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Tonight's Music - Katatonia

album  : Tonight's Music
groupe : Katatonia
sortie   : 2001

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Tonight's Music

who could call my name without regretting
who could see beyond this my darkness
and for once save their own prayers
who could mirror down just a little
of their sun

how could this go so very wrong
that I must depend on darkness
would anyone follow me further down
how could this go so very far
that I need someone to say
what is wrong
not with the world but me

who could call my name without regretting
who could promise to never destroy me
tonight my head is full of wishes
and everything I drink is full of her

Help Me Disappear

to completely dissolve,
what method is used
i cannot sleep,
my hands are bruised
there's a hole in the wall,
torn up anew
one dead eye,
the colour of you

to vanish for life
and promise to stay
away from the knowing,
bird in a cage
i'd give so much
for the courage to go
if i ask for your help,
then you will know

so help me disappear
or to believe in a change
no way out of here
that i can see
or the nightmares that burn
into my head at night
make them disappear
so i can breathe

looked out the window twice,
just to be sure
that noone was standing
outside the door
but it's just as calm
as it was before
they're all gone now,
not there anymore

isolated myself
for the sake of freedom
i clenched my fist
for the sake of kindness
i read a book full of strange
loneliness is a disease

O How I Enjoy The Light

it's us i liken to a covey
a polar bear has breached a
the palace walls are
strewn with tapestries
and the window panes are
splintered and shattered
with a crumbled dog
on every landing
and every stranger cowers
the dress is torn,
the tone demanding
the canine's latent strength

and would her loins
would yield a yelp
a beating purr to steal the
time with
here's where we walk,
hand in hand
o how i despise it
o how i enjoy the light
of the first morning forever
wisdom, wealth tag
on like afterbirth
i will love you forever

and if i don't
and if i do
the difference exists in a
the day has cooled,
the time will too
and we will call upon the light

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