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Petitioning The Empty Sky | paroles / lyrics

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Petitioning The Empty Sky - Converge

album  : Petitioning The Empty Sky
groupe : Converge
sortie   : 1998

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The Saddest Day

And we won't be breathing in that same sun again
None of this will ever surface again
How we get older, how we forget about each other
And the angel falls to the sky
Raised and coiled she blessed this day she did
And it rings our ears
She rarely flies anymore, burden broke her wings
And I know this ghost, I have seen it before
Young it is the dying too fast, too soon, I'll be okay
The air thins in the quick and our lips move but we hear no sound
She whispered "Every time you justify, another good in you dies"
Your faith and fear seared me, and love and you pull all the right strings
"How we get older, how we forget about each other", she said
Entwined within the sadder of days


The cedar doesn't do much for these memories
I am as cold as the monuments you left for me
And another one passes in the evening
A knee deep grave and the two that raised
and a tin box for the two that I loved
And I carry on
Please lay out my best suit for me
and tell me every word you want to hear
Every word you have said to yourself to be perfect in the end
and I carry on
A tin box for the two that loved
Carry on


Five lives dead and gone
We breathe out of key and wonder
if you can hear the awkwardness in these tremors
Draining, cutting this cancer out
Teeth gaping yet I make no sound
Six hammers and one sky, falling
Five lives dead and gone
Mediocrity in believing in everything
and this lack of will has buried them forever


You never loved me
now I cannot lie down in that bed
I cannot lie down in all of those old fears
I haven't slept, singe the colors from my glances
If I was bleeding, would you tell me ?
If I was speaking, would you hear me ?
You asked for everything but never loved
If I was praying, would you kill me ?
You never loved me


I float above and these wings catch, and your sky hold you so beautiful
And I understand if all this comes falling, because my sky already has
And my head bows, all of this I know
And all of your precious love, you can paint as light as you see
And you can make reasons for everything
But as long as I dream some thing will always be
Gun in my mouth, I pray for the sunshine
Gun in my mouth, I pray for the sunshine

Buried But Breathing

For the dying beautiful and the infinite end
I never got to say, I never had the chance to listen
I missed that train
Buried but breathing with this evening's sleep
Buried but breathing, these devils weep

Farewell Note To The City

Disenchanting the romantic
This is the real, this is the shame
These limbs search feverishly for the gift of gravity
Coarse twine tears clean
And I have thought about this very instance for all time
Decades longer than you or I
Crimson comforting, scorching this flesh
giving its caring for me
And I have thought about these moments for all time
dangling from a silver lining
these lungs welcome the crimson tide of misfortune
Hell to pay
This is my farewell to this city

Color Me Blood Red

Please love, just come home again
Just let this one pass, there will be another
And in this laughter before the pain
Every deliberate hung by my left hand
Eyelids fludder and warm water floods my nostrils
Neck deep I cry high
Together we sleep, slouched discolored porcelain
dreaming of those elucid moments
when smiles hung high
Limbs outstretched
A bad moon rising
Faucet turning
Desolation churning
Drowning in what we've become
Neck deep I cry high
I have spilled dry for you
and you cannot fathom the notion
that it was the end of something
This is our end

For You

And I cannot stop shaking because you cannot stop shaking
and these chords they are trembling because your words they are bleeding
And these holes in my hands are for you, just for you
She called out to her maker to now be her savior
My love, these holes in my hands are for you, just for you

Home Song

For words, two minutes, three years
for my fingertips to grow numb
Could this be the moment
when the "finally" becomes the "wish I could" ?
Desperation and outstretched memories
now I see you only in bad dreams
I never reset
I only see you in bad dreams
Let me explain
Close enough to feel your words
Far enough to read your flesh

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