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Selfcaged | paroles / lyrics

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Selfcaged - Meshuggah

album  : Selfcaged
groupe : Meshuggah
sortie   : 1995

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Convalescent livid we succumb
Stagnation now complete
This is the new plague called
We're selfcaged in defeat
Clotted minds coagulate we are trapped
Inside the tears we obey resignate to our
Self-inflected fears

Voices calm will be never heard
In this mode who will change
Bantised in our minds so absurd
Is this the world sublime
Into pools of paranoia we're fading with
Reality drained by lies we are al inhuman
Introspective vanishing

Sterile thoughts now upraised in subhuman
Majesty bodies numb still enchained
Where am I in hell of our dreams
Wrong wrong I'm in the now the vain reality

So it seems we're dying yet content
Worship our chrysalis stage since when are
Lies devine

Since when

This is now degrade indulge
This is us servile obliging

Swallowed by our hunger for mendacity
As this dance whirls deeper into hate

We're vanishing

In down deep cold where am I caught cage
Trapped not in dreams now time has killed
Our eyes fall fade gone dead away

Suffer In Truth

tortured soul ripping skin into ashes
blind by pain deaf by lies
smell of freedom violently cuts
power to a being never dies
suffer in truth's narrow passage saw
weak solutions stabbed to now know
the smile of obliterations face

penetrating through the void of life
a dance with the dead
buried in oblivion stolen from the mind
constant starving never fed

contamined life is fading
laughing in my face
suffer in deception
manipulated not to feel
slain beleifs abandoned dreams
a life of misery

suffer in truth

the wounds of a soul in pain
a mirror of life
dreams all in vain
life will always be sealed

i see ... unseen
i feel ... unseen

suffer in truth

Inside What's Withing Behind

i can't run away from this thing in me
i'm weakening down another now developing

i can feel it it's inside my head
connected to my brain this other me is
slowly taking over deep beneath the
eye that
all can see energic visions of the one
i know myself to be

look into my eyes don't listen to their lies

how can i stop this from being real
no my life will be no longer what it always
used to be

life neglected infected by strain
i fall into the smothering the even
flow of
ravaging pain this my temple of selfcaged
contempt a body slowly pierced by
inevitable me

do i differ from yourself am i like
they say
the truth eventually i'm the one you
wanna be
can you feel the same as i another inside
pushing to free itself from the chains
of the soul

turn your eyes toward the inside
dig deep within i'm sure you'll find
a different self a different soul
to put you in peace with mind

Gods Of Rapture

I Feel Torn Apart A Vile Misfit Fallen Deep Into Affliction Of My
Hollow Mind The Sense Of Suffocation Grows Inside My Lungs
When I Wake Into Truth I'm Back Among The Blind The Truth Of
Lies Disenchanting My Eyes How Can I Survive I Can't Stand Being
Alive Gods Of Rapture Enshrouding My Eyes A Try To Hide That
Slowly I Die My Past Laugh At Me From The Other Side Of Negation
Untying The Lasting Few Cords Of Common Sense Submerged Into
The Flow The Rapids Of Addiction Too Weak To Push It Back A
Worm Without Defence My Flesh Fading Undressing The Bones
Behold Me Naked Cadaver Exposed This My Abuse I Can't Take It No
More The Fragile Truth Sneering At Me With Teeth Pressed Like
Thrusting Nails Into My Head All My Life I Regret

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