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When Forever Comes Crashing | paroles / lyrics

My Unsaid Everything

I said that name and skipped a heartbeat
I said it with a second chance and a forgetful smile
I said it with the faint glimmer of suicide
I tasted my wreckage in our conversations
deep under the faint hums of far gone engines
With all signal flares blazing we lay somewhere inbetween
the smear of yellow lines and empty promises
I long for the grant of wings
I long for the dead of night when all of this passes
You never meant those three words
now I can't remember how to set my heart alight
You never meant a word, not a fucking word of it
I am so sick of goodbyes
I'm so sick of committing suicide
I am so sick of the inbetween now and then
So sick of swinging the hammer
So sick of my suicide
of burying every hero that I had

The High Cost Of Playing God

Falling head over heals for burden and bright light
A high cost of playing god I guess
Please, tell me how to survive in this
The unforgiving role of seeing too much
under the dead wake of morning
I'm finding solace in a diseased heart
and I'm findling love in acts of desperation
You're no angel my friend, you're no angel
And here we are teetering on the edge of tired departure
and there you are with a blessing from below
With one drop for every callous ending
and one drop for every ungranted wish
Spare me the day when I discover a new found low

In Harms Way

Good night dear angel
I won't be back here in burden
I don't think we'll ever meet again
She said that antiseptic words are just sorry answers
and I'd have to agree
No, I don't think we'll ever meet again
We give everything for nothing
Make me an offer I can't refuse
Give me a reason and I'll give you an excuse
I get lost in eyes like that
Thanks but no thanks
God never did me and favors


There was nothing that I ever wanted more
than for you to hold this deep within your heart
To lay beside me as my halo bums deep to cinder
and to the wale me from my tired life
To give this ghost a home again
When you fall short and I fall short
this is where I pretend I'm as tall as the sky
Now there is no comfort in your apology
and no comfort in this shame
This is where I can duck for cover
from the overwhelming, from the forever overhead
For the heart, for old time's sake, I'll stay warm with this
Numb from the neck up
She married me with a sypathy kiss
She married me with her heart shaped tomb
These days daydreams don't burn as bright as they us to
and your broken promises are boiling over
Every syllable my swinging hammer
and every hesitation is a loss to them
In the name of those lost to you
for them this time it is war
For me it's easier to just walk away
The Lowest Common Denominator
Everything is not going to be okay

Towing Jehovah

Well worn wings crumble too tired to forgive
and too battered to ever forget
I am the labor, I am this
I hang as your beloved hex
I'll bring the nails, and fevers of bad dreams
Nail him, burden her
Kill you, bury them, it's all the same
Holding your rope, try to forget me now
Great leveller, try to forget my name on a day like this

When Forever Comes Crashing

For the swarms will come and reap your daydreams
With love and hope
For the fears and blood stains faith are woven
With her yearn for war
And the sadder song of broken wings
heard through the battered pavement among this city
Deafening, it betrays me in the sweetest of dreams
These moments can't avoid you
Tonight the lonesome sky opens wide
Forgive me
2 AM
My city lights burn bright as day
catching the flattering silhouettes of the tired and the damned
Here I am tapped clean out of respect
walking waist deep in ruin
If this is need then I never wanted you
Your love was paralyzing
This is a monument to our everything
before our forever comes crashing
I loved you

Ten Cents

I'm losing sleep a thousand miles away from my you
Unloved in the dialtone
It's just not that simple when the perfect words
just don't ever seem to fit
She just slipped under harmony
and now I'm empty handed
I'm just half empty, a second best
Somewhere it's too soon
Just not enough
It's never enough

Year Of The Swine

You carry the loyalty of dogs
so you shall be led to the slaughter as swine
It all seemed so real when you whispered
adorned with the best of intentions
Bleeding softly
It's late and my ears can't listen
and there is no one to lift me to my feet
But still I dream of you
twisting and contorting beneath a garbage bag veil
And this is how it ends
Pretty and black as the soul
Just for one split instant I want to be the lucky one
Not to have the pleasure
of tasting the salt of my own tears when we kiss

Love As Arson

All these fairy tale forevers welcome everyone in
and it's no wonder that she fell from this great blue sky
I can still taste my defeat on these lips
and you still have Hell welled up in your eyes
I will burn that bridge when we get to it
Erase the sun
To those who've killed this hope, a presage
I will rise again
Phoenix in flight, I'm here to break your wings
I welcome this
I won't let this heart stop beating
I will rise again and again and again
I will rise again

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