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Hollowman [MCD] | paroles / lyrics

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Hollowman [MCD] - Entombed

album  : Hollowman [MCD]
groupe : Entombed
sortie   : 1993

+ paroles Entombed


The hollow sky is red
the race is on
faces are all dead
the race is on.

It's just a matter of time

Bedrooms are tombs
cradles are coffins
tears I cannot shed.
a matter of time
a matter of slugs
til' the rats are fed.

Who examines the doctors!

I'm the hollow man

It's just a matter of bullets
in hollow brains
as I wander slowly
thru bullet rains

My hollow eyes
are staring down the hole.
jesus, satan, hitler
bought my soul.

It's rotten and sour
but it's inside of me.
I got faith in the end
but you just can't see

Serpent Speech

A serpent crawls in the ashes
in the remains of human misery
awake but sleeping in the hour of disgust
behind bars your mind is free

sleeping-pills of wormwood
taken by mother insane - but
life goes on - life goes on
towards death in the fast line

genocide, no more lies
the modern man is a freak
shut your eyes, suicide
the serpent laughs as we speak

come and join us in the reptile dance
dance with me and the devil - we
fucked it up - fucked it up
and we'll keep fucking it up as we

Wolverine Blues

The wolverine,a 40 to 50 pound member of the weasel family, indigenous to
Canada, the Pacific Northwest and the upper Midwest. Pound for pound, the most
vicious animal on Earth Wolverine specimens are known to attack animals many
times its size; Known to drive bears and cougars from their kills; A beast
that cannot stand to watch other creatures enjoy their good feed, often
blitzing them just to get in to the remains of their food. Equipped with a
highly efficient digestive system, Wolverines eat fast, digest fast, shit
fast, and are always hungry They possess a huge appetite to match their
genuine maximum. All what these little bastards want to do is kill, eat, and
occasionally FUCK other members of their misanthropic breed...
... breed ...
... breed ...
... breed ...
... breed ...
... breed ...
... breed ...
... breed ...


Can't find a real answer
it's all the same
but when it all comes around
I guess it's kinda lame.
I can hear you screaming
when it gets into your vein
your high is repulsive
so full of pain.

my soul's circumsition
breed to give head
liquid house of raindrops
turn out to be dead.
Returning to soma
equinox of grief
my next incarnation in-

and it's about to crack
in this house of bones
now heads start rolling
insted of stones.
oblivions wounds
dumb fuck despair
if I can't suck life deeper
how could I care

get stoned
get dead
inside my flesh
the house of bones

blind eyes of opium dreams
every time I get this far
atmospheric distortion
it's way to loud at the dead gods bar

Put off the Scent

Are you of the kind
who use to leave yourself

transform into someone else
are you of the kind
who's got a face on each side
a split personality
whose only truth is lie

you might have been - where I've been
you might have seen - just what I've seen
but you didn't go where I went
you were just put off the scent

what would it take for you to realize
that you're following a fool
you think you're a part of something
but you are merely a tool

are you of the kind
who can say nothing in a million ways
embellishment will never conquer
the beauty that the ugly truth


[ Instrumental ]

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