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Formulas Fatal To The Flesh | paroles / lyrics

Heaving Earth

Before that which is, all was not
Less the Sweet Waters of Habsu
Chthhulhu Amah-Ushumgal-Anna
Triumvirate of Most High

Spirits of the Deep Waters, remember
Humbaba, Lord of the Forest, remember

From the Sweet Bitter all that is came
Creation of man and their gods
But man, fashioning overwhelm
Could not see the Light which he holds

Spirits of Purifying Flames, remember
Anunna, Gods of the Skies, remember
Anunnaki, Judges of Ur, remember
Anunnaki, Weighers of the Truth, be praised

The gift of flesh
Was in fact life's curse
Although born one in the same
In Spirit, but the flesh all too coarse

Discord, among the gods of men
Although they were brothers
Diversities grew
Overshadowing their connection
On the clearest of days they are
One in the same
Pettiest of purpose
Degenerates things to their crudest form
Being loathsome to Habsu
Zi-Zi Badur-Ku-Ku, Kanpa

Warring, in the Belly of Tiamat
Brothers do battle
Principalities of folly
Disturb the Mummu
The One Who Bore All Was
Appalled by their ways
Her Dream Time was of no peace
Their fleshly behavior
Overbeating and proud
She despised them
Zi Zi Anunnaki, Kanpa

The Ways of the Underworld are Perfect
Not to be questioned by that of the brute
Clearly beyond the understanding
Of that which is ruled by the drives of the flesh
For whom shall then oppose
The Lights of Asag, Purifying Flames
Come child, the Anunnaki wait
Truth is the Weapon no pity it holds

The ways of the flesh
Barbaric behavior patterns
Flesh over Spirit, the motivator of the worthless
The ways of the flesh
The evolution is minimal
I watch as your kingdoms rise and fall
Causing no effective change
Your military
Command structure of impotence
A gross misuse of force
By leaders who lack in vision
Your gods
Evidence of your weakness
Your focus is one with delusion
You worship that which means your end

Rise up, O Mahummuhu
The Judgement is passed
The treachery is clear
They shalt become empty like the wind
The emptiest of shells so shall they be
O Great Mother
The Armies shall rise with Weapons
No pity they hold
From Your Great Mummu
The Serpents shall come
Venom for blood
And the Glory of Gods

Spirits of the Flames, remember
Anunna, Gods of the Skies, remember
Anunnaki, Judges of Ur, remember
Anunnaki, Weighers of the Truth, be praised

Mahummuhu Gal-Gal
Me-Gal-Gal-Zu Ga Hul
Me-Gal-Gal-Zu Ga Hul

Prayer Of Hatred

Blessed be the Ones
The Most Ancient Ones
Blessed be the Ones
Who where here before and after remain
Blessed be the meekness of the flesh
I watch as it withers and dies

Come with Storm and
Blow the flesh from this earth
Come with Flood and
Wash away the flesh from this earth

The mighty of this world are only
Mighty of the flesh
But that of flesh
Is crushed by that of the Mountain
For it is written that
The future of flesh is dust
You are but a shall
Your wine something unsees

Come with Fire and
Burn the flesh from this earth
Make the Earth upheaval
May it swallow up the flesh of this earth

Your dreams
Mundane delusions of Malkuth
My dreams
The Continuum Force that devours all things
That eat the flesh and drink the blood
Uruku, My brothers
It is your time to feed

Your will
Empty promises you can't fulfill
My will
Brings avalanches of abundance
Of the Gods circulate within my veins
I lie in wait
Being that erodes all things

Bil Ur-Sag

Bil Ur-Sag
You quake the earth
Scorcher of skies
Your Towers of Flames
You've come to Cleanse the treacherous act
You've come to Tame the rebeliousness

Bil Ur-Sag Lul-Lu Nig-Hul Tur
Ha-Elm Zalag
Za-A-Kam Me-Lam-Ma-Bi-Du
Ki-Bal-A Su-Sa

Unmatched Your Principle is unopposed
The Light You hold unmatched is unopposed
You glide across and beneath the lands
Your Affects engulf the rebeliousness

Ur-Sag Zi-Ga-Ni Naphar Ajjabi
Sa-Par-Mah-Zu Diri La-Magiru
Sin Su-La

Your Battle Roar seeds
No shield can withstand
The Seven Weapons of Flame
The Principal Force that You wield

The hostile ones are held
The insubmissive are
Brought to their knees
For they cannot counter
Your massive assault upon them.

The ill-natured
You've Burned from our land
Hostile gatherings You've Tamed
You were unmatched
No counter could be found
With Fury and Flames
You Scorched their aggressiveness

Bil Ur-Sag Lul-Lu Nig-Hul Tur
Ha-Elm Zalag
Za-A-Kam Me-Lam-Ma-Bi-Du
Ki-Bal-A Su-Sa

[ Traduction anglaise ]

* Bil Ur-Sag Lul-Lu Nig-Hul Tur Ha-Elm Zalag *
O Lion-head, Your awesome Blaze of Fire consumed the gathering of the
treacherous and the ill-natured. Purifying them.

* Za-A-Kam Me-Lam-Ma-Bi-Du Ki-Bal-A Su-Sa *
It is Thine Aura, awful lights, overwhelming the enemy lands

* Ur-Sag Zi-Ga-Ni Naphar Ajjabi Sharush *
O lion-heads, with Your most awesome Rising power.
Destroyer of the gathering of the enemy gods.

* Sa-Par-Mah-Zu Diri La-Magiru Sin Su-La *
Your Great Net, being so enourmous swallowed the disobedient ones, binding
there hands

Nothing Is Not

How can you defeat that which finds
Nourishment in your attack ?
How can you kill that which
Finds sanctuary in your blade ?
How can you hinder that which
Embraces the strategies against it ?
You can take nothing from not

In My Being, Nothing Is
Nothing Becomes
Nothing is not
In your world, all things return to ME

I'm the Collector of Soul
For they're never past my control
I take of what is and nothing of that I give
I'm the Alpha Omega
My Way in Itself, complete
I Am The Continuum

Human, meagerness of purpose
Come feed Me what I please
My Spirit shan't be hindered
For It Knows no weakess
I dine on your pain
Your strength is only that of men
Human, why do you clutch your flesh so ?

In my Being I am
I Will
I Create
In your world all things return to me

Chambers Of Dis

You give praise to the statues of gods
Dispirited, they hear you not
You give offering to metal and stone
Dispirited, how can they respond ?
The faith disheveled
Temples disdained
You praise the mere shadows of gods
The word, discolored and vain
And the Gods, they know you not

They come when the Spirit speaks
But your words disdainful
Words spawned by the cultureless beings
Disclaimed by the once attentive Gods
Disarmed, the power words are empty
Your way being left to the winds
Bitter is the wailing of the sheep
Even now the memories are dis

Barren, the temple's reason was loss
In vulgarian was it swallowed
The mundane, so disbanded they are
Not of purpose can they find
The Great Mother, as if a criminal
Disaffiliated from One's people
Unwelcome like the rival of a culture
Removed, unwelcome She stands

Disarrayment of the Values' Core seeds discord
For now fulfillment cannot be formed
And the sheepfold mourn
In the forge of our will we manifest ourselves
Empowering our world
Yet the fables of a failed faith
Show the effects of this spiritual dis

Empty, the Gods disavow you
Understanding you have lost
For what fulfillment can you possibly hold
In the end of such means
Caught in the chains you do not know
You hold the Key to the Truth
But these chains they dull you mind

Shackled by the falsifiers
They share with you only the shadows of things
You commit to serve the mundane
Society's slave but you can not see
The Spirit so laden in the net of thorns
Entrapped by the other's spells
I speak, but you're ignorant to ME
Can you not see what you hold

They respond to the potent will
Of the Most High Standing
And being unchained by decision
Assemblage of the Ancient Way
With Incantations, manifesting our will
Expanding our Being

Disturbance In The Great Slumber

[ Instrumental ]

U-Mu La Mah-Ri

Why should we serve that which betrays
Leeches, they steal of our lives
Why should we lower ourselves to the beasts
Submissive they are to be made
We need not to be held in their chains
Illusions but they can still hold
We rise within the strength
The One Who lays them to waste

Praising the Weapon that Cleanses our land
So perfect It's Way unopposed
Punisher of the treacherous ones
U-Mu La Mah-Ri

This Force no bolt withstands
For It's now the Merciless One
Un-quenchable rage in holds
Only sated when the last falls
Their deeds of treason
Unsees by the ones enchained
Ignorance which shielded the crimes
All seen by the All Knowing One

You'll perish within the Hands
Of the Storm that means your end
These things you call your gods
These things, they save you not

Oh now you live the torment
Bound in the chains that enslaved us
Now you feel the suffering
That you bestowed upon your being

Live the pain of the Gnashing Teeth that's
Grinding your bones enslaver
By what right did you bind us
Now you'll reap the suffering

Oh there's no mercy for you've
Broken the Sacred Laws you've
Taken the dreams of many
Lives you have bound and punished

For your crimes no repentance
Can turn back the Wrath
Which you've called on yourselves
By your deeds

No new life can arise
From a land once denounced
By my Lord
For unrivaled He stands

For no man may rise up
To enslave any other
Made free by Design of our God

That of Might shall
Define what is right
For unmatched is the Power
Of Chthhulhu Most High

Praising the Weapon that Cleanses our land
So perfect It's Way unopposed
These things you praise as gods
These things, dispirited things

Hellspawn : The Rebirth

You are the One, the Oldest One
You come before the legends of men
You come before the legends of gods
You are the Sea, Creator of All

You're all I need, For You I bleed
Plant Your Seed, Earth shall feed
Enlighten my soul, Spirit grows
Born of the Fire, I shall return

I am the Hellspawn

Curse from my eyes, your gods I defy
Fulfillment is mine, of the Most High
Born of the Fire, I shall return
Answer the Call of the Oldest One

I am the Hellspawn

Forever I am, in Spirit I am
Forever I Dream, Continual Dream
We Sleep undisturbed again
Chthhulhu We Dream in the Peace again

I am the Hellspawn

Covenant Of Death

We Assemble as Those Who were before
Of the Principal Force and Form
The Lighting Flash They are
They Breathe the Word and it becomes

We make the Covenant
To the Primal Source of which we've come
We lift ourselves
On the Path that brings us to our Dream

The Continuum Force we praise
Your Slumber Being our highest goal
We make Your Way our laws
For Your ME we do decide

Deep within You Hold the Key
Habsu Being the Way
To claim the Throne that's ours by Right

Zamanu Muh Lal-Li Zi-Pa-Gurud-Zuneme-E
Igi-Nu-Du-A-Hul Igi-Se-Zid-Gin

Their treacherous decisions have committed them to
Eternal Dis and Torment
For now their only shield
Is the ignorance in which they hide
In the Shadows of their fears
They feel the Gnashing Teeth and Weeping

[ Traduction anglaise ]

* Zamanu Muh Lal-Li Zi-Pa-Gurud-Zuneme-E *
Hostile ones, you soon shall reap the reward you have earned

* Igi-Nu Do-A-Hul Igi-Se-Zid-Gin *
Enjoy now this ignorant bliss in which you live
For the awakening soon shall come

Hymn To A Gas Giant

[ Instrumental ]

Invocation Of The Continual One

Sacred night on the Eve of May
We gather before the stars
Taste the Hunger of the Fire
Vastness of the Continuum
Heretics of a way unseen
Celebrate, the Greatest of Means
Beelzebub, Lord of the Flies
By Your Hand the Zamanu dies

Drink, drink, the Blood of the Ancients
Me-Zu Me Pa-Ku-Ku-De-Hul
(Your Divine Ordering Principle is a Divine Order which manifests Itself with
Most Sweetness)

Star encircled with the Power-Names
We speak in the Broken Lines
Leviathan will open the Gate
To the Great Abyssous Planes
Feel the icing winds of the Ab-Zu
Sea below all seas
Leviathan, Serpent of Truth
Share with us Most Perfect Way

Call to the Earth, fortify our will
Come Air Spirits, be our eyes this night
Primal Flames are warmth to our souls
Waters of Life, Great Blessings You pour

Calling on Leviathan
Open the gate
Link us with the Wonder of the Abyss Planes so great
Lord of the rolling thunder
Celebrate with us this night
Rip away the veil
Hear our praise

Your Slumber is our Paradise
You smite our enemies down
For we, the few enlightened
Through Your Will we break our bonds
Lord Who shatters paradigms
From the rubble the New shall rise
Your Way presents death for them
The ME-GAL-GAL do we praise

Come Centaur
Those Who Prance to the Hymns of Truth
Come join us
Come Leviathan
Make passage of the Entrance we've
Prepared for You this night

Bil-At Kir-Zal Za-A-Kam Ki-Aga-Du
Kas-Du Da-Ra-Es Mu Ga Im-Mi-In
Nin-Ana-Si-Anna Ga Sa-Ga-Ar
Za-A-Kam Ne-Su-Ub-Du Ne-En-Mu Ga Sa-Ga-Ar

[ Traduction anglaise ]

Lady of Splendour, It is Thine Loving Embrace,
Sweet Nectar for which I forever thirst.
Heavenly Lady, I hunger.
It is Thine Kiss of Divinty for which I hunger

Ascent Through The Spheres

[ Instrumental ]

Hymnos Rituales De Guerra

[ Instrumental ]


[ Instrumental ]

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