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To Ride, Shoot Straight And Speak The Truth | paroles / lyrics

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To Ride, Shoot Straight And Speak The Truth - Entombed

album  : To Ride, Shoot Straight And Speak The Truth
groupe : Entombed
sortie   : 1997

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To Ride, Shoot Straight And Speak The Truth

Got a god and her bless
I want everything she offers and won't settle for less
I see heaven under my feet as well as over my head
Bet you wish you was already dead
Always less done than said

Met this guy, who knows why
But he says "I know where you'll go when you die"
Told him how I felt for his god and that I wasn't impressed
You see, I'm already blessed

I wanna ride
Gun in my hand
God on my side
I've tired
So far no good
More than a little misunderstood

Love the fall
No control
They say "it takes one to know one"
Well I know them all
They say "stupid is as stupid does"
Guess you'll always be if you ever was

Like This With The Devil

There ain't no god that will save you from regret
It's just that god is in a state of neglect
And it's your goddamn act that is a major threat

Salvation won't be rearing it's head
for a fact at least not in my time
And what good is a song for peace
when the fucker doesn't even rhyme

I won't be calling
Calling as we level
And when were falling
I'm like this with the devil
When they're creeping upon you
Eating dust that you bleed
Don't say I didn't warn you
A toast to your death to myself cuz I'm free
Like this with the devil

Light Out

Midnight, the subway train is here
There's a body on the tracks, but you're trying not to care
Sensationally wicked it roars on thru in the night
Look mom! That body's got no head
It's covered in blood, do you think the man is dead ?
Your stomach turns, it itches and burns in the night

It's the devil's night out, do you dare
There ain't no hide out do you hear ?
Look out! He picks out his gun, pulls the trigger with frustration
Stupidity aside it rings out with a blast in the night
A blown out brain decorates the wall
Goddamn I thought I'd seen it all
Rush to the sink, they don't care what you think in the night

It's the devil's night out, do you dare
It turns you inside out with fear!

Time heals no wounds it just won't pass,
there ain't no promises that will last
The world's a ghoul and you are its shovel in the night
And it goes without saying
No man will walk without praying
But it will do you no good unless you've understood
what's going down here in the night

It's the devil's night out, do you dare
And they've turned the lights out do you hear ?


I bare my scars with pride
My bone are cold right thru
The cuts are so deep
I'm on top of the world

I feel great 'bout my scars
Old habits - hard to break
The wound is to be
The cuts are so deep

I feel fine/OK
the wound is the key
Scars are marks
Scars are art

Salvation's kickin' in
Hellucination breaking free

The wound is the source
The wound is cause
The wound is my time
The wound is the high!


Sudden low of an all time high
Willing to believe what ever gets me by
So, I got with the winning team
But nothing ever seem to be what it seems

Oh, yeah. Well I don't care
I'm just too busy getting from here to there

I put my hand over the flame
Now, nothing would ever be the same
One day it's there - one day it's gone
But I still feel like I'm the lucky one. Yeah!

Y'know how they say "hey don't rock a boat if you're in it"
Well, the ship we're all in babe, is sinking by the minute
They say "hey, it's all a bunch of bull!"
Well, it's just what I've heard but they shoot every bird
that don't sing beautiful

Everyday victory. Everyday peace
Just them little, little things that keeps you off your knees
Sunshine of a smile. Subtle if you please
Them little victories - will keep you off your knees

Come have a listen what they got to say
Y'know me, I'm just glad when it comes my way
They say "hey, we only hurt the ones we love"
Well, it's not the kind of comfort I was thinking of

Somewhat Peculiar

I don't know where it came from
Just what it meant
It's getting pretty deep in here folks
Please, let me vent

Say it doesn't kill you
Will you last a little longer ?
But every time they fight something down
It comes back even stronger

I don't know where it came from
God knows where it went
I just find it somewhat peculiar
That it's all heaven sent

Ever get the feeling there's something
you're not being told ?
Like your mind's put on hold
While your body is being bought and sold
Ever felt just a little bit out of control ?
Well, god bless your soul
Prey you never reach a point when your only goal is
feeding a hole

I don't wanna learn anything new
Already know more than I want to
Liked things better when I didn't understand them
We got them off the ground - now we can't land them


[ Instrumental ]


When all you have's a hammer
All you see is nails
When all you have's a hammer
And when all else fails
Hit the nails!

When all you have's a buzz-saw
All you see is wood
When all you have's a buzz-saw
You just wish you could
Yeah, you would!

When all you have's a lighter
All you see's a fuse
And when you see it burning
You ain't got nothing to lose!

When all you have's a shovel
All you see is graves
When all you have's a shovel
In hollow pits they will be saved
Light the fuse!

Damn Deal Done

He's a man
Gonna do what the can to make this world a decent place
He's a man
Got a great little plan on how to give it a brand new face
He wants to erase
He wants to replace
He wants to wipe the scum of the earth off its pretty face

Didn't wanna be just another voice with an answer
He'd seen it done before and turn into a cancer
But he was a chancer
Way romancer
He had such great planes
To get the damn deal done

Put Me Out

You break my bones
Crush my head with stones
You dance on my grave
I am your slave

You tear out my eyes
Feed me with the lies
You piss on my brain
Drive me insane
I love you baby when you're dead and you're so red

Cut off my arms. Bite off my legs
Saw off my head. For mercy I beg
You love me baby when I'm dead
I'm so red!

Just As Sad

God's an insect with a six-legged disbelief
Burning bridges on my Indian Big Chief
Reality is just as sad

Kinky sex and murder - the way it's got to be
But have you heard her begging to be free
Reality is just as sad


Went for the money
No way to please them all
Have had a go
It just felt so small

Can't wait forever for someone to tuck you in
With no good name to lose you have everything to win

O man, when it's good it's great
When bad it's still OK
I'm just glad when it comes my way

Reached up to "god"
The guy in control and said
"Hey man, listen let's settle this once and for all"
Sometimes silence, he said, is my way of saying no
But look twice and you're told everything in what I show

Uffe's Horrorshow

A private horrorshow is playing in my head
Movie after movie until I am... dead!!!


Say what ? Well come again
Do you think you can change it
It's just a matter of time 'til it all will end
I'm a wreck - and so are you
We're all wrecked up
I got a date with the devil and so do you

Will our bad luck even turn I doubt it man
I think we're destined to burn alive, yeah
we have lost
But you refuse to realize it at all cost
And the futures now
Isn't that tomorrow ?
How can a man be so blind to see a wreck
is the only way. I'm a wreck!

Say what. Yeah, well come again
Do you think you can change it ?
It's just a matter of time 'til it all will end
I'm a wreck - and we're all dead
We're all wrecked up
I'll be rockin' and rollin' in hell instead!

So put on a smile and I'll light the ignition
This is real time, it ain't cinemavision
And yeah, the time's right now it will never be tomorrow
So don't ask how I can fit sixbillion in my car
drive it off a cliff
Go out like a dinosaur
Here I am balanced on the edge
and it makes me fucking scared!

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