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Sounds Of Decay | paroles / lyrics

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Sounds Of Decay - Katatonia

album  : Sounds Of Decay
groupe : Katatonia
sortie   : 1997

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atmosphere decays in me i fail to convict my useless days
the lack of substance circle of downfall
exitless ways into pale wake tired attempts to crush the design
it's like nowhere i cannot sell the plight that is mine
everything is real but i'm not here i've lost my strength somewhere
nowhere used to care about weather used to plan the days that came
used to try and watch you used to know my name
someone said remember but i can't remember anything at all
anything at all

At Last

all my presence died today i breathe to memories
guess i'm closing down torn and tired of my heart's sound
what's worth to me when life's not around
i will sleep tonight to sleep tomorrow if i sleep at last
a promise has been broken the essence of
love in rust one in a million i'm the one turning pale
any colours to express apart from bleak is hard
and where you are my thoughts are in guilt so forget me forget me not
time to catch something since my ticket says the end
all my flowers withered today the room is quiet guess it's
growing cold dead calm without my heart's sound what's worth
to you when i'm not around i will sleep tonight
to sleep tomorrow
if i sleep at last

Inside The Fall

all noise that breaks my head i run along the water
you didn't really notice i've left and gone away
you're like waiting uncurable disease left me waiting
inside the fall all waves that traps my breath
i should be in your sight but you didn't really notice
that i've left and gone away

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