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Saw you Drown | paroles / lyrics

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Saw you Drown - Katatonia

album  : Saw you Drown
groupe : Katatonia
sortie   : 1998

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Saw You Drown

As through your shattered eyes
it all came together
and your heart cries
weeping through the weather
another way to change your mind
I'm weaker than they say
to leave this world behind
the only way to stay

don't you know
I'm the end of what we'll be
and right below us
the last thing you'll see

in the water
I saw you drown
down the water
I saw you drown

as through my shattered sight
you're no longer here
and my heart cries
sleeping through the light
another way to change my mind
never is the day
to leave this all behind
the only way to stay


High white ways
shattered by rain
pale dead walls
nerves pushed in pain
red light faced
mirrors of the dead
people on the archways
eyes full of lead

always closing down myself
lower sights and never see
worlds of noise and worlds of light
expecting not to be
not close enough for you
to hear a breath or steal a sigh
but just close enough for me
to take a step and pass you by

Quiet World

Four numbers staring back at me
displaying the mediocrity of my presence
i´m wasting my day wtching them change
the sun with it's blue sky outside
shining down on all you happy people
i´m wasting my day waiting for rain
need more methods to end each day
to be happy by living this way

Scarlet Heavens

Only for the wind I lay myself down
feeling this scarlet scent of death
under ebony shades I dream of a child
dancing in heaven, dancing in heaven

I must have seen this face before
a monument of shallow sorrows
under ebony shades a child now dies
but grievance won't regain

something grasp for my soul
I think it's god
but my sorrow is dragging me down
through my sins

where is god in his heaven
why am I a twisted mind
now I see the light above
but in darkness I must fall

for my soul you pray at last
will I find my place ?
the stench of sorrow that pierce my flesh
can never be pure

when the blackness overwhelms me
where shall I turn
to run away to never look back
to run away from evil

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