduced to the ultimate act of taking.
Seconds of trembling flesh is not worth years of inner suffering.
Taken away!
Sex kills!
Do my eyes betray what I feel and see. Exploitation leads to the abondoned seed.
This is no sexual liberation we have accepted desecration.
And when they've taken! And taken!
Beyond hope and healing left alone with your feelings.
Your mourning will hav eno mercy. It will steal from so much more than your body.
Taken away! Sex kills!
I would rather seek the peace of self.
Then play the games that force the scars of lifelong insecurity.
Frightening desires for dominant position when all we should be doing is loving!
Taken away! Sex kills!
Sex is a weapon!

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