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Elsewhere | paroles / lyrics

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Elsewhere - Jack Frost

album  : Elsewhere
groupe : Jack Frost
sortie   : 1996

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[ Instrumental ]


stormy winds blow
inside of my head
blackened skies show
wherever I am
ambitions wasted
stranded again
all gone but hatred
in a weary soul

I am but a shadow
of my former self

creeping on
in gloomy rain
in swamps of grey

now I embrace my fear
surrender unto pain
agony unfolding
and silence closing in


my remains burn silently
where nothing grows

funeral haze
and one who cries
day of sores

a weakling's mind
serpent life
a shadowplay

my remains burning still
where nothing grows

from decay
unto sorrow
pass away
into the hollow


it is life's will
things come down on me
you know everyday
I try to leave

how dare you
be part of me
I wish you
get rid of me

it's my mind's dream
to be far away
I'm sentenced to life
in endless grief

the one to lose am I
oh how I wish to die
all your pain is mine
until the end of my time

how dare you
belong to me
I'm slave to you


I remember the time
when I was an man
feeling like born again
a member of your game
and now I'm dying in vain

so silent and grey
and my spirit passed away
these days
life is sad
I feel the pain
and all my days are filled
with rain

where's my sleeping past
always with me
night and day
are you sleeping now
because again
I'm going down


in my four walls
I'm alone
all the good things
have gone
and I drink and dream
I'm waiting for the nightfall
because I'm dying
oh I'm dying of crying
over you

now life has changed
I see colours so strange
now my life is just like hell
a walking spirit deadly pale

I'm waiting for the nightfall
the end of my days
no more tomorrow
I've missed today

when life makes a change
all the people seem so strange
now my life is just like hell
I'm a walking spirit and I'm
deadly pale


bottomless void
I'm bleeding inside
no one around me
I'm screaming in vain
suffering slowly
weakness is pain
torture upon me
I dare not breathe

and as I fall
I wish to be

darkness below me
I'm freezing inside
dying away
lunacy's end

And Our Faces Wither

and now I walk away
my entire past I've swallowed

the days are gone
when we did glow
time has passed
I failed to grow

and our faces wither

and now I leave my way
my entire life got swallowed

the days are gone
when we did glow
time has passed
I failed to grow

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