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Blacklight Deliverance | paroles / lyrics

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Blacklight Deliverance - Black Sun Aeon

album  : Blacklight Deliverance
groupe : Black Sun Aeon
sortie   : 2011

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No battle no fight
Not a single conflict in sight
Our fury and spite runs in our bloodline
Planted beneath the family tree
On a violent soil a seed of vengeance
Roots entwined
Roots grow deep

For a while united we stand together we walk
For a heartbeat I feel an ancient relation
We are bonded by blood
For a second I saw a brother before me
For a lifetime ago divided by wrath
Now joined by hatred at last

Ill-natured and vile
Not a fragment of endearment in sight
Our anger and wrath runs in our bloodline
Concealed beneath the family tree
On a vicious soil a breed of vengeance
Growing tall
Buried deep


Downhearted daybreak
Pale morning light
Ill-natured and bright
Draws shadows unkind

Designs and shapes
A dreadful day
Crestfallen sunrise
Paints a grey landscape

Never before has my solitude felt like a cage
Regret as a friend
Misery as company in this deserted place

Find solace thru
The darkest relief
Redemption without
Faith or belief

Blackhearted awakening
Ill-fated and bright
Dawning in sight

From this solitary sense
Distressing state
From this misfortuned fate
I fear I can't escape


In the abyss of the netherworld
Realm of fiends, sheol reformed
Demon dominion
Kingdom of a fiery storm

Haven transformed into hades
Black flames high as the skies
Symphony of destruction was performed
As a final cradle song

The world disintegrated
The ruins of the earth
Reigned ages with dominance
And prevailed eons supreme

Failed in multitude a swarm of faults
Like a cancer we brought the 1st plague
River run red, river run deep,
Blood river will flood

Last flight of an angel
Above the world
Consumed and devoured by flames of the end

Silvery wings were discolored by ash
And feathers grew coal-black
Along with the sun she fell from the welkin
Into the earth burned by wrath

Backfire in quantities, determine defeat
In numbers beyond comprehension
Ravage and tear apart and sear
The shrine of the fallen god

Failed in multitude a swarm of faults
Like a cancer we brought the 1st plague
River run red, river run deep,
Blood river will flood


My voice breaks the silence untouched
My words wars against the absence of the sound
My whispers echoes in these halls
My declaration painted blood red on these walls

Into the oblivion
In the world of light
I don't belong

Into the oblivion
In the world of light
I never saw the sun

In my desolation in my grief
In my god forsaken existence I feel
That damnation in form of a despair
Precedes the path of salvation
That I have foreseen


Black flame from the abyss
In vein was attempt to restrain its powers

Regain, restore and contain
The might of the fallen

Forces of legions inside
with strength I ablaze
So I can be reborn

Begin the last solar cycle
Arise and erase with power

Ignite the bleak horizon
Set the sky on fire

In fire
I was reborn and reawakened

Still Higher
Into the core of the sun

Wings of fire
I forged from the flames

I fly
Towards the blazing star


Depart, escape and break free
Withdraw, retreat and flee
Fool, deceive and mislead
Alter, rewrite your fate, rewrite your destiny

Rebuilt a whole new world
Improve and reform the whole universe

From these dreadful surroundings
Where fields of grief and despair
Grow tall
From these lifeless landscapes
Where the rain that falls is ashes of the scorched
Heaven above

Barren earth beneath me
A dead cold soil
Blacken terrain around me
Desolate and destroyed
Self-created void
A black hole within me

The ghost of this wasteland whisper
Words coal-black, in language of the dominion torn asunder


Last ray of the light
Sole spark of the sun
Final and so fragile
Travelled from afar

Now standing in a shade
Shadowed by the moon
The eclipse is complete
Dead cold space high above me

Embraced by the nightfall
The darkness came to me
Without descent of the sun

Before the flames shall return
And ablaze the sky on fire
I will hide myself
In the shade of the moon

The veil of the night
The sparks of the sun
So vital and fragile
Can't reach this far

Standing in a shade
Shadowed by the moon
Darkness is complete
Dead cold space all around me

I am waiting and yearning
For darkness to remain and prevail

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