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Vertikal | paroles / lyrics

The One

[ Instrumental ]

I: The Weapon

This is the final moments of our last days.
Release and cease, beating yourself into submission.

With poisoned blood, the demon speaks;
See how the wolves devour the weak.

They will not inherit.
Eyes closed but forced open. Bodies shaken awake.
Inhale and cease, beating yourself into submission.

No one holds us accounted.

Vicarious Redemption

Over paralyzed pressure.bove structural obstructions,
Celestial reign denied. Our worlds collide,
Loathing parallel perceptions. Renouncing vicarious redemption.
Avoid the fall from grace. A view replaced.
Silence consumed us. The bloodline.

Abhor the absolute;
Created and thrown under.

Trying to recover the flesh. Casting spells upon swines.
Reject reviled wisdom. No powers are divine.
Moving mountains, splitting seas,
False hope never beckoned me.

No gods, no masters, no rulers, no kings;
What you reject, I bring.

The Sweep

Hail falls;
Burn like fire;
Hate turns;
The swell.

The end.


A city of light
Slowly appears in the line of sight
Empty and hollow.

Revive, to rise. The grand demise.
Gloom prevailed where dogma failed.
Faith remains more with every step you take.

Mute Departure

My waves are resonating towards the unknown,
Trapped underneath;
Soon I'll break through,

I turn to vapour and dissolve,
But not in this world, for I am gone.

I'll be silent when I leave;
When I Leave I'll go out flying.

I see them move, far beneath, heading towards the back streets.


[ Instrumental ]

In Awe Of

At the edge, looking up,
Shifting focus onto a majestic void.
Leaving myself open to let go,
Drift along and disappear.

I listen when you sing. Astral resonance rings.
My gaze ascends, never ends. Numbness strikes like fever.

Whispers generate waves;
I can't heed them all.

On my knees, mesmerized;
In awe of. Solarised.
Acceptance before I return to the stars.

Passing Through

All is quiet, empty streets,
All is quiet, the city sleeps,
Close my eyes,
On my knees,
And time is passing me by;
Time is passing me by,

I can't move, can't turn back;
Out of reach, my heart is black.
My silent shout
Won't set me free
And time is passing me by.

Time is passing me by. Time is passing me by. Time is passing me by.

The Flow Reversed

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